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Open That Box Day 2008
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In an effort to conserve some funds for the upcoming Philly Show(Allentown) I went for a cheap box of cards which I was inspired to check out by a recent Kurt Kuersteiner article.
For those of you who like imaginative original art cards, you've got to check out Toxic High.
There was one card short of two complete sets which consist of 64 base cards 23 multi-sticker cards(4 small stickers on each) and 1 Toxic High Senior Class poster offer.
These might nont be to everyone's taste as some are pretty gross. I have to marvel though at the amount of work Topps put into this set. So much original art and something different on each base card back. Funny, weird, irreverent.
I really enjoyed opening these.
Happy OTB Day everyone!

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Happy OTBD everyone Wave

This is my second year in a row with OTBD. I was hoping my Nephews (who are just like my own kids Luv You) could come over and help me open my box, but they had plans so I opened it alone again this year.

I opened a box of Topps Indiana Jones Heritage and it was a really fun break. Here's what I got from the box,

Complete set w/extras
Box topper p1
Parallel #1 373/500
Autograph of Julian Glover as Donovan Wink

I was hoping for a nice sketch or a Karen Allen auto, but I'm still quite pleased with the results. The Glover auto to me is so much better than a monkey sketch Big Grin
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Got hubby to fetch down my OTBD box of Stargate Season 9.
Box # 3706 yielded:
Costume card c41 - Mitchell
Autos a92 - Cameron Bright as Orlin
a94 - Kendall Cross as Julia Donovan
Cast poster cp3; Book of Origin 1,3; production sketches: 1, 7, 15, 17.

It was good to have something to open today. I looked forward to it since it was announced. I of course hoped to get a Browder auto but hey I did not have his costume card and I didn't have either of the two autos so that's good enough for now.

I finished opening my case of Women of Marvel and once I write it up, I'll add that to my post as well. I just wanted to make sure I got something posted today!

I started opening WOM when I got it Thursday (I think; it seems so long ago Big Grin ) and finished opening the last boxes on OTBD.

Here's the results:
Women of Marvel case break
Box 6823 Swimsuit: 4, 5,6,7; Embossed: 3,4; Couples: 7; Sketch She Hulk; base set:1
Box 7174 Swimsuit: 12, 13, 11, 10; Embossed: 9,8; Couples: 5; Sketch Talisman; base set:1
Box w/o # Swimsuit: 10, 11, 12,13; Embossed:6,7; Couples: 4; Sketch Crismon Cowl by Dave S(?); not sorted
Box 1830 Swimsuit: 2, 18, 1, 3; Embossed: 2,1; Couples: 6; Sketch Woman (Black Widow? By Ron Wilson); singles not sorted
Box 3805 Swimsuit: 16, 17, 18, 1; Embossed: 2,3 Couples:2; Sketch Rogue by UKO; base set:1
Box 4822 Swimsuit: 6, 7,4,5; Embossed: 6,5; Couples: 8; Sketch Mystique; base set:1
Box 2807 Swimsuit: 9, 8, 10, 11; Embossed: 7,8; Couples: 9; Sketch Kitty & Lockheed by Tess; not sorted
Box 5808 Swimsuit: 12, 13, 14, 15; Embossed: 9, 1; Couples: 1; Sketch Tigra by CM(?); not sorted
Box 1831 Swimsuit: 15, 17, 14, 16; Embossed: 2, 1 Couples: 6; Sketch Spider Womanby M Jason; not sorted
Box 7175 Swimsuit: 17, 16, 14, 15; Embossed: 9, 8; Couples: 5; Sketch Sabra by gh; not sorted
Box 0815 Swimsuit: 4, 5, 2, 3; Embossed: 5,4; Couples: 3; Sketch Rogue Eddie Wagner; not sorted
Box 6824 Swimsuit: 2, 3, 18,1; Embossed: 4,3; Couples: 7; Sketch Woman by Mark Dos Santos; not sorted

I'll post scans when I can get to them but I've got to say I loved the base set and the inserts. There is just some fantastic art that was available and I loved seeing a mix of old favourites from the Marvel Swimsuit issues to covers by Greg Land and Greg Horn. This release is just what a base set and inserts should be = great to look at again and again. Can't wait until the men of Marvel get the same treatment; after all some of them were featured in Marvel Swimsuit issues Razz

Scans are up in the box breakdown section.

