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April's Poll
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We've just posted the poll for April. This time, we're asking about autograph cards.

The upcoming Spider-Man and Star Wars Episode II card series will not contain autograph cards (not counting the autographs planned for the U.K. edition of Episode II). Several posters here on the "Card Talk" forum have commented that they'll really miss having autograph cards in those releases. So our question is, do you feel autograph cards are a must for today's TV and Movie card series?

To vote, click here.

Once you've voted, come back here and tell us why you chose your selection or feel free to make further comment on the topic.

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I voted no, mainly because Autos are rarely gotten by the "smalltime" collector like me who doesnt have the money to spend on boxes and cases... They are nice every once in a while but too many autos will kill the allure for people like me... while I may go after a specific auto, Im not paying the card co for it, im paying a local dealer or another collector...
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Autographs are what makes sets interesting to collect, so do costume cards, but autographs are special because that card is unique to you, no-one will have exactly the same (granted no one will have the same costume cards, but they look the same sometimes!!) And autographs are the only cards where any effort has gone into making them.. they are like a reward for the people who do buy lots of cards and make the companies as big as they are, so in my opinion sets should really include auto cards...
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In response to mtlhddoc2's post.. I had the same view generally, but then I got a LOTR auto by simply buying to packs... I have never bought a box and I'm not doing to badly..
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NSU Writer
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I voted no. I love autograph cards, and love to get them even more, but not every set will have autos. Often the main star doesn't want to sign or something. Will we have autos from the 2nd LOTR movie, or will the stars say, "been there, done that?"
Some movie sets are successes without autos, such as Star Wars Episode I, and a good set will be sought after by collectors regardless.
I think an effort should be made however when autographs aren't available, to have a rare and special chase card for us "cardaholics" to look for.
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The link wouldn't let me vote yet so I'll check back. Let me be clear--YES AUTO'S ARE NECESSARY! If there is nothing to pull there is no reason to crack a box these days (and probably not packs). Why pay $50 US a box for Spiderman when you can probably snipe a complete set with all inserts for half that? Retailers beware the shelf life of these products! Blair Witch box anyone? These days people complain about the long odds products, and believe me long odds are better than no odds at all! I usually grab a box at least of everything that catches my eye, and often several boxes trying to pull the card(s) I'm after. Would anyone have cracked Tomb Raider without the Jolie auto potential? If people are worried about the auto bit getting stale maybe it's time for some new directions, like an auto'd costume card (admittedly a 5th auto card of either Julie Benz or Juliet Landau would be overkill, but a costume card signed is more than one could ever hope to top). Maybe too companies need to admit that some licences have been milked for more than they should have been. --chris
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I voted no. I don't think it's essential but it helps. I got into trading cards because of the auto cards - initially for the comics cards and then when they started on Star Trek, I went off the deep end.
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I voted yes. 'cause autograph cards are my main motivation, but (and it's a big but) if sets come out at a reasonable price without, and these sets bring new people into the hobby, then I'm all for it!
However, I understand that both the sets mentioned in the poll are priced the same as other recent sets which HAVE autos - this is not a good thing.

To be honest, the thing that makes sets interesting are the interesting cards - not neccessarily autos or costumes - I can think of some sets where I have found basic cards to be of more interest, because of design or imagery, than the auto cards. A classic case in point are teh two recent Star Trek sets from Rittenhouse where the auto's were pretty boring (with one or two exceptions!) but the base cards (and some of the chases) were far more interesting, due to the fact that they had nice images and looked good. Come on, can anyone really claim to be interested in the somewhat boring plain white card tht have made up most of the RA auto cards of late (and which appear to make up the forthcoming B5 auto cards?)
Au Res.,
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I gotta go with Paul on this one.....
a good set has to include some sort of valuable card or set or whatever, but it doesn't NEED to be an auto could and should vary at least on a yearly or something basis..we've had autos for tooo long.
It's astounding to me that box price has stayed the same and yet the value of cards per box has shot up AMAZINGLY. We have spent the same $50 a box noted about for a few lentiuclars or embossed cards and a shot at a hologram...that same $50 gets us a good pile of cards these days. And I would think that taking the autos away without replacing it isn't practical....we insist on maintining the standard of which we have become accustomed to wink
Easier said then done, I'm have great recruitment value and lesser retention value....
I also wonder what gets shot down for whatever reason that we don't even know about....
I love my auto cards..ALOT...but I'm ready to try a new path.
Oh and for Byrna (chhooooocolate) hehehee
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I don't believe that the inclusion or exclusion of Auto Cards should "make or break" a set. Same goes with Costume Cards. They are both nice to have, especially if they're guaranteed (1,2,3 or 4) per box. However, if the set looks nice, has some nice inserts (minus the auto & costume card types) and is affordable, then it shouldn't stop you from getting the set.
Case in point is the (Topps) Spiderman set. I was initially hesitant to get a box. It wasn't because of the lack of Auto or Costume cards, although a Kirsten Dunst Auto Card or Spidey Costume Card wouldn't have hurt. It was because of Topp's history of total lack of support and almost consistent bad collation. Nevertheless, I decided to pick up a box of Spidey movie cards at US$36 (now they're $38) since the price at US$1 a pack was reasonable and the 4 levels (& types)of chase cards seemed interesting.
The US version of Topp's Star Wars: Attack of the Clones is not worth getting at US$56. For about the same price I could easily pick up any of the superior products by Inkworks or Rittenhouse. Artbox is another manufacturer with products superior to Topps, and lower prices without sacrificing quality or value. Don't get me wrong; I love Star Wars and have some of the promo cards for the upcoming set, but the quality and stated inserts just don't justify the price.

