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Open That Box Day 2008
Silver Card Talk Member
Picture of CordeliaChase_Fan
Just finished opening my box- I try to open my boxes right at the stroke of midnight on OTB day. This is my third year participating and I've always enjoyed them. I opened my box alone, because hey, it's late.

I chose a box of DC Legacy this year- number 3423 of 10000. DC Legacy was the series that got me into sketches and the sketch I pulled tonight makes the 42nd one in my DC collection. Nice turnaround for someone who wasn't into sketches until now.

I had hoped to get a sketch of either Black Canary, Wonder Woman, or Hawkgirl- how did I do?

One Base Set with a second set short of 13 cards.


Gold Parallels: Green Lantern, Raven, Catwoman, Darkseid

FC3, FC8


and the sketch, though of a character I already had-

Doctor Fate by Katie Cook- it is gorgeous!

I was very happy with my pull and am tempted to get another box of something to open before OTB day ends!

Happy OTB day!


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I can't believe I'm going to be the second poster, and I wasn't even planning on being able to participate!

I purchased my box from a local retailer at 8:30. I didn't trust myself to buy one earlier, and the purchase was sort of a celebration of both OtBD as well as getting a new job. Yay! So I tracked down a box of Supernatural Season 2. And promptly opened it at midnight exactly.

I was really afraid I was going to get a bunch of stuff I just recently traded for, because that would be my luck. My first pull was Alona Tal's autograph card, which I already had (although it's an upgrade, since I like her sig better on this one), and was feeling kind of down about it, even though it's one of my favorite autos.

But then in my last pack, I pulled out a redemption card for PW-17B...the second part of the Untimely Death puzzle pieceworks set! This is significant to me because, when I nearly had a master set before I had to sell them all away, this was the ONE CARD I never tracked down. I'm super happy with it, it's one of my favorite PW cards in the set and I would never be able to afford the purchase. So this was a most successful Open That Box Day for me!!! (And really adds to my already terrific mood over my new job! Big Grin )

Happy OtBD everyone! Can't wait to read everyone else's breakdowns. Smile

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Here's my contribution for OTB day 2008!!!

My 2 boxes are LOTR ROTK wave 1 and wave 2 boxes.

Wave 1 box yielded a Gollum auto

Wave 2 box yielded 2 autos, Gamling as well as Witch King

Happy with both boxes considering the prices I paid for them, around 13 quid each inclusive of postage.

Some of my traders: Star*Mystyk, davelennox, Jack London, Chris Byrne, TAT, spidergoblin, Brimaster, cverdec, mac13, mars53, Ryan Cracknell, wuher, angelchick182, FRANK AMICO, batmancity, Card Reaper, Over_Worked_Mom, Dewman, THX2112, venom5liter, batmancity, barobehere, KADRAN00157, browninga5m, trade-a-card, FCB, wolfie, ghostrider666, Brian A. Davis, s8zaphod, Cee_Jay

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Picture of steve j
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I like to open something a little different on OTBD, so I thought I would open a box of Movie Posters by Breygent. I bought the box through a friendly US dealer, but he was unable to get me a binder. I picked it up from Memorabilia at the NEC in Birmingham UK a few weeks back. I opened 15 packs of Colossal Cards series II yesterday, I could wait until OTBD. It yielded a full set.

Today I opened box # 712 of 3000 Movie Posters by Breygent.

On top was an authentic cut signature from Ruth Hussey. What a great start. First impressions are that this is a very nice set. However as I opened the remainder of the packs, I noticed that quite a few of the cards had some damage on one side. I hope I can make a full base set

I also noticed that I was unable to open the pack without breaking the pack. I had to cut across the top of one to keep a pack.

The contents contained a simple sketch card of the Outlaw by Walton. The Inserts contained the following: - CG2,3,4 CK2,3 CM1,7,8,9 CT1,

I really like this kind of set and I hope Breygent continue with this type of thing.

