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Open That Box 2007
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How-do all. If you saw my earlier post in the discussion thread then you know I got a little carried away this year. If not then let's just say that I found far too many bargains hard to resist and ended up buying 13 boxes for OTBD.

So as I'm out all day at a Magic event I thought I'd make an early start.

First up was a box of Family Guy Season 2. Nice split on the base & chase cards with a Billy Martinez colour sketch card of Chris Griffin (108/507) to top it off.

Second was a box of Spawn : The Movie cards. First time in a long while that I've opened a box of cards that didn't guarantee an autograph, costume or sketch card. Everything was fine with the cards, found the stated odds worth of chase cards in the box, then opened the next to last pack and pulled the 108 card! I can honestly say that this is the first ever 108 card that I have gotten from a pack.

Here's hoping that the other boxes have similar surprises in store for me later today Smile

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My OTB Box Breakdown:

So I opened another box of Veronica Mars season 2, not really hoping for anything except a Charisma PW card(Unsigned) and maybe a Kristen Bell auto and an Inkplate featuring Kendall Casablancas. I opened a box of Veronica Mars for last year's OTB Day and got a duplicate auto and a PW card that I can't locate for some reason.

Anyway- I decided- why not open another box of Veronica Mars since I did it last year? I had broken four boxes of the latest set since my favorite actress- Charisma Carpenter was signing. I opened it alone since none of my friends nor my mother understand the lure of trading card collecting and I am as single as I was last year.

Onto the breakdown:

BL-3- Weevil
C7, C8, C9
J3, J4

2 Base sets with 22 extras.

PW-8. Ryan Hansen
A17. Krysten Ritter

No Inkplates and none of the cards I had hoped for, but I am happy with the break since both are new cards for my collection. I now have a complete autograph sequence from A16- A21 for this set- very has never happened for me where I have pulled sequential numbers for a particular series, especially seeing the five boxes I opened came in at different times. Although, face it- after my last box that had not only the Charisma Carpenter A19, but also the APW1 of Enrico Colantoni, nothing could really trump that box for me.

This will probably be the last box of Veronica Mars I open and I will buy Charisma and Alyson's PWs off eBay. The APW4 I have coming from one of my trusted sellers.

I love OTB day since it gives me a chance to feel part of the NSU Card Talk community, particularly since I have not yet met anyone on here but Harris, who I met two years ago at Dee's show- but I wasn't posting here then.

Amyway- Happy OTB Day!


"what's that sound, it'll turn you around, it's a Doll Revolution..."- The Bangles, after Elvis Costello
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The box I opened was a blast from the past!

Universal Monsters of the Silver Screen-Kitchen Sink Press (1996).

2 base sets - need a #6 for a third set.

3 sets of classic lobby card stickers.

Biochromes-# 1, 2, 3, 4,

0 ultra chase card

I went to the movies and saw all these flims. I can't believe that I was even mildly scared back then. I do remember hiding behind the seats in the theater with my brother and watching through the crack between the seats to see "It Came From Outer Space"!


"What if this is as good as it gets?" --WORSE--What if it doesn't get any better!
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My box choice to open is an alternate because my first choice being Stargate SG-1 season 9 was just barely released and will not be in my grubby mitts for another week or more.
That being said, my box to open is Stargate Atlantis season 2 by Rittenhouse Archives.
Here is the breakdown.
188 Base Cards
7 Quotable Stargate Atlantis
2 Warriors in Action
1 Team Card (McKay)
2 Autograph Cards (Brandy Ledford and Connor Trinneer)
1 Costume Card (Wraith)

All in all, not a bad box.
I even got to watch new episodes of SG-1 and Atlantis as I ripped open the packs. How cool is that!
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God dag mine samlervenner (Good day my fellow collectors Smile )

I guess this entry will be the one from furthest north, me beeing a norwegian an all. Since I am the only one I know collecting Non-sport cards in my area (or country for that matter Wink ) I really wanted to participate this year. Last year I couldn`t get a box, but I secured me a couple boxes to choose from this year. A Family Guy season 1 box from Inkworks became that choise, since I still missed a couple of chase cards and autos. (Have opened 4 boxes of this earlier, but no autos). Sketches is much about "in the eye of the beholder" whether you like it or not, so I was hoping I got one I liked.