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I voted "no" in the poll. To me, autos are a nice
plus but not a necessity. While it's great that
some sets have a guarateed number of autographs per box, they are more special to me when I
happen to get one from a set that the odds are a
lot higher like one every 2 or 3 boxes. Like my
Christopher Lee from LOTR!! I'm definitely hanging on to that one! wink

Happy collecting,
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Picture of MikeFitz
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I voted no, and it was a rather large NO!
I can see the allure in getting an autograph card from someone who really interests you, ( a favorite artist, writer, star) but the idea of collecting autos like subsets depresses me. The set(base set - it still amazes me that there has become so many sub-divisions)SHOULD still be the main draw. If companies can't come up with a basic set that generates interest in itself, then they need to reconsider their approach. I've always been fond of sets that, in some way, need all of the cards to tell a story. Mars Attacks and Civil War News are the first to come to mind. When you didn't have some of the cards from these sets, you were missing part of the story - as if someone had ripped a few chapters out of a good book. This made it more interesting to go after the "base" cards. I've heard about how these cards were too expensive to produce - but the same thing can be accomplished with photos and CGI
at less cost. Aynway, tell me it's cheap to get a bunch of STARS to sign autographs. Again, I'm not against autos, but if they are included - make them special - not a subset of who'sdats - and make the base sets more interesting. On to Philly!
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Picture of cardsonthebrain
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I voted no. I do like autographs but they are not essential. What I do think is essential is to produce more rare cards of some type. It is not as fun to have a card where there are 30,000 others who also have the same card. When you come across a card that is one of 100 or one of 50 or less that is really neat.
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Bronze Card Talk Member
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I don't think autos are necessary. I am looking forward to the new Topps Spiderman cards...when Topps puts its mind to it, they can deliver an exquisite set of base cards and inserts..and I'm a believer that this is going to be one of those times. They did a superb job with Xena Series III too, after a very good effort on Series II, and a so so product in their first release, imho.

I care about my basic sets..they are what I read and remind me, to bring me back to moments in a tv show or movie that were fascinating, exciting, memorable. And insert sets that are behind the scenes, or technology, or special effects, or anything else are my next cared about part of a card series.

No question an occasional special autograph adds to my collection...but I am bored with the run of tons of autos of 'everyone'..

For another new set without autos Inkworks is putting out Buffy Evolution..covering Seasons 1 thru five with previews of Season 6, in chrome (with additional refractors) and some insert sets. It will be affordable for a change for a completist like myself..and from the sounds of it, will be gorgeous.

One of the problems with the glut of autographs and costume cards, imo, as a dealer, is that it is stopping hobbyists from buying into new series. They are so 'stuck' trying to keep up and pay for their favorite series that they are loathe to start something new because it is TOO expensive. I've heard that over and over and over....

As for you, Lynne, chocolate is already on it's way!! Hold on!!
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I voted Yes.

Without the random chase card option of an autograph,Costume Card or Sketch Card etc, you might as well just buy your cards off Ebay in full sets.

The option of 10+ autographs/Costume/Sketch Cards is what keeps the collecting going.

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Picture of I need that card
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Hi Everyone
I voted no on the autograph issue. I don't collect auto's anyway. I don't buy many boxes but if I do and pull an auto I will sell it to help offset the price of the box. Are auto's making boxes more expensive?
I'm not against them but they tend to be out of my price range.

Anyway that's my opinion


Happy collecting
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I am of the: "There has to be something worth pulling" variety so I voted yes. Without autographs or sketches, or something worth chasing it is much better to buy sets or wait for boxes to be dumped, especially with the spider-man cards.

Why you ask? The Spider-Man inserts don't even feature images from the movie, how many Clear 'Cel' Spider-Man images do we need, or foil?
(I am talking about the Topps cards, BTW)

At least with Star Wars I get images I've never seen before.

So finally why would I spend $2 a pack on Spidey to get stuff I have already seen when I have the chance to pull an Alba or Cameron auto out of Dark Angel sitting right next to them?

At least if they were not going to have any great chase in Spider-Man they could get the pack price to be cheaper than a product like Dark Angel.
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