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Please Read -- Mega Posts!

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September 11, 2007, 05:23 PM
Please Read -- Mega Posts!
Hi All:

I noticed a few days ago that a few posters already had 75 to 100 post for the month. And it was only the 5th of the month. While I love the enthusiasm and think it’s great that many continue to be so excited about the hobby, I did want to point out one thing. Not only does Groupee (our hosting company) meter our bandwidth usage, they also allow us a certain number of posts at any one time. We have been over this limit for years, even though we regular prune messages, and NSU foots the bill for the extra charge. So I’d like to ask everyone to be just a bit mindful of that.

What can you do to help? Well, for one thing, there’s no need to post three reply back-to-back posts responding to others above when you could do it all in one post. Posts that are simply a smiley face are another type of post that might not need to be made.

I very much hate to limit anyone's posting, though, so long as you are adding to the discussion. So rather then try and put a limit on anyone's posting, we are going to try and do some weeding and pruning again. How? For one thing, we are going to try and work on the "Name That Quote" threads. Did you know that they have over 3,000 posts in them alone? I've been thinking about it and I think it's time we start those over again. I have been speaking with Boldlygone about this, since he started some of these. He currently has the TV thread lead and he'll get this started again when he's back online.

This same sort of thing goes for the "My Best E-Bay Find" thread. There are nearly 3,000 posts in that one alone. Surely no one is ready someone’s best eBay find from 2004, are they?

We'll start with these as well as the usual pruning of older posts.

If anyone has comments on these things, or ways to improve the forum, please e-mail me, ok? Thanks for your understanding.


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