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Spook Show (Monsterwax)
Silver Card Talk Member
Picture of MikeFitz
I received my two box order of Spook Show cards a few days ago, but didn't get
the chance to open them until last night.
I gotta tell you, this was the most fun I've had opening a box of cards in, well
maybe ever!

As promised, each 24 pack box contained a full set of 66 cards plus nearly a second set, so that between the two boxes I got three sets and about a half a fourth.
The base cards are terrific images of the old spook show posters - crazy, imaginative,
and creepy. The backs are packed with informative and descriptive text that will delight
any horror/monster fan or anyone interested in entertainment history.

Each box also contained all six foil cards which are very nicely done.
Three different "gimmick" cards which were too cool for me to spoil the surprise by telling you here.
Two different "emerg-o-vision" embossed cards, again, very cool.

Each box also had a sketch card and while I'm not that big on collecting sketches, these brought to life the sense of the old posters brought to the here and now.

One box had a "metal" card used in the printing of the set, while the second box had an autograph card from one of the showmen discussed in the set. This had a cool photo image on the non-autographed side.

Also included in each box were two of the six promos Kurt made available through various means. A nice idea for those of us who can't always get to the shows etc.

There were a couple of extras included in the VERY cool looking box, but again, I don't want to spoil the surprise for those of you lucky enough to pick these up.

Cool, fun and informative. I couldn't be more pleased.

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Silver Card Talk Member
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Kurt's cards are great. The box price is right and you get what is promised. I am saving up for a box!

Dazed and Confused
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Picture of hcbrewer
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excited for my box now Smile
thank you for not spoiling the surprises !!!

I also recommend Monster Wax to anyone that has not picked up this product, and Kurt is great to deal with
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Bronze Card Talk Member
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I rarely priase sets but the only reason I can think of for why these are not already sold out is because not enough people know about them. Even the gum in the packs is great. If they still did the gummy awards this set would get my vote hands down. The only negative thing I can say is that my printing plate card was not cut nice which left the card a bit bent, jagged, and dangerously sharp. It is an accident waiting to happen and I'm glad I didn't get cut. Still I am so glad I got them. It preserves a interesting moment in horror history that is rarely seen. Neil Camera is a very talented artist and although my sketch was in black and white it shows above average talent. One thing that could make things cooler was if the box screamed when you opened it. MAYBE NEXT TIME.

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Picture of hcbrewer
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For all of you who have not heard of Monster Wax
or purchased a Monster Wax product

[COLOR="Red"]you do not know what you are missing !!!![/COLOR]


just got my Monster Wax Spook Show box
and was the most fun I have had in a while opening a box
- so many goodies in this from chase cards to "irregulars"
and I haven't even started reading all the cards

and as with all Monster Wax products
- you get all the chase cards, in a box !!!
and this set comes with extras - he's calling "irregulars"

I must thank Kurt for such a wonderful product
- once again you delivered the best !!!

so as not to spoil anyone's surprise
who is still waiting for their box to arrive
I will just include a link to what I have


and show you the sketch card I pulled from the box

Shawn Conn (I believe)

now this is the first time that not everything was in the box
as he has included some variants to the "irregulars" included in the box
and there is 2 of 3 pull on the big ticket items

every box includes :
1) all the chase cards - check my link to see the great assortment
2) one sketch card
3) an autograph card or a printing plate

I seriously have to say this is a great product
and will be purchasing another box

for those that have purchased a box
please post what you got
as I would love to see more sketches
and the variant tickets
(interested in them, for those looking to move them)
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Silver Card Talk Member
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Received my box today and even though not familiar with the Spook Show concept I enjoyed perusing the cards nevertheless. I found a autograph card by Philip Morris and an art card by Neil Camera entitled Cats, Bats and Dirty Rats. My ticket was for the Colefax Theatre showing The Crawling Thing.



