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I am a little slow
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But I have looked at both of the last 2 guides and I cannot seem to find any pricing "changes". Can someone point me to a series that had something go up or down so I know what to look for?

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aug/sept issue
Page 9a
Disney Treasures (Upper Deck /2003)
promo :PO3,PO4(1/5000) 5.00 -

Look for either a + or - after the price.
I don't have the previous issue to know what the price lowered from was....


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I have the new October/November 2010 issue and have not run across any changes other than the added sets, but that is not unusual. Once cards get an established price they tend to stay there unless circumstances are really altered. Even then it may not change very much.

For example the supply of Inkworks' autograph cards in the market was greatly increased when Razor repackaged them and they were dumped for sale in mass. Some of those cards did get adjusted downward in the guide, many more did not.

The problem is that verifiable sales figures must be averaged to throw out the insanely high and the ridiculously low. Each card has to analyzed to determine that the average sale price has moved enough to effect the guide price. Its very easy for me to say that all Inkworks' autograph cards should be lowered because the supply went up, and I happen to believe that to be true in most cases, but if the demand stayed the same for certain cards than that wouldn't be true across the board.

A while ago one of the Card Talk members wanted a thread for suggesting price changes, but no one followed through with good rules on how to do it that wouldn't breakdown to pure speculation. This is exactly why card pricing is so difficult. Everyone has had experience and everyone has an opinion, but how do you come to general agreement when people are often very far apart?
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