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Guidelines and Rules for Card Talk Sellers
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Non-Sport Update does not endorse or guarantee any third party item(s) bought or sold through this website nor do we endorse any of the sellers. We are not responsible for problems with buyers and sellers. This is a "use at your own risk" forum.

In order to keep the rest of Card Talk advertisement free, advertising will only be permitted in the special advertising area. Buyers and sellers should not refer to items and/or ads in the advertising area on any other part of the board. This will be enforced and posts that do not follow this guideline may be deleted or altered.

Sellers should include contact information in their advertisements that allow for buyers to contact them off of the Card Talk forum (i.e. via e-mail, phone, etc.). Once buyer has made contact, please conduct sales offline.

Offers of items to trade may be posted free of charge in the trading areas. Traders should not blatantly include offers of items for sale on web pages referred to in their trading posts. Anyone caught abusing this guideline may be asked to discontinue referencing of their website or have such reference removed by a Card Talk administrator or moderator.

Sellers are responsible for maintenance of their posts. Sellers should promptly remove items no longer available. Sellers should make arrangements to have their ad continue to appear on Card Talk and purchase another Card Talk Seller's Pass before the three month period has expired. If seller has not made arrangements and/or purchased the pass, his/her ad may be deleted once the three-month period has expired. Non-Sport Update reserves the right to remove any items that may infringe upon property rights owned by another if contacted by the license holder.

Once seller's pass has been purchased, seller is automatically granted permission to post in the advertising area. Only one topic per registered seller is allowed. Pictures may be included but they must be hosted on your own web space. If you have any questions about how to include pictures, please e-mail us. You may edit your posts as often as you like.

Currently, a Card Talk Seller's Pass costs $25.00 (U.S.) and allows for three months of display time in the special advertising area. Additional, Infopop charges a minimal fee per transaction (currently $2 for 3 months and just a bit more for longer terms). Non-Sport Update reserves the right to change the Seller's Pass price at any time. Seller's pass may be purchase through the link on the home page of the Card Talk forum (click on "order" link at the bottom of the page).

Trading cards and related material intended for adult audiences should be sold with caution. It is the seller's responsibility to ensure they are not selling such items to minors as well as following any other laws or rules pertaining to the sale of adult-oriented material. Under no circumstance will the posting of images that are pornographic in nature be allowed in any area of the Card Talk site.

Non-Sport Update makes no guarantee of sales. These guidelines and rules may change at any time. This solicitation for advertising is not a guarantee of acceptance. Sellers right to advertise on Card Talk may be revoked at any time.

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Non-Sport Update    Non-Sport Update's Card Talk  Hop To Forum Categories  Artist Advertising Forum    Guidelines and Rules for Card Talk Sellers

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