My breakdown:
Box loader BL-1 (I had all boxloaders from earlier)
Puzzle-cards: FP3-4-5 (This was actually the three cards I missed, so I completed the puzzle Smile
Bad-dog: BD-3 (Needed that one, still miss a couple though, have been a lot of repeats of these)
Sketch: SK-7 373/550 - Peter Griffin by Joel A. Gomez. This was a "yes" when revealed, I really liked it


Auto: A2 - Alex Borstein as the voice of Lois Griffin Thumb Up (Now I have an auto from season 1 I really wanted and got the second Alex Borstein as I have the season 2 version "Tricia Takanawa"

Needless to say I was very happy with this box, but had noone to turn to and smile except my three cats that rather would have some food. My wife was sound asleep since I opened this at 3 AM local time (I am a graveyard-shift-worker Wink ). But my wife do not share this interest with me at all, so I waited till she got to bed. But I had to take a picture to show how happy I was with the sketch and auto:

Ha en fin dag venner, hilsner fra Norge Smile
(Have a nice day friends, greetings from Norway)

- ", walk with me..."
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My box choice this year was MonsterWax's 2007 release: "MonsterFaces". All the artwork is original and was done by Frank Russo. The card fronts are color headshots of monsters while the backs depict black & white comics. The artwork is stunning and ranges from funny to mildly disturbing (in a good way!). The front borders are black, the backgrounds are painted in wild psychedellic colors and each face comes with a fitting name for the beast depicted. A very fun set to discover!

Thumb Up

Here's what my box contained:
  • 36 Packs (6 cards/pk.)
  • 3 Complete 72 Card Sets (No extras....excellent collation!)
  • 2 MonsterFaces Promos (#P1 & P2)
  • 1 Redemption Card (Mine is for a free Frank Russo Comic Book...Artwork on card is one of my faves!)
  • 1 Artist DNA Card #A2 (I won't reveal too much....don't want to spoil the surprise!)
  • 1 Frank Russo Auto/Scetch Card (Autograph on front & cool sctech on back!) Metal
  • 1 Metal Press Plate (Used to print the "Goro" card)

    I had a great time opening this box. Thanks to Kurt @ MonsterWax for rushing it to me in time for Open That Box Day!

    -Michael Monahan
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    I chose Veronica Mars Season One for my OTB box and waited until midnight to open my box. Ed at SciFi Cards had a free shipping special for OTB Day so I bought my box from him. Thanks Ed! Wave

    My box was gathering dust and it was hard to resist opening this box before OTB Day but I did it! Big Grin

    Here's what I got:

  • Two (2) Complete Base Sets + Extras
  • A-6 Amanda Seyfried – Lilly Kane Smile
  • PW-9 Shirt worn by Alona Tal as Meg Manning Clap
  • W-2, W-3, W-4
  • R-1, R-6
  • BL-3

    I got one of the Pieceworks I really wanted and although the autograph was a duplicate of what I already have, I'm very pleased with my OTB Day box. Big Grin
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    I opened Charmed Conversations. I managed to leave it unopened for a couple of weeks.

    Base set (at least one- stopped after that)
    Box loader BL-3 Wyatt & Piper
    Auto A-10 James Read as Victor Bennett
    Pieceworks PWCC3 Paige's gown

    Charming Men CM-1 (Leo), CM-5 (Kyle), CM-6 (Les)
    Foil T-2, T-3, T-4

    Nothing I needed in the box.
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    Thanks to bad weather and the fact that my family will be driving in it today so my wife can go to her final class this semester at Mississippi State we got up at 5:00am this morning.

    My son was ready to Open the box. So, we got to it. We had a box of Star Trek: The Original Series 40th cards from Rittenhouse.

    Now, my son and I have been watching Star Trek:The animiated Adventures so he really wanted a nimoy/mirror spock auto. I told him, not to expect to get one.

    We got
    The Quotable Star Trek expansion 1:10
    111, 118, 122, 126
    Captain Pike cards 1:14
    CP1, 4, 7
    The faces on Vina 1:20
    FV3, 4
    Star Trek Portait cards 1:40
    1967 Expansion cards 1:40
    Delta Shiled Patch card 1:200
    Not for us
    Autos 1:20
    a104 Carl Held as Lindstom
    a113 Brian tochi as Boy

    Now, I though it was a nice looking base cards. I like the retro feel.
    My son on the other hand was disappointed there were no "foil cards" and for the autographs we got his exact words were, "Who are these guys? They aren't even a red shirt!" I have trained him well to know what a red shirt is!
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    Good Morning all. I'll be back later with a box breakdown. Hubby did get me a box of Serenity cards and I got him a box of "24" season 4. Thanks to Inkworks, and Artbox for these great products. As well as all our card companies. You do great work. Also thanks to Harris and Non-sport magazine for this great forum as well as "Holiday"....Have fun opening my friends.

