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June 02, 2008, 10:19 AM
Heated Discussions
Hello all. The mods and I are noticing a lot more heated discussions lately. While discussions of this type are great and can be productive, often times, they degenerate into something less. Recently here on the forum, some of our livelier discussions have lead to hurt feelings, trashing of the card companies, artist bashing, and more. To be frank, we really do not want this sort of thing on Non-Sport Update's forum.

So with that in mind, I want to remind everyone that the mods and I have the final say regarding discussions. In cases where we feel the discussion has gone astray or is counter-productive, we may edit or remove posts (or an entire thread when necessary). We may or may not e-mail you about it personally, especially if you do not have your e-mail address in your profile, but we will make note of it in the thread itself. In those cases where a member has violated our terms of use or our FAQ, we may e-mail you a notice stating that your posting privileges may be removed.

Please try and show regard for your fellow collectors and the industry at large. Also, if you see questionable content on the forum, please click on the alert icon and tell us about it. These alerts come to the mods and myself and oftentimes, allow us to react quicker, if we have not yet read the content.