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Elv1s by the Numbers (Press Pass)

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August 16, 2008, 06:12 PM
Arvin Sloane
Elv1s by the Numbers (Press Pass)
I busted six boxes of this product and pulled the following:
9 Base sets (80 cards each)

1 Canvas Parallel set (80 cards each), with many extras, as these are 1 per pack.

1 Petruccio Exhibit Foil set (6 cards each), with 6 extras.

2 Wertheimer "Army Years" Negatives.

4 Kalinsky Gallery Negatives, short 1, for a a set of 4.

1 Portrait Series set, #'d to 2099, with 4 extras.

2 Portrait Series cards, #'d to 399.

1 Silver Edition, #'d to 299, Blue Warm-up Suit MP-6, Memorabilia Card.

3 Japanese Kimomo MP-1, Memorabilia Cards. Lots of colorful variations.

1 Plaid Pajamas MP-3, Memorabilia Card.

1 Red Smoking Jacket MP-9, Memorabilia Card.

Scotty Moore, very annoying as this is a card from the previous series. I've seen the new Scotty Moore card on eBay already. Shake Head

Mary Ann Mobley Big Grin

Yvonnie Craig Big Grin

Darlene Tompkins

Nancy Sinatra Big Grin

James Burton

Another nice Elvis set by Press Pass. The base set is attractive, but the numbers on the backs aren't sorting friendly. A parallel set that is reasonably easy to assemble and this time it's alot easier to tell which is which.

The Petruccio Foils are very nice, as are the Negative inserts.

A decent list of autographs, although some could complain repeat signers, plus retread images.

The Memorabilia cards are very nice, as was the case with previous sets.

I didn't pull any of the SHOWTIME cards, which are actual tickets from an Elvis concert, back in 1956. Nor was I lucky enough to score one of the hard drawn Petrucci Sketch Cards Frown

The wrapper says there is a binder for this set, so I'll visit the Press Pass website and check it out.

By the way, all the autographs were signed directly onto the cards, no nasty security stickers here. Thumb Up

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August 23, 2008, 12:46 PM
The "by the numbers" approach to the base cards is a rather unique idea, and the cards are nicely done. Hobby boxes are 28 packs of 5 cards plus 1 base-parallel Canvas Creation card; cases hold 20 boxes. Expect 1.60 base sets of 80 per box if collation were perfect. Retail blaster boxes have 6 packs of 5 cards + 1 parallel, plus 1 Elvis sticker per box. Retail boxes are reportedly 24 packs of 5 cards plus 1 parallel.


Base sets (80): 1 complete set + 48 extras, no threes
Parallel Canvas Creations cards (80): 28 different
Petruccio Exhibit Foil Cards (6, 1:14 packs): PE-3 PE-5
Portrait Series indented Cards (6, 1:14 packs, bronze # to 2099): PS-3 PS-4
---- silver edition parallels (# to 399): none
---- platinum edition parallels (# to 99): none
Wertheimer "Army Years" Acetate Cards (4, 1:? packs): WT-3
Kalinsky Gallery Insert Cards (4, 1:? packs): none
Kalinsky Signed Artist Proofs (3; silver edition # to 50): none
---- platinum edition parallels (# to 1): none
Authentic Memorabilia (1:28 packs)
- Master Pieces Authentic Elvis-Worn Costumes (9 copper