The WOM sketches- hmm mixed about them. They are good quality sketches but I think because I'm such a fan of Marvel women I had much higher expectations for these than I had for DC Legacy. In DC legacy even without knowing the character I could appreciate the art work but for WOM I find myself being more picky when I don't recognize the character. Also I really liked Ron Wilson's Batman sketches for DC but the WOM I pulled from him is ... well let's say I believe it to be a rather muscle bound Black Widow. But I love the Lockheed that Tess drew and my Spider Woman pull is pretty cool. I was just really hoping for a NAR (obviously) or an Andy Price!

Already looking forward to a 2009 OTBD since I can't get enough Big Grin

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I opened up a box of Family Guy Episode IV A New Hope, which is a spoof on Star Wars as portrayed by Family Guy characters. This is a really creative set that was recently released by Inkworks, that would please both Star Wars and Family Guy fans. My box (24 packs of 6 cards per pack), yielded 2 complete sets (50 cards in a base set), and enough singles for about half of another set. Plus 4 New Hope chase cards (NH-1, NH-7, NH-8, NH-9), 2 Ships & Transports chase cards (ST-4, ST-5), 2 What Happens Next chase cards (WN-5, WN-6), 2 Scenes from Space chase cards (S-3, S-4), and a Droid Chat chase card (DC-2).

Tiggerhouse AKA Dan Carleton
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I opened two boxes. I have to say, my results were less than exciting, but I DID enjoy the anticipation. That only sets me up for better luck next year!!!!

Box 1 was Marvel Masterpieces, and I got a less than stellar sketch of ELEKTRA. Meh.

Box 2 was BSG Season 2 - I got this:

Leah Cairns aka 'Racetrack' auto
Sam Anders Costume card - CC 24
0 Shelter Poster Cards Frown
Crew Card T2 - Apollo
Rag Tag Fleet R3, 7, 8
Alliances A2 & A6
2 Base sets

Since I'm a newly converted BSG obsessed freak Big Grin, I needed all of these cards, so although I didn't get Tricia Helfer's autograph Shake Head I'll keep trying!!!!!!

Anne Welles - "You've got to climb Mount Everest to reach the Valley of the Dolls."

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Opened the box of Family Guy Season 2 I had purchased for OTB day, here is my helper, Courtney (my daughter) and the results of our opening, the highlight being a sketch of Meg by Cynthia Cummins!

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Happy OTBD Everyone,

I found two unopened boxes of Angel Season 2 (2001) stashed away that I totally enjoyed opening.

Autographs were not guaranteed for this series. So, while I did not get the Darla or Drusilla or the Darla/Drusilla autographs, I was very happy to get a Julia Lee and a Brigid Brannagh (who I see also signed for Star Trek Enterprise Season 2 according to The Encyclopedia of Non-Sport and Entertainment Trading Cards Wink). I did not have either one of these autographs.

I also pulled an AH1 (Angel Heart 1) card which was a 1:108 odds.

Inkworks collation was right on, as usual, as I received 6 City of Angel inserts and 4 LA Women inserts. And it was especially nice that in addition to the 2 of 4 boxloaders, none of these inserts were duplicates.

And, it was great to relive this season of Angel via the cards. The flashbacks of the orgins of Angel, Darla, and Dru; the karaoke bar; the appearance of Faith in jail; the introduction of Fred in the final episodes; Great Stuff!

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My pick this OTBD was what seems to be the official box of OTBD 2008 - Indiana Jones Heritage. First thing I did after pulling off the shrink wrap was check the inside top of the box. Phew! Not one of the dreaded 11 8440 boxes! Here's what I got:

Box topper P1
Parallel card #7 (469/500)
Autograph of George Harris as Katanga
27 cards short of a base set

Nothing exciting but it was fun to do!

Although not my official OTBD pick, I also opened 34 packs of Hellboy Sword of Storms that hadn't sold at my store and got:

1 base set (close to a 2nd as well)
3 Demons Unleashed cards D1, D8, D9
2 Heroes Journey cards H5, H6
1 Sweet Cynthia Cummens sketch

This was a lot of fun to open. The cards are colorful and gorgeous to look at and I love the inserts. Shiny! And the sketch knocked my socks off.

I hope everyone else had fun today and thanks to Harris and the NSU staff and everyone else here and at the companies who came up with this!


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Originally posted by Boldlygone:
  • 173 Sid Haig ( unusual signature , It reast as Pump)?

  • I've met Sid a few times at various horror cons through out the years and that's just how he signs so it's totally legit. Next time I see him i'll have to ask why he signs that way...

    Originally posted by Batman:
    Opened the box of Family Guy Season 2 I had purchased for OTB day, here is my helper, Courtney (my daughter) and the results of our opening, the highlight being a sketch of Meg by Cynthia Cummins!

    Great pull! I had ordered a box each of Season 1 and 2 that I was hoping would be here in time for today but sadly it wasn't...