POST NOTE - The Ruth Hussey is #2of2. I've had a real good week having pulled a Russel Walks sketch card from Indiana Jones Heritage as well.

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My pulls from 3 boxes. I didnt sort sets just went for the main inserts.
Toy Soldiers
Autograph Redemtpion for Joe Dante
36 Tattoos
2 Battle Cards

I bought these just in case I didnt pull anything from the Small Soldiers box which was only $14.95

Indiana Jones Heritage
Box 1
Michael Byrne as Vogel Autograph
Parallel 31 054/500
Box Topper P1

Box 2
Chris Henderson Sketch "X marks the spot in the library"
Parallel 48 "127/500"
Box Topper P2

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I opened my box of Kong - 8th Wonder of the World:

My box contained a set of 5 Video game cards, 3 flocked cards, an Evan Parke Auto & Ann Darrows film dress, all what it should have had.

Not too bad, except there was no base set in the box & all the inserts; except the film dress card, were identical to my only other box purchase of this set (which also didn't have a full base set in it!). I will have to see if between the two boxes whether I am able to make a base set.

So my OTBD gained me ONE card, that I didn't already have.

Great :-(
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Bronze Card Talk Member
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It's the first time I'm participating on OTBD. Smile
Two weeks ago I bought one box of Star Trek TOS 40th Ann. Series 2 and it was really, really hard not to open it. Knowing the box is here in my rooms, still sealed...But I had the power to resist.
And here's what I got:
-A148 Louise Sorel (Rayna Kapec)
-A170 Richard Evans (Isak)
-A189 Marj Dusay (Kara)
-Other inserts: B16, S10, S11, 93, 98, PT40, PT43, PT45
Not the William Shatner auto I hoped for, but it's ok.
It's a nice thought, opening a box and knowing that there are other people doing the same at one time.

"I am the beginning;the end;the one who is many. I am the borg...I am the collective." Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact
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I got a box of Marvel Masterpieces by Upper Deck and kept it back for OTB Day. Then my 2 boxes of Women of Marvel came late Friday, I kept them to open too.

Marvel Masterpieces #09859:

One base set and I need a #77 for the second base set.
30 foil parallels and 6 gold borded
Spiderman subset- even with the 2 parallels I didn't make a set. Got doubles.
X-Men same thing. Ditto
Ross 1 0f 3 box topper
Ross 1 of 3
Adams 2of 3
Stuzan-2 of 3 and 3 of 3


Women of Marvel # 3147 and 7851

2 base sets
Swimsuit-S8x(2), S9, S10, S11x(2),S12, S13
Embossed-T1, T6, T7, T9
E5, E9

Sketch cards:

I'm the night owl of the family so I open my boxes by myself. If I'm lucky I'll get to sleep about the time the wife's alarm goes off. The pain meds usually let me sleep till noon. No rest for the night shift.

I really liked both of these sets. The masterpieces had a lot of insert cards and the cards are nice. The Women of Marvel were just great. Any help on the artist of the sketches would be appreciated!


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I got one box of Indiana Jones Heritage to open for OTBD 2008. I was pleasantly surprised to find both an autograph and a sketch in my box.
Here's the breakdown:
Full base set
27 extra base cards
#61 Parallel card 312/500
P2 Box Topper
Roshan Seth autograph card
Mark Raats sketch card

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Opened a box of Robot Cards and got a VERY nice Martineck sketch of Rodney's House Smile
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This year I saved the last box from my Indiana Jones heritage case for OTB-day. Since my 7 first boxes revealed 6 hits and one dud box it was exciting to see if this would be a second dud, a 2-hit box or a usual one-hitter. Well, the clock struck midnight, my wife went to bed and my three cats were all sleeping tight. I ripped the wrapper of the box and ripped open pack by pack. Halfway through an autograph was revealed, not the one most sought after, but still good: Julian Glover as Walter Donovan. And besides two paralels and more gum, that was it for me this year!

