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Open That Box! 2009
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Thought I would "bury" myself in some Inkworks Memories by "digging" through a box of JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH.

I saw the movie, and it was enjoyable enough. The story didn't follow the book at all though, it was actually a SEQUEL to it, since it takes place a hundred years later and the big discovery is that the book was based on a real journey to the center of the Earth. So the title is a bit misleading that way.

The movie itself was in three-D, so it was both fun and appropriate that the card set was also in 3-D. However, I think they toned the effect down with the cards a little so that the images were still viewable without 3-D glasses. I'm not sure about this, but the images don't look as fuzzy as typical 3-D cards usually do without glasses, and once you put the glasses on, the effect isn't as pronounced either. Still, on many of the cards it does look cool (even though on a few, you can barely tell its 3-D at all). Overall, it does add to the fun factor and contributes to the charm of this set.

Their are some great shots from the movie in here, cool dinosaurs and prehistoric fish, as well as some dramatic 3-D shots like the floating rock bridge where one has to hop from rock to rock to make it across. Braden Fraser was a good cast choice, and his love interest is attractive as well. The tag along kid, well, the less said, the better. If youngsters are supposed to identify with this little brat, then the sooner another fantasy flick, "Children Of Men" becomes reality, the better!

On to the breakdown:

(Box is 24 packs with 5 cards each.)

There's only 50 cards in the base set, but to be honest, I like that a heck of a lot better than when Inkworks pads out the set with stupid filler cards. This series goes at a fast clip so kudos on that choice. With only six character cards and a checklist, the rest in the 50 card set are all action. My box had one comeplete set of base cards with lotsa extra dupes.

2 of 9 Forgotten World cards. (These are foil puzzle pieces, the least thrilling of the bonus cards.)

2 of 6 diecut Challenges of the Unknown cards. These are also foil cards with the right side cut to conform to a large T-rex head that is wide open to roar. More interesting than the puzzle cards, for sure.

1 of 3 Prehistoric Peril cards. Mine was a cool prehistoric fish, which would be great to eat (sure beats the reverse!) except there were probably a ton of bones in them. Of all the bonus cards, this is my favorite and I'll see if I can fetch or trade for the other two (you got 'em? Email me!) I imagine the other two are the T-rex and probably a giant Venus Fly Trap plant (but that's only a guess).

1 Piece works card of Braden Fraser's T-shirt from the movie was included as well. This was better than I imagined, probably because I didn't expect to find any pieceworks at all. (No odds for finding them were provided on the box.) So it was cool touch. The only down side was it didn't say if he washed the shirt after shooting the scene, so I have to run it through the wash and dryer to play it safe, and I sure hope it doesn't shrink. Razz

Overall, it's a pity this series and movie didn't do better, because both deserved a lot more credit than they received. Neither were masterpiece material, but both were enjoyable and worthwhile-- and I'm plenty happy when either Hollywood or a card company meets that standard.

So a hearty thumbs up for the flick and its cardboard companion series!

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Happy OTBD everyone Wave

I'm a little late with my post/report since I took my Nephew to see the Monsters vs Aliens movie. This is my third year in a row with taking part in OTBD.

I opened a box of Topps WCW Nitro and here's the results.

Two full base sets w/extras
Chrome inserts c4,c8,c12
Lenny Lane autograph

Over all it was a fun break even though I pulled one of the common autographs. I was hoping for the Miss Elizabeth autograph Luv You

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Happy OTBD to all Wave It's so cool to imagine us all gathered around our boxes on the same day and sharing that experience Metal Plus I'm glad my box came from trading since it was cost effective and it is fun to trade. Thanks David of FYI Wave

Waited until after supper to open up my box of Fantastic Four Archives. I had happy dreams of finding one of the X-men themed sketch cards but knew I'd get quality no matter what I pulled.
Box 6945 yielded: LH7; N2, N3, & N7; A3 & A13 and finally Thing by RAM. Plus more wrappers for rewards and presumably a base set (left the base cards unsorted).