    Non-Sport Wax Pack Junkie...
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    I currently don’t have my photo scanner so I can’t show everyone the cards I got (maybe if the thread stays open for a day or two I can). But in my Star Trek TOS 40th Anniversay boxes (x2) I received the promised 6 autos (no biggie) but what was a biggie was # A155 auto Majel Barret as the computer voice, YIPPIE FOR ME Clap
    the others were #A185 Jerry Ayres (Ensign O’Herlihy), #A180 Irene Kelly (Sirah), #A169 Dave Somerville (Lt. Larry Matson), #A159 Michael Dante (Maab), #A152 Bob Herron (Sam). The rest was as well as could be expected. 2 Charlie X cards, 6 portraits (PT40 William Campbell - Koloth, PT39 Barbara Bouchet - Kelinda, PT34 Michael Forest – Apollo, PT33 Antoniette Bower – Sylvia, PT28 Mark Lenard – Sarek aka Romulan Commander, PT20 Lenorad Nimoy – Spock) Bouncey Metal, 4 Stickers (Dr McCoy, Lt. Cmd Scotty, Trelane, Gorn), and finally 4 expansion cards. For my Heros set nothing super special except for the memo card of Claire Bennet’s cheerleader outfit and 7 out of 10 of the foil cards. My roommates Wizard of Oz Series two netted her 2 color sketch cards Big Grin, part of the puzzles and that was it for Wizard. Out of her JAG set, she got G1 (cell) David James Elliott, the sketch card checklist one (no sketch cards), a Trevor Goodard Tribute, DJE4, CB3, 2 Debut auto cards (Rif Hutton as Lt Cmdr Alan Mattoni D5 and Zoe Mclellan as Jennifer Coates) D213 autos Vladimir Skomarovsky A27, Andrea Thompson A17, and the special out of her set was Catherine Bell A2. Lucky her

    Well hope everyone got surprised with their specials I know I’ll treasure my special card of our beloved computer voice.

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    Smile Fingers crossed that my internet connection holds out long enough to post this.

    I opened two boxes, one was The X Files seasons 4 & 5 (Inkworks) and the other was The Fantastic Four (Upper Deck). I opened this with my partner and her sister.

    It was really fun doing this.

    From the X Files box we got:
    1 boxloader
    P2, P3
    B1, B6
    XPR1 pieceworks redemption card and
    Xard auto redemption card for Brendan Beiser.

    From the Fantastic Four box we got 2 costume cards:
    DD003 red variant 2597/4999
    FF001 890/969


    Hope everyone else had a good day!
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    Ok, I am posting for both my wife, Sheri (bigkitty), and I. She finally got home and we opened the rest of the boxes we had put aside:

    • Indiana Jones Heritage (x2)
    • Supernatural Season 2
    • Marvel Masterpieces 2007

    Here are some pics from our festivities

    This is Hagrid our 22 pound Maine Coon cat. He is a GIANT at about 46" long. He's been guarding our cards.

    Sheri (aka bigkitty) with her boxes.

    Me with my boxes.

    Our Table of Goodies!! Big Grin

    Marvel Masterpieces 2007-Renae De Liz Green Goblin!! Bouncey

    2 Indy Heritage Sketches in 2 boxes!!! Big Grin

    Sheri also got a a PW Card she needed for Supernatural 2 (PW-14, Linda Blair's Jacket).

    I was SOOOOO excited when I saw the De Liz Sketch. I have wanted one of her sketches for the longest time, and this one is AWESOME!!! Ironically, this is the only box of Marvel Masterpieces 2007 I have opened.


    Thanks Harris & NSU/Card Talk for putting this together again.


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    This is the first year that I participated with the OTB day. I had three boxes of cards that I had for awhile and not sure which box to open. So I took the advise of some of the Card Talkers and opened all three.

    The first box was a retail box of Donruss Americana. I originally was not going to buy this product but after I saw the normal cards I decided to pickup a retail box so I can hopefully get a base set. My wife helped with this box and we had a good time. It was interesting to open the packs and then actually read the back and talk about who the person was on the front. The box did yield a base card set as I hoped as well as 3 Gold Proofs, 6 Silver proofs and a material card of Catherine Bach #'ed to 250. The set was nicer then I thought and I am happy with what we pulled from the box.

    The second box was a hobby box of Razor Poker 2007. Not a big fan of Poker but just picked up a box as I thought the idea of the presidential auto was interesting. Well, opened the five packs and no president auto. The five cards were all single autos of poker players Josh Arieh,Chip Jett, Men Nguyen, Max Pescatori and Chris Moneymaker. It was interesting that each card was in a magnetic holder but other than that the cards did not thrill me. Won't make that mistake again.