    Jewel Big Grin

    Peace, Love and Mickey Mouse
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    Happy OTB Day. Big Grin

    I'm so glad I got to take part this year. My dad and I were going to be opening Garfield and Thunderbirds the Movie boxes today but the Thunderbirds never arrived, so I got a box of Bill and Ted's most atypical movies cards by Pro Set (not something I'd usally get). No surprise's with the Bill and Ted cards. Nice images from both the movies, and we did scratch of a couple of the instant win cards but got nothing. Big Grin

    We then moved on to the Garfield box by Pacific we were 7 short of a base set. As for the rest of the chase we got the correct number of movie cards and stickers. But we did beat the odds for the Paw variation by pulling 6 of them the ratio was 1 in 5 packs.
    No auto or sketch card. Frown Oh well.

    Had fun opening some boxes with my dad and that's what counts. Have a great OTB day.

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    "No time like the present to change the future"
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    Hi all...just a quick note...I broke 2 boxes of LOTR Masterpieces...will post the exact cards I pulled a little later... the second box I pulled FOUR...that's right 4 sketch cards...two were in one pack...on top of one I figured that was that...I got my "2 Sketch Cards per box"...and then in the second pile...another pack with 2 sketch cards back to back...will post photos later...I shot them the way they looked in my hand before I flipped them over...and then what sketch cards they actually were... Eek

    What a great Open That Box Day...2 boxes...6 sketch cards... Dance

    Will post pics later this evening or tomorrow to get back to my 156 Star Wars 30th Anniversary Sketch Cards...15 down, 141 to go...and the deadline is looming! Wavey

    'Follow your bliss'...Joseph Campbell
    'Looking isn't as simple as it looks'...Ad Reinhardt
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    I decided to take one more dip into the Vintage SciFi/Horror Posters from Breygent. I pulled one base set and enough extras to finish a second set from the extras I had in a previous box, which was nice.

    I also finished a few more chase sets with the new cards and some previous extras. Those being:
    The six card Creature from the Black Lagoon set
    The 2001 Space Odyssey 2 card set The Day the Earth Stood Still 2 card set

    I received a Richard Eyer auto from The Invisible Boy film. I'm closing in on the full auto set, which is something I've never bothered with before. I do love these old films though.

    I also found a terrific sketch card from Brian Kong of The Hound of the Baskervilles. I enjoyed meeting Brian at the Philly show, so it was pretty cool to get this.

    And, of course, the Mummy box card.

    I thought this was a great set!
    I'm glad that Breygent went with the larger format cards, as they show off the poster art much more effectively. Also, the sketch cards, at the larger size, were extra good.

    All in all, I was very pleased with this OTB day purchase. My thanks to Breygent, NSU and Sci Fi Cards for helping me enjoy this day.

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    Part 1
    Doctor Who:Battles In Time Annihilator.

    Finally the long-awaited day has arrived. It’s great to feel that you are opening boxes of cards the same day, possibly the same minute as 100s of other collectors around the world.

    With Doctor Who season 3 now in full swing, Julie has been aching to get to her box of Doctor Who:Battles In Time Annihilator.
    Julie doesn’t keep them in a binder, she uses the Tardis card Holder that came with the magazine.
    Anyway, Julie would get all the packs out of the box and pick a pack at random for me to open. I show her the cards and she picks the ones she wants. Julie gives me all the ones featuring Werewolves or other similarly ugly monsters and all the duplicates.
    The ones she likes go into the Tardis.
    We found all but 1 of the commons(Missing #349), a complete set of the Rares Thumb Up, 3 super-rares + 1 dupe so still need 3. Julie also found 2 Ultra-rares leaving 2 of those still to acquire.
    By the end we were just 6 cards short of the full 100-card set with a ton of duplicate commons.

    Julie had a great time and then went off to watch the Jadoon on the Moon episode again.


    If faced with a difficult choice/decision, Remember this - WWKD.

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    I opened a crocadile box and 2 x-men one boxes.I got a terri irwin auto,hugh jackmon auto and storm costume card,and last I got a cyclops auto and a jean grey costume card.Everything worked perfect!
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    Well, there's always next year. Can't say I am excited about these pulls from Family Guy 2 and LOTR Masterpieces:

    "The problem, I'm told, is more than medical."
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    My OTB was a test box of Dr vwho triology that I won on the auction site.