Happy OTB everyone Smile

Hyperion aka Atle

- ", walk with me..."
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I also opened a box of Indiana Jones Heritage for OTB. Got pretty much what I anticipated:

1 base set, box topper P2, parallel #24 326/500, and a Waterhouse monkey sketch.

Nothing spectacular but I do like the base cards.
Happy Open That Box Day everyone!


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I have 3 boxes to Star Trek:The Original Series 40th Anniversary Series 2 to open.

Ripped open the RA clear wrapping on all three immediatly to check for the magic orange sticker. No such luck.

So i started the work of opening the individual packs. here's the breakdown
Portrait cardsFrown love these Thumb Up) PT20, PT28 & PT33
Where no man Has Gone Before Expansion set:#91 & 104
Stickers: Khaaaaaaaan & Talosian
Charlie X: card 803 (24)
Autographed cards:
  • 145 Julie Cobb
  • 149 Barbara Baldavin
  • 173 Sid Haig ( unusual signature , It reast as Pump)?

    So no Limited auto Cards in the 1st box. With high hopes I reach for the 2nd box.

    Box 4346/9000
    PT19, PT23 & PT41
    WNMHGB exp #92 & 104
    Stickers Captain Pike & Nurse Chapel
    Charlie X #8.1(22)
    Auto cards:
  • #142 Felix Silla
  • #156 Arnold Lessing
  • #171 Pamelyn Fertin ( with a curly headed face in the P)

    Once again no Limited Autos, but at least no Dupes. Surely somthing in my 3rd Box?

    Box 3 4347/9000
    Autographed cards:
  • 162 Barbara Luna
  • 163 Jan Shutan
  • 188 James Daris

    Really dissapointed that I didn't pull any Limited autos but worse than that, to add insult to injury ALL THE OTHER INSERTS CARD WERE IDENTICAL TO THE PREVIOUS BOX #4346.
    Every singe one! What's up with that? I expect better collation from RA especially as the two boxes were next to each other numerically and as such were probably from the same case.

    A nice set ( all trek cards are great) but really dissapointed in my luck this time.

    I have one last box to open with my daughter Julie tonight after Doctor Who.
    She has a Wizard of Ox series 2 (breygent).

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    I am amazed I made it to OTBD!!!! Big Grin

    So far, I cracked my 1/2 case of The Women of Marvel. This is a great set. Rittenhouse pulled out all the plugs on this one.

    • 17 of 18 Swimsuit Cards (with several extras).
    • 8 of 9 Embossed Cards (with several extras)
    • 6 of 9 Embrace Cards (these are BEAUTIFUL)

    And of Course my sketches and the Adam Hughes Auto Case Card I picked up. I love all of the sketches I pulled!! Big Grin

    By cverdec at 2008-04-12

    • Blink by Mark Dos Santos (of 550)
    • Invisble Woman by Jim Kyle (of 202)
    • Spder-Woman by Andy Price (of 460)
    • Phoenix (I think) by Alexandre Starling (of 155)
    • Thundra by Uko Smith (of 616)
    • The Black Queen by Eddie Vieira (of 200)

    A BIG THANK YOU to all the artists and Rittenhouse for making this an awesome set!!!
    Clap Elephant Bouncey

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    Happy Open That Box day.

    This year I opened a box of Alien vs Predator 2 from Inkworks. This is a great looking set,the base images are very clear and I'm glad they went with some of the more gory images. I didn't get any of the auto's I was hoping for but I did pull my first Ingrid Hardy sketch and it is a beatiful card.

    I opened the box this morning while watching Soccer AM with my dad and here is what I got.