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NSU Writer
Picture of Don Norton
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Got my box today - what a fun product! Got one full set of 66 base cards, plus most of a second. The images on these are really cool, I am going to enjoy reading the backs!
There are a bunch of extras that the others have hinted at, so I won't give them away too, but each pack has a stick of Wrigley gum - good gum in a pack for once, and one pack had an envelope with a "faint pill" to revive me when I passed out from fear. (so far I have not)

There are 2 kinds of wrappers, and the box is a keeper - with great graphics. There is also a strip comic which is an ad for the Terror of Tallahassee Haunted House put on by Kurt every year.

All the promised inserts were included - 6 foils cards, 3 gimmick cards, and 2 embossed cards, as well as 2 of the 6 promos. There are also 2 checklist cards and a credits card. My hits included an autographed card from Keith Stickly,Dr. Scream!, and an absolutely fantastic sketch in color by Shawn Conn, entitled "Witness Life to Death" of a woman morphing into a skeleton.

You guys have got to get a box of these - I think Kurt is one of this hobby's national treasures - he finds little known subjects like this and brings them to our attention and it is a labor of love for him. Thanks Kurt, for a wonderful set!
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Picture of morpheuz31
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Great product ! Beautiful and informative base set, very cool inserts and "irregulars".

From my box, i pulled a sketch and a spook show magician auto.

First sketch is a return a bought from artist Matthew Kirscht, second sketch is by Anthony Carpenter and third card is the front of my auto Rick Allen (aka "Kelmar")

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Picture of hcbrewer
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very nice
would love to see what spook show ticket you got !
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Picture of morpheuz31
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My ticket

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Picture of hcbrewer
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very cool

and of course, its one I don't have Smile

can see my pulls here

as well as other Monster Wax products on my site
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Since the 'mainstream' publishers get most of the 'air time' in box breakdowns I figured it would be good for the hobby to provide a NON mainstream publisher product 'peek'. I did the below box breakdown for Open That Box Day but since some collectors don't participate here's the box breakdown I did for Monsterwax's SPOOK SHOW box. ....

Gooood Eeeeeeeeeeveninggg! [creeeeeeky door, sounds of wolves
frolicking in woods, a bat with Shemp's face flies by]
Nyahh hah hah hah (or Moo hah hah hah)...And welcome to
my own private SCARE-E-E-Y party Open That Box Day.

Here's the Monsterwax information on the series:

Ghosts! Monsters! And macabre magic! They were all part of the traveling Spook Shows.
During the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, daring magicians opened movie theaters at midnight with the express purpose of "scaring the yell" out of their audience. For a $1 or less, thrill seekers witnessed black magic, gruesome illusions, and the "black out"-- when glowing spirits flew overhead and the crowds ducked in terror. Then the horror flick would begin... assuming the entire audience hadn't already fled the theater in panic!
If you were among the millions who experienced this incredible fright of fancy (and especially if you didn't), then you won't want to miss the sheer horror of Spook Show-- a new series from Monsterwax.
You'll learn the behind-the-scenes history of the "ghost masters" and the ingenious tricks they used to tantalize the imagination and dumbfound crowds from ghost to coast!
So climb aboard a time machine of terror, and go back to an era when monster movies, haunted houses, and mad magicians collided in a giant festival of fear. Get Spook Show this Halloween from Monsterwax.
(Not recommended for pregnant women, people suffering from anxiety attacks, or anyone with a history of heart problems.)


I think I picked a pretty darn fun box as my Open That Box Day entry.
It is Monsterwax's SPOOK SHOW. Even before opening the
box one gets a terrific 'mood' and atmosphere of the subject matter...
the actual box top shows a Frankestein-esque monster in creepy colors
and the bottom of the box sets the vintage/Halloween/haunted house type
feel for the card series one is about to 'experience'.