So I'm always happy to open RA boxes. My only disappointment was in getting two of the same N cards I had pulled in my first and previously only box of FF but I think they have great art. Plus the extras can now go on my trade list. Love how Thing takes up the whole sketch card and has very blue eyes Thumb Up

I've enjoyed seeing what others have pulled and am only sorry I did not have money to buy more boxes to open.
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I hadn't bought a box of cards since December, but I decided to splurge today and buy six boxes while I was selling some cards at my local card show.
When I logged onto NSU, I noticed that today was Open That Box Day. I seriously had no clue. How's that for a coincidence.

Six Boxes

1st Box: Charmed Conversations

Billy Drago auto
Chris costume

2nd Box: Smallville season 2

Sam Jones III auto
Martha Kent costume

3rd Box: Vintage Movie Posters 2009

Karl Malden grey fedora hat from Streets of San Francisco
Lucille Ball faux leopard coat from Lucy Show

4th Box: Vintage Movie Posters 2009

Audrey Hepburn faux leopard hat from Charade
Babe Ruth bat

5th Box: Razor Cut Signature Encore

Christina Ricci auto

6th Box: Donruss Americana 2

Hedy Lamarr material #ed to 500
George Bush material #ed to 25
Bo Hopkins auto #ed to 25
Jane Russell director's cut auto #ed to 100

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Originally posted by Quaint1:
I've just compiled my Pepsi sets and noticed a mistake - The checklist states that card 63 is "Turkey: Pepsi Parade" whereas in fact it is "The Barter System"; 64 is the Turkey card and from here on the cards are 1 number out of step with the checklist.

Maybe out of step with somebody's checklist, not everybody's checklist. Wink
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Well, I was feeling all depressed because I had expected to be opening my James Bond Archives boxes today, but their delivery was delayed. It looked like a lazy day getting ready for a local sports event next week, because all the schools are closed and nobody much focuses on anything else this time of year.

I didn't have any other boxes around that I thought were "worthy of great anticipation," and I thought I might trek across town to see if there was anything going on at Target. Maybe I could unearth a box that would give me the same excitement Wolfie found.

But then I found out I had a lot in common with John Levitt. Not counting the cat. I happened to have a box of Portfolio's Secret sitting around. And now I had the challenge to check on the variant cards too! (I hadn't opened a box of these previously.)

In doing so, I also verified insert SM-5 with two different card-front images. Because I got at least 2 copies of every (non-variant) card, you could say I found two complete sets of 57, including inserts. I was only 5 cards short of a fifth numerical set of 36, so my trading target will be five base sets. The variant cards always came for numbers that were at the top end of the quantity range, so I suspect that they can be called "fillers" to bring the total per pack to 6 base cards and 2 chase. Each pack had 2 from the same chase set, no splitting between SM and EF. Box is 36 packs of 8 cards each.

And to continue sharing experiences, I also broke open a retail mini-box of TNA Cross the Line, to honor venom5liter. This box holds a cello pack with 24 base cards and 1 autograph.


Base sets (36, not counting variants): 2 complete, 2 short of 3rd, 3 short of 4th, 5 short of 5th.
Variant cards (5; called a variant if I had fewer than the other version): 2-2-5-2-3
Super Model chase set (12, 2:some packs): 2 complete sets, 41 cards total
Variant Photo Card (1): 1 found (SM-5)
Elite Force chase set (9, 2:some packs): 2 complete sets, 30 cards total


Base cards: 24 different (out of 100)
Autograph [Silver]: C-CC, Christian Cage; scribble looks even more hurried than Mike's.
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I have been looking forward to this OTBD for some time now. This was a special day for me as it was my son's first OTBD!!! A few months ago I decided that we would open one of our Marvel Masterpieces Set 1 (2007) in honor of this special occasion. After having a few appointments this morning we got a late start, but had a blast.

He was very excited to be a part of this wonderful tradition.

Even though he only lasted half way through the box (before the impromptu nap time), I still consider this day a great Success.

From the box we completed 1 base set, of the left over singles were able to complete 2 more partial sets we had already started. 6 Gold Border cards (5 of which we needed, 1 duplicate). 2 x-men foil cards I needed, and 2 Spiderman foil cards and a very nice Dr. Doom sketch to finish it off.