    Battlefield: B2,B3
    Deadly: D2
    Auto: A5 Ariel Gade as Molly
    Costume: PW1 Kelly's Jeans
    Sketch S.IH Ingrid Hardy 136/193


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    I just finished opening my box 9:12 am eastern time.
    I purchase an old James Bond box set.
    James bond connoisseurs Collection 3.
    I found a good amount of chase cards.
    I am very Happy.
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    John Alex(my son) and I just finished opening Gremlins 2:The New Batch at 8:30am central time.
    We had a good time. I forgot how bad this movie was until I saw the cards. It is on our netflix list to view later.
    My son just saw Gremlins a month or so ago, but I did not find a box of the first movie cards. He really enjoyed the cards.
    Luckily, we had type 2 of the gum issue.
    Type 1(the worst) the gum sticks to a card and leaves stains and tears on the card.
    Type 2(the one we got) all the gum had cracked into a bunch of little pieces only leaving a little damage to the card it was touching.
    John Alex is trying to make a set now. We did get 1 full sticker set with many extras.
    This was fun.
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    I didn't stay up past midnight just to post early, but we have to give our U.K. correspondents a hard time for waiting for the U.S. East to post first. Wink

    I didn't hold back any recent stuff to get real sweet surprises, and new stuff didn't arrive on my porch yet. So I went for an lesser known but very well done set with a string of inserts that you can't complete from just a box or two: The Panini/Inkworks partnership for Naruto: The Way of the Ninja.

    Inkworks produced the set primarily for USA distribution, but Panini is the only name shown on the cards, with Inkworks crediting themselves in the packaging. The only date shown on the cards is the copyright 2002 Masashi Kishimoto though the set was released in 2006. This box was one of those rare closeouts that showed up at WalMart, which almost never (in my area) carries non-sports outside of gaming cards.

    These are nice-looking cards with foiled highlights on 72 base cards and 36 full-foil base cards. From a Hobby box, expect 1.93 sets if collation were perfect.

    HOBBY BOX (24 packs of 9 cards)
    Base Cards (108) -- 1 complete set, 12 short of 2nd, 4 triples
    Character Cards (18, 1:7 packs) -- C5 C9 C14
    Attitide Cards (9, 1:11 packs) -- A7 A8
    Ninja Glow Cards (3, 1:11 packs) -- G-1 G-2 G-3

    Nice little set, fun to look and read even if you aren't familiar with the animé.

    Now I can sit back and watch a little golf. The rain hasn't hit the neighborhood yet.
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    This is my 1st OTBD and couldn't wait to rip open my box of Disney's The Black Hole,i know there's no sketch,auto or costume card to be found but the fun of opening was still there.When i did open them,the smell just brought back all the nostalgia from when i was a kid,as these were released in 1979,the wax pack felt weird compared to todays packs and the 20+ year old gum didnt help Twak

    I made 3 base sets 1 complete 22 sticker set and 14 spare stickers

    I rang my daughter and asked her to pick a number between 1 and 10 she chose 2 so i opened 2 packs of Robot carnival and pulled 1 of the 6 foil cards.

    Looking forward to next years OTBD Thumb Up

    I find your lack of faith...disturbing
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    I like to open obscure boxes for OTBD. This year, while most of you are cracking open boxes of Women of Marvel and Indiana Jones, I got a box of 1996 Dart Smokey The Bear. I picked it up at Paul Maiellero's auction at the Midwest card Show for only $12. I had forgotten about these, I did go back through my old promos and found the foil P1 promo stored away for the last 10 years.

    The 24 packs contained 7 cards each, and since it was only a 50 card set, I hoped to build at least 3 sets. The cards are very colorful, with Smokey the Bear posters on the front, and facts about Smokey and fire prevention on the back.

    As I sorted the cards and opened packs, I began collating them, and noticed 5 cards seemed to be missing. In the last pack I opened, the 5 missing cards were present, so I completed only one set, with a second set missing 5 cards, and a stack of extras, but this was 1996, long before card companies began promising a full set per box, so I was lucky. There are 2 foil inserts, a die cut and a gold foil, I found the gold foil S2 in the first pack I opened.

    I like the cards, and probably would not have bought the box if not for OTBD. Good luck to all of you today, hope you enjoy whatever you open!
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