    It contained 1 complete base set 199/200 of a 2nd. $ foils one of which I need to complete my set and 2 autos Terry Molloy and Michael Elwyn. All in all nothing special however the auction win was from Barrie of Strictly Ink fame and was part of some other items in the lot. The main item was the autograph of John Nathan Turner from the Blueprint that was used to make the Blueprints Part Card. I aslo acquired one of those as well. Signature as below

    [IMG:left] [/IMG]

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    Part 2 Mega Hit
    While Julie is watching back-to-back episodes of 21st century Doctor Who I decided to open my box.
    For my box I found something I had never heard of, a MEGA HIT box.
    Upon opening the box I discovered the following
    · 3 packs of Mighty Morphin Power rangers series 2 (collect-a-card 1994)
    · 3 packs of Free Willy 2 (Skybox 1995)
    · 3 packs of X-Men (Fleer 1996) It says on the wrapper that I can send in 3 wrappers and get 3 free X-men comics – Oh Darn, it also says U.S. Residents Only !!!.
    · 6 packs of Gargoyles (Skybox 1995)
    · 1 pack of Brain Straining Doodlwonkers (????)
    · 5 packs of VR Troopers (Saban 1995)
    · 1 packs of Lion King Series II (Skybox 1995)
    · 6 packs of Casper (Fleer1995)
    · 5 packs of Batman Forever (fleer 1995)
    · 5 Skycap Slammers discs (Skybox 1993)
    · and 2 Silver discs with a bulldogs face on them. No info, date manufacturer etc although the box does state “Free Surprise Picture Discs in every box” so I guess they must be those
    An interesting box to open but it only had base cards; no chase just several incomplete sets.


    If faced with a difficult choice/decision, Remember this - WWKD.

    Never give up - NEVER surrender
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    Well I decided to participate in OTB day this year, but the boxes I bought didn't arrived in time, so I decided to open a box of Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire Update boxes that I had laying around. Well my box yielded a Fleur costume and a film frame card, so nothing exciting.....however right when I was finishing up my 3 year old daughter woke up and came in and saw what I was doing, and said she wanted to open some cards, as she loves it when we open cards (they are either pretty...or scary Smile ) My box was gone so I told her that we were done, but she gave me one of those "please daddy" looks, and since she had her St. Patrick's day pj's on with all the four leaf clovers, I decided what the heck, so I took her over to the closet where I keep my boxes and let her pick one out (which was an event in and of itself). So once she had one picked out we started opening it. I would actually open the packs as she hasn't figured that out (and half of artbox packs you almost need a chainsaw to get into anyways) after about halfway through the first row she found the costume card, which was a Cedric, so that was good. I of course was watching right over her in case she did find something good, as she isn't quite as careful with the cards as I am Smile So we kept opening (mind you this is a long process with a 3 year old) and with 4 packs left we hadn't found the other insert card yet, so I knew it had to be soon, and the very next pack had it in it. I didn't notice as quickly as with the costume, as you can see those right away, but when she pulled back one of the middle cards I knew right away it was an autograph, and when she pulled it back a little more I about screamed as it was a Daniel Radcliffe autograph!!! So I squealed a little, and so did she (of course she just squealed because I did) and I don't know who's squeal actually sounded more like a 3 year old girl squealing, but it was fun. I have pulled about five radcliffe autographs out of packs, but this one was by far the funnest to pull. And Syd always insists on me taking pictures of her with her Tinkerbell sketch cards (she has a pretty good collection of those building up, because she says please so darned cute), so I snapped a shot of her with her 2 pulls on her first Open that Box day. Good luck to everyone else celebrating one of the best new holidays of the year!!! I am off to do a dance around my festivus pole!!! Smile

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    For OTB, I chose a Saturday Night Live CardArt cards from Star Pics. The series was done in 1992. I've always enjoyed the show (sometimes even in the down years) and always thought Star Pics did a great job with the series. They have cards included for all the memorable sketches up to that point (The Church Lady, Hans & Franz, Sprockets, Wayne's World) including the originals like Samurai, Point/Counterpoint, Roseanne Roseannadanna, etc. There's also cards for the then current "non-ready-for-prime-time players", commercials (Colon Blow, Bass-O-Matic, Dysfunctional Xmax LP, etc.), and some of the famous celebrities that the actors have parodied. It's a really cool series and makes me chuckle remembering these things. The only thing on a negative note that I might point out is that there are no cards included of the Eddie Murphy years. I think there must have been a contractual thing going on there as I remember reading that the rights for those shows were held differently then the other years.

    So how did I do with my box break? Not incredible, to be honest. I had forgotten how large this series is at 150 cards. Still, with 10 cards per pack and 36 packs, I should have been easily able to complete a base series. I was three cards shy of one, unfortunately.

    Also, according to our resident Star Pics expert webjon, boxes of SNL CardArt contain autographs (unlike some of Star Pics other non-sport products like Twin Peaks and All My Children where the autographs are in the factory sets only). Unfortunately, no autograph for me. But I know they are really scarce so I wasn't expecting one. Heck, they are not even mentioned anywhere on the packs or boxes.

    All in all, it was fun seeing some of these scenes again. And now is the time on Sprockets when we dance!

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