Can't wait till next year.

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, a future collector. Real cute boy. Wave Must be a little Angel.

The early bird catches the worm, the second mouse gets the cheese.
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I went ahead and bought a second James Bond in Motion box at work and brought it home to open. Here's what I got:

Box 0199 of 9000

Base set: 1 about about 5 dupes
3 Bond Girls Are Forever: (1:8) BG49, BG64, BG70 (the exact same 3!!) Frown
3 Bond Villains (1:9): F42, F43, F55
2 Bond Allies (1:12): BA34, BA32
9 James Bond Lenticular Cards (1:4): set of JB1-6 plus three dupes
2 Costume Relic Cards (1:12): TC06 (#1247/1300), TC08 (#1168/1300)
2 Autographs (1:12): A96 Daniel Andreas, A101 Daud Shah (Limited)

Weird how I got the exact same 3 Bond Girls are Forever inserts in each box. If I was honestly collecting these I might be upset. Since I'm opening the boxes for fun, I'm not! Big Grin Maybe I can trade with someone if anyone's got any dupes.

Overall I really like this set. I'm not a huge Bond fan, but the cards are very nice and the lenticular images are really well chosen. I love the costume cards I received. They may be fairly common but they look great and have some nice costume swatches in them. The TC08 card in particular has a piece of Bond's shirt with some nice stitching on it. I've got one more box left at the store...I won't have time to get it before the day ends but I'll make sure to post the breakdown when I get it!


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Saved 1 box from a Heroes case.

His is one of 3 that I needed to finish my set! Woohoo!
Now I just need Hiro and Claire

btw, the rest of my case was:
Parkman uniform
Hiro shirt
Hiro jacket
Isaac shirt
Claire cheerleading uniform
Claire patch Smile
Sandra Bennet sketch by Tom Hodges
Milo Ventimiglia auto

so, I did get an extra hit, but look at all them costumes Frown

Collecting Army of Darkness, Heroes, Family Guy, Bench Warmer, random sketches, random memorabilia, etc.
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Unfortunately, I couldn't afford to buy a box. Shake Head But I did buy three packs of Star Wars Galaxy 4 at my local comic shop this morning. Here's the breakdown --

18 base cards
1 Etched Foil (#1 0f 6)
1 Lost Galaxy (#5)
1 Shaped Sketch Card by "Nick the Ring"

Not bad for only three packs. Thumb Up
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Originally posted by allender:
And to continue sharing experiences, I also broke open a retail mini-box of TNA Cross the Line, to honor venom5liter.

Thank you. Funny that we got the same autograph.

Great reading all the other breakdowns. Nice job Kevin on the cake. Thumb Up

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Hi everyone, Happy OTBD.
It has been a fun day.

When midnight hit I began the journey by opening a box of Indiana Jones Heritage cards from Topps while watching Raiders of the Lost Ark. I love the movies and sometimes miss the days of plain cardboard cards, so this was a great box to open. The set is nicely done and fun to look at, although I wish Topps would have added a sticker set to the mix. The gum that comes in the packs still tastes the same as it used to. I ended up being 10 cards short of a complete basic set, but that gives me a excuse to open another box later on. I pulled the autograph card of Ke huy Quan (Shortround). By the time I was done opening and sorting, the movie had ended and I was ready for bed.
After some sleep I got up to open a box of Fantastic Four: The Movie cards by Upper Deck. I bought this box for a good deal a couple months ago and had it hidden in the closet for this day. I enjoyed the movie and a set with Jessica Alba in it can’t be that bad. After reading about barometer’s luck at getting Dr. Doom’s cloak costume cards, I knew that is what I would get. You can imagine my surprise when I pulled a, you guessed it, a Dr. Doom‘s Cloak card. At least it was a nice low number of 54 out of the run of 4999. I continued on to the next pack resigned to the odds of only 1 costume card to a box. The next pack held a little surprise for me though as I pulled a Jessica Alba costume card numbered 190/349. I am thrilled to have pulled this card!!! It’s great to find a box that knows how to tease a person, lol. Now all I have to do is decide if I should open my box of Seaquest DSV cards.