    The third and final box was a Fleer Ultra Spider-man 97 box. The card fronts were nicely done and I did get a base set out of the 18 packs in the box. Was not impressed with the two different poster backs of Pat Olliffe or John Romita Jr. This set did not have the inserts like sets do now but was fun to open just the same. I forgot about the foil lettering and what happens with cards that were produced in the 90's and and opened years later. Took a little to get the cards apart but they came apart mostly clean without any foil sticking or loss.

    It was a blast opening boxes that basically spanned one end of the card world to the other of the other end card world just for fun. Now the fun is to think and hunt for a box that I want to open for next years OTB day. I a few more years my one daughter will be old enough and we can have a family OTB day. That will be interesting.

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    I will be brief cuz Harris (Mister Ants in the Pants) may close this thread at any time & lock me he did last year on OTB day!!!

    I opened my special box of Alias Four with Chewie (short for Chewbacca) a little Yorkie that my son rescued off the street about 6 wks ago and leaves for me to take care of it while he runs off....

    A39 Robin Sachs as Hand Dietrich
    PW9 Victor Garber as Jack Bristow (Jacket)

    Well the basic set is top-notch. I may even collate them & put them in a binder. But the inserts weren't too exciting. At first I thought that I had the auto for Charlie Watts (Rolling Stones drummer) then I saw it was a Watts lookalike..ok...and all I can say about PW9 is WOW, thats one very thick card! Eek

    I do like the puzzle especially the 2 pieces I got...Hope you folks will trade me the other 7 pieces before my toenails wither?

    As always thanks to Harris and CardTalkers everywhere for another meaningful OTB experience!! Big Grin

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    Fast before it closed.

    I just got home from my trip but I've opened by box yesterday at 4'o clock in the morning but didn't had time to post them.

    This is my little report:

    I've opened 2 boxes of LOTR Masterpieces 2

    Full Base Set: multiple + extras
    Foil Cards: 1 full set + extras
    Etched Foil Cards: 2 full sets

    only 1 bronze card: #9

    Waterhouse Razz
    2*Brent Woodside
    Nicole Falk

    Sorry I don't have a scanner.

    This set looks great & I really enjoyed Open that box day.
    See you all next year.


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    Well this box was my OTBD offering and guessed it an Indiana Jones Heritage

    Much to the disgust of the dog the gum went into the bin and not into her

    As for the cards...
    A P1 "Continuing the adventure box card
    A parallel card 79 "Donovan chooses...poorly" 388/500
    A hat sketch
    and 1 complete base set ( plus 28 spares )

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    Jumped at the earliest opportunity to open my box (12:15am Saturday morning) but was out early and back late on Saturday running Magic the Gathering tournaments so this is the earliest opportunity I've had to post my break.

    All I can say is I love OTB day and it apparently loves me. Last year I pulled an Alyssa Milano autograph and this year I got:


    2 Base sets
    2 Chrome cards - C9, C10
    1 Autograph - GOLDBERG!!!

    Well chuffed with that. Sits nicely alongside the Bret Hart auto I picked up on eBay a while back.
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    I opened up a box of the new Indiana Jones Heritage product.

    I didn't get anything exciting - no autos or sketch, but it did bring back memories of building the original sets!
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    Any more entries????? As requested in the discussion thread, I've left this open a bit longer then I normally would (hey, when your admin calls something xyz day, he considers that 24 hours, but I'm trying to be more lax this year. Big Grin) So, where are you Ed???? I'll probably leave it open until the end of the day.

    Oh, and do any of you want to submit your hi resolution photos so that we can possibly using them in NSU? I'm talking about anyone who wants to submit a high resolution (300 dpi) version of the sketch cards (or autograph) posted in this thread.

    - Silverback
    - cverdec
    - AJJ
    - ocdlotr
    - Mdelbene
    - cardster
    - TheUberBob
    - Qball

    Also, those who took photos of their cards so nicely laid out:

    - bakeded
    - AJJ
    - raider5gt
    - batmancity
    - Batman
    - cverdec
    - dis68

    And finally, those who took pictures of themselves, their spouse (significant other, etc.), and their krazy kats, we'd really like to have these. Those would be:

    - batmancity
    - Batman
    - cverdec

    Hope I didn't miss anyone. Again, I can't promise anything but there's a chance we might be able to get some in the upcoming issue and if we do, we'll need your images ASAP in order to be able to do so.

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    You can use any of our pics that you'd like for NSU. What can I say, 15 minutes of fame and all that I guess....Big Grin

    Email me and let me know what you need.


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