Opening the box, Kurt at Monsterwax is not 'cheap' with the bonus box
top items. In a fun William Castle-esque gimmick is a 'sick sack' ... a barf
bag in case of nausea from horror while opening the packs... along with
a genuine, authentic, realistic, faux '$10,000 Death By Fright insurance policy"...
and a 'show ticket'. With these three mood setting 'relics' from a bygone age
of haunted house and stage show events the 'sense of being there' is beautifully established in
a genius way for the opening of the packs. There's also a foldout
'Terror of Tallahassee' comic strip spook show ad... but it's the sick sack,
insurance policy and ticket that provide the 'feel' of what it must have
been like to go to one of those old timey wimey shows.

There are 24 6-card packs. Since Kurt at Monsterwax guarantees a complete
set you can devote your 'excitement' energy towards enjoying the cards as
you open packs... the hunt for the chase and special cards (although ALL
cards in a Monsterwax box are exciting and fun)... and not worry about
not getting a full base set. Of the 24 packs, 12 wrappers (and he wraps
as old school as one can get in this day and age) are black and 12 are
red versions.

Once I had all the packs opened I built the sets and looked at what
chase and hit cards I got ... and there were a lot. Very generous.

Here's the breakdown:

1 complete 66 card set of Spook Show 'posters'. Beautiful cards
showing vintage Spook Show posters and on the back of the
cards information about the shows. In a day and age when base sets
are almost 'reviled' as a necessary 'evil' for packaging 'hit' cards for
the rip and flip crowd, Kurt's base cards are each and every one of
'em fun. Which is how I feel about base sets ... base cards are not 'filler
material'... they should be the heart and soul of the card series (and
Kurt's production is exactly that. Good for Kurt.).

Checklist card A and B and a 'credits' and acknowledgement card
(with fun front artwork)

1 autograph card (Philip Moore)

1 sketch card ... 'floating skull'. Nice garrish colors and competent artwork
(I've seen really awful so-called 'sketch' cards from other manufacturers that
are insultingly bad ... but this sketch card, and I'll assume the quality is
indicative of other Spook Show sketch cards, is fun and goes well with
the collection).

E1 and E2 Embossed cards (very cool!)
G1, G2, and G3 'ticket' cards (clever with nice front art)
F1, F2, F3, F4, F5 and F6 foil cards (nicely done with good choice of subjects)
Promo inserts #2 and two of #6

60 extra/dupe base cards.

One pack had a novel surprise insert ... a package containing a 'faint pill'
in case one faints from fear at this 'Spook Show in a box' experience. Although
I didn't need to take the faint pill I'll keep it for later just in case. I should
have opened this box while listening to the soundtrack to Burton's ED WOOD
movie ... THAT would have made the experience that much more other-worldly.
So if you get a box of Spook Show sometime then I recommend dusting off
your CD of that soundtrack or finding it online... you'll be glad you did.

Each pack has a plastic wrapped stick of gum. Nice touch.

What a fun box to open -- complete set, all the embossed, ticket, foil cards ... some
promo cards, auto card and sketch card. This is the sort of box where if you're
at home on Halloween night with an Ed Wood or William Castle movie on the TV
and you want something to do while watching a 1950s horror movie this would
certainly complete the spooky experience. It is extremely obvious that Kurt
at Monsterwax is a trading card fan AND a fan of trading card fans (as well
as the subject matter of the cards). There's a lot of love in the creation of this series. His box delivered
everything promised and was a frightful delightful pack opening experience. And
with that I'll end with a shameless pitch for Monsterwax -- he currently has
a campaign going for his upcoming Dinosaur Galaxy.

Happy Open That Box day to everyone!

Richard Parks

Richard Parks
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Picture of monkeyafterdark
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Richard, I have to agree wholeheartedly. I bought one of these boxes when they were released. Without a doubt some of the most fun I've ever had. Smart and loving. Self-conscious without being smug in any way. Kurt really did a more than outstanding job on this.

I've been handing out my dupes to some friends who fill their nights with graffiti and they've been very much inspired by all the fonts and letterings on these cards.
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Picture of pendragon
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Moved Reply:

Nicely done Richard!

This is one of my favorite sets. I love the old school feel and the new school extras. This was definitely a fun box to break.
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