What a great OTBD this has been!!! I love reading all of the posts.

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Originally posted by T4harry:
........ and a very nice Dr. Doom sketch to finish it off.

Scan! Clap Scan! Clap Scan! Clap

--Tim Wave

I'm looking for colored "Robots the Movie" sketch cards by Inkworks.
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GREAT Sketches!! WoM is my favorite release from LY as well. Thumb Up

That Electra by Fox is incredible.


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(this is a follow-up to an earlier post)

I finished opening up all 36 packs of Planet of the Apes (archives). It was fun and anxiety producing right 'till the end. Even thought Inworks states a "guarentee" for a complete set, I had two packs left to open and 3 cards still needed to complete a set. Opened the first of the two packs and all 3 cards were inside - Phew! The last pack were all repeats. I ended up far from a second complete set (14 cards missing!). I found 6 chase cards and looked them up in NSU price guide.

I was delighted to find the Liberty die-cut chase a harder card to find. It really looks cool.

This is is a really neat set of cards - the backs are interesting to read. I especially like three cards dedicated to what was "cut" from the movies. My favorite card from the entire base set is card 62 showing the test make-up for the half-human/half-ape youngster cut from an early version of "Beneath The Planet of The Apes" becasue movie execs found the results too disturbing.

Too bad - it would have been interesting story line.

Another great Open That Box Day - 'till next year...
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As OTB day was coming to a close, I had such a good time with my eariler pulls that I went to the well again as I had some Transformers boxes sitting in my closet. These were left over from a case where I had already pulled the autograph, so I was reluctant to open the few remaining boxes as I knew the possiblity of another "Soccent Soldier" shirt or pants was a distinct possibility. Not that they are bad cards, but one of each is quite enough! I was hoping for a sketch, but was bummed when I pulled the pants card 5 packs in. I contuned opening the remaining packs and that OTB day magic was with me, next to last pack produced a sketch, which was quite a surprise as usually there is only one hit per box of the high end chase. As it was late, I needed someone nocturnal to assist me, so "Angie" the cat agreed to help!

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I went to a gem and rock show today. I stopped by the sports card store and he sold me another box of Marvel Masterpieces Set 2 for $30.

2 base sets
Heroines- MH 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9
Avengers-a1 (20, 4, 5, 6,7, 9
Hulk A
Iron Man A
Box topper-The X-Men

Sketch and FF 5 of 5 costume card

Need help with the artist of the sketch. Anyone?

Happy OTB day! Wave


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I went to a Gem & Rock show today too! Mt. Hood Rock Hounds. Smile
I had two boxes of Battlestar Galactica 3 to open.
First pack; Number Six Costume card!
All in all:
Autos: James Callis, Christian Tessier, Bruce Davison & Alisen Down.
Two Film Clip cards: Lee Adama & Sharon Valerii
Two Costume Cards: Number Six & Karl Agathon
Six Significant 7 cards: Two of EACH, Simon, Leoben & D'Anna (anyone want to trade?)
Four "Love in War" cards: Kara & Sam, Kara & Lee, Leoben & Kara (she gets around eh?) Gaius & Number Six
And one "Shelter Poster" (?) Number Six, Sharon Valerii, Gaius Baltar 265/400

Big Grin Yeah!
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Originally posted by Steve from Maine:
(this is a follow-up to an earlier post)

I finished opening up all 36 packs of Planet of the Apes (archives). It was fun and anxiety producing right 'till the end. Even thought Inworks states a "guarentee" for a complete set, I had two packs left to open and 3 cards still needed to complete a set. Opened the first of the two packs and all 3 cards were inside - Phew! The last pack were all repeats. I ended up far from a second complete set (14 cards missing!). I found 6 chase cards and looked them up in NSU price guide.

No Autograph card? For some reason I thought it was one auto per box. (Looked on Allender's site, but there were no odds stated.)

Great pulls none-the-less!!
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