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Open That Box! 2009
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I opened a box of Strictly Ink Hammer Horror and I got:

One Base set
1 autograph card - Martine Beswicke
No sketch.

There were no foils in the box, but Barrie had sent me extra packs with all foils, so I have a complete set of those now too.

I have to say, this is a VERY fun set, lots of info and very well done.

I thoroughly enjoyed opening this box.

Good Job Barrie!

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I like reading what everyone pulled, congrats on the Roger Mooore Miss Lizzy!

I choose 35 Years of Red Sonja as my OTBD offering. I let it sit on my shelf for over a week unopened, and this morning after coffee and toast, I cracked it open.

I pulled 2 complete sets, one set missing 5 cards and 32 extras.

I also got 4 of 9 puzzle cards, and 4 of 9 Holofoils.

My sketch was a Rich Molinelli 155 of 166.

I pulled 3 autographs, but 2 of them were identical! I got one Joyce Chin, and 2 Allison Sohns, so I have a Sohn for trade.

Opening a box is an activity we mostly do alone, it's easy to think "I'm the only one opening a box of cards right now in the world." Open that box day kind of brings collectors together, it's nice to know other collectors all over the world are experiencing the fun of tearing open packs and pulling something cool out of them.
Good luck to everyone today! Wolfie, enjoy your spider!
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Smile Hi everyone! Smile

I opened a box of Star Wars Galaxy 4 this morning ... after breakfast.

I got:

1 base set of 120 cards
8 foil art cards (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)
1 bronze foil art card (9)
1 gold foil art card (6) [410/500]
4 etched foil cards (1,2,4,5)
1 lost galaxy card (5)
1 pencil sketch by Jason Hughes (of my favourite wookie)

A very enjoyable experience.
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I opened a Hobby box of TNA: Cross The Line Wrestling and had a really good breakdown:

1 Base Set
1 Gold Parallel 87
1 Autograph [Red] C-CC [#'d 25]
1 Autograph Inscribed C-MT "The Prof"
1 Event-Used Relic Autograph [Green] M-SEA [#'d 5]

I grew up being a fan of Wrestling so since I never found any of this product at Retail it was great to open a box for OTB Day.

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This is my second successive OTBD away.

We set off to my parents this morning with a car load of boxes (and luggage, and the children as well). First stop was a farm shop cafe and the first box was opened while we waited for the full-English breakfasts to arrive. That was a box of Art Treasures Of The Vatican - beautiful cards, and that 24pt stock sure is thick!
We're at my parents house of the Suffolk/Norfolk border now and have just opened the second box with my son. We sat in the garden with coffee & cakes opening the first box of Scooby-Doo Mysteries & Monsters (I've bought 2 with us).
Lots more to open and I've taken some pictures that I'll post later.

Hope that you're all having a great time & looking forward to catching up on this thread later!

Any airsofters out there ?
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As a charter member of OTB Day, I decided to celebrate in style this year by opening not one…not two…but THREE boxes of cards. My boxes and breakdowns are listed below.

JAMES BOND IN MOTION (Box 8426/9000)
Autos: A106 – Barberini, A121 – Dobtcheff
Relics: SC04 – Gettler Single, TC01 – Bond Triple
Bond Allies: 28 & 33
Bond Girls: 52, 62, 71
Bond Villains: 45, 62, 63
Base set plus extras

Animation Cels: 1, 3, 8 & 9 of 10
Motion Cards: 1, 2 & 3 of 5
Foil Cards: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 10 of 10
1 Base Set plus 71 extras

Autos: A91 – Kalipha, Du Sautoy Full Bleed
Relics: QC06 – Medrano Single, QC08 – Medrano & Greene Double
Complete Bond: 195, 197
Quotable Bond: Q7, Q14
Dangerous Liaisons: DL13, DL17
QoS Expansions: 67, BA34
1 Base Set plus 38 extras

I purchased the SW box a long time ago (when it was released) and actually forgot which chase cards were inside. I had a blast opening that box! I’ve been sitting on the In Motion box for five months or so and the Archives box for just over a week. So, although I had fun opening those too, I kind of knew what to expect. Hope everyone has a great day!!!
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I opened a box of Star Trek Movies in Motion...

I got the full base set. It's a beautiful set, but to be honest was no fun to collate as there's not much there. IMO they might as well had just boxed a factory sealed set.

Also got the C01-C12, POR6, POR12, POR14, POR15, Q4,Q7,Q10 and the autos were A48, A55, and A71.

Now back to bed.... yawn

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Cards we can all believe in!!

I opened a box of President Obama cards from Topps. It's a very nicely done set with a base set of 90 shots of President Obama, the First Family, VP Joe Biden, and a bunch of "guest stars" such as Bruce Springsteen, Hilary Clinton, Gordon Brown, Caroline Kennedy, etc. The images are the base set are crystal clear.

Unfortunately, I did not get the High School Basketball card or the Presidential Pub redemption card. Frown I did get the exact correct number of foil-stamped Inauguration Day 2000 cards and foil stickers. And collation was such that I got dupes of all the foil stickers so I was able to put together a complete sticker set (18 stickers) and not have to use any of my foil-stickers to make the set, if that makes sense.

All in all, a nice set.

Yes We Can sort a box on Open That Box day. Smile
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Today I expected my contribution would be in opening a box of James Bond Archives(it still had to arrive) and that it would occur sometime this afternoon (in the UK) but I had put aside a couple of substitute boxes just in case. These being Portfolio's Secret (EPG - 1994) and Trash Can Trolls (Topps- 1992).

Well I managed to get the opportunity a little earlier than I expected as my cat who will be 19 on 6th July (human years) decided that in the early hours of this morning (approx 4am UK time)that he wanted rather a lot of attention before he went back to sleep. It was my turn to pander to his nocturnal requirements (as you will be able to guess by this time our cat rules the house). Whilst waiting for him to settle down again I decided to open the packets (both boxes) although I did not stay up to sort the cards as I went back to bed once he ghad settled (about 4.40am).

As it is now the afternoon and having now finally sorted the Trash Can Trolls box of cards I can reveal that it contained a complete set of the cards numbered 1a-44a and and a complete set of the cards numbered 1b-44b. I also have over 100 'a' duplicate cards but only 18 'b' duplicate cards.

Portfolio's Secrets box contained a complete base set of 36 cards plus complete sets of both chase cards(12 Super Model and 9 Elite Force) in addition I also found the 5 varient cards that Jeff Allender mentions in his checklist which did surprise me as I was not expecting them to be mixed in the packets. I have yet to sort the duplicates but I do know another base set cannot be made from them.

And by the way it was just a well that I had substitute boxes as the James Bond box did not arrive although 'postie' did deliver a box of cards but these don't count as it was a box of assorted promos.

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I opened two boxes of Battlestar Galactica Season 2 today:

# 554:
-Costume: CC30 Kara Thrace
-Auto: Christina Schild (Playa Palacios)
-Rat Tag Fleet: R1, R7, R9
-Alliances: A1, A3
-Crew Cards: T5 Dr. Baltar
-Women of BSG: W3 Number Six
-Shelter: S1 #84/250 (Destroyer/Creator) Dance

# 3547:
-Costume: CC29 William Adama
-Auto: Lucy Lawless (D'Anna Biers) very limited Dance Drool
-Rat Tag Fleet: R4, R6, R9
-Alliances: A6, A8
-Crew Cards: T7 Laura Roslin
-Women of BSG: W4 Laura Roslin

It was fun to open these boxes, especially from such a great and well done set. The Shelter card looks so fantastic. I really like them.

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Here's another Open That Box! day entry from Martin Bodnar of Connecticut. He's not a Card Talk member but he sends me his entry each year to post.

YAYYY!! It's finally here!

time to re-connect with your favorite hobby, America!

my box this year was "Spongebob Squarepants"
(of course, I don't need an excuse to participate, but this event is well anticipated!)

Cards on actual sponges - what will they think of next??

Thanks again Non-Sport Update

I asked Martin if he got a set out of his box and he said I did indeed get a set - the collation was fine!
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Awesome Pulls!!! Thumb Up

I'd love to have a Lawless Auto from this set!!


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Donruss Americana 2 Hobby Box

A descent haul, got virtually all new hobby base cards of the set. My cards of note, were Co-Stars Silver Screen sub-set Cagney and Stewart swatches; Errol Flynn Hollywood Legends Golden Era sub-set swatch; and a autographed star materials of that asian woman in the movie Wild Wild West. The last one I could do without and am willing to sell or trade for another Donruss Americana card I am looking forward to getting.
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Well, it was a long night/morning as I just got up from sleeping off Relay for Life. The cards were calling me, so how could I resist? I am very excited to be able to participate in OTB Day for the first time! My box of Supernatural Season 1 cards are very special to me because they were the series that brought me into the world of trading cards. So this day brought my collection back to where it began.

Alright break it down now!

A4-Julie Benz
PW7-Dual John Winchester costume card
and various puzzle cards that I didn't have!

I am still working on this series as hopefully my first master set. Of course just being a part of this day with everyone here would have been good enough for me...but the good cards really didn't hurt! Thumb Up
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Ok you lovely people Smile Smile Smile Smile My turn Smile Smile Smile
Got 4 boxes.... well it was 8 but Millhouse got the other 4 Smile
We got 1 box of each Smile
1 Shrek the 3rd by Inkworks each
1 Indiana Jones Heritage by Topps each
1 Kingdom of the Crystal Skull by Topps each
1 FF Archieves by Rittenhouse Archieves each
I will do Millhouse as well
But here's mine First Smile Smile Smile Smile
Shrek the 3rd got a set of Scratch and Sniff cards, 2 Fiona cards and a Kohse Sketch of Donkey.... That went to Millhouse
Indiana Jones Heritage...... Shambles box, got 2 Paralel cards, no Auto or Sketch Frown Frown Frown
IJKOTCS..... 4 foils, 1 Paralel card and no Auto or Sketch again Frown Frown Frown
So far this is a disaster but it got better Smile Smile Smile Smile Believe meo it did Smile Smile Smile
Fantastic 4 Archieves, got 3 nemesis cards, 2 Ready for action cards and one Legendary heroes card.....
this is beyond me what happened next, got one sketch and it was a Gabriel Hernandez sketch (90) done Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile
found another sketch in the box last pack and I am convinced it is ultra rare Albert Morales sketch, colour Black and white (5) Will have to get a scan Smile Smile Smile
Heres Millhouse's Break
Same as me on Shrek the 3rd but got a nice Renai De Liz Smile Smile Smile
Both Indiana Jones boxes for him Yielded an aweful sketch from each box.....
But wait for it Smile Smile Smile Smile
Fantastic 4 he got 4 Nemises Cards, 2 Ready for action and 1 Legendary Heroes card but that Millhouse does make it count when it comes to Sketches, he got a Jim Kyle Sketch (100)
Way to go Millhouse.... Nice one Smile Smile Smile

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Here are the results of the 2nd of 3 Galactica Boxes.

Battlestar Galactica - Season 3 #4976/6000
  • Base Set(s): 0
  • Significant 7: SS1, SS1, SS6, SS7
  • Love in War: L2, L3
  • Film Clips: none
  • Shelter Posters: none
  • Auto Cards: Susan Hogan as Captain Franks & Michelle Forbes as Admiral Helena Cain Roll Eyes Yep, I pulled her again.
  • Costume Card: DC4 (Baltar & Valeri)

    1 limited Auto (although a duplicate) & another Dual Costume !! Clap I was able to complete a set from the extras of my 1st box which was good. But no Film Clip Card. Bummer. Shake Head Guess I'll drop RA a line.

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    Originally posted by Miss Lizzy:
    And now for my final box (which happened to be the best of the three!)

    James Bond Archives:

    1 complete base set
    Quotable Quantum of Solace #Q7 & Q14
    Dangerous Liaisons #DL12 & DL15
    Complete James Bond Expansion #192 & 194
    QoS Expansion Bond Allies #BA34
    QoS Expansion #68

    Autograph Cards
    Roger Moore Clap
    Caterina Murino

    Relic/Costume Cards

    Congrats on the Roger Moore Auto... Great Pulls! Thumb Up

    "When you are out numbered and the situation is hopeless, you have no option... You Must Attack!"
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    I am in the process of editing the podcast in which I opened a box of Pepsi Around The Globe so I'll post the pictures I took later but a quick summary is:
    2 base sets and 2 foils (really nice foils too!) plus 70 spare base cards.
    Plus, of course, the Pepsi collector bear "Jetsetter" Big Grin
    Au Res.,

    Sometimes, one pack is not enough...
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    Fortunately, it’s a rainy day in Maine today and we are in the midst of what the locals call “mud season” – the landscape is gooey, very brown, pot holes everywhere, ya know, it looks like I’m on another planet. Alas! Now I know what box of cards to open today – The Planet of The Apes Archives (Inkworks). I’ve had it on my shelf since purchasing it at a Philly Show in 1999. Not sure why I like to keep unopened boxes around, I suppose for days like today. So I am pumped to finally open this box and enjoy the cards inside. I have only seen the promo cards and have never examined a completed set. I like the element of surprise when opening a box of cards. To be honest, I don’t even know what chase cards are available – if any. I’ll look that information up in the Non-Sports price guide when I have finished opening the last pack. So yes, I don’t know what I am chasing – but for me, that makes the process more exciting… Well, here goes – opening the very first pack …

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    Here are the results of the 3rd of 3 Galactica Boxes.

    Battlestar Galactica - Season 3 #5963/6000
  • Base Set(s): 1
  • Significant 7: SS1, SS6, SS7
  • Love in War: L2, L3, L4
  • Film Clips: F6, F8
  • Shelter Posters: none
  • Auto Cards: Susan Hogan as Captain Franks & Katee Sackhoff as Lt. Kara Thrace Big Grin (I already had her though.)
  • Costume Card: CC35 (Six)

    Overall, I am happy with the 3 boxes, but I did get a lot of duplication. My retail box of Star Wars Galaxy 4 is coming next. Hopfully I saved the best for last. Roll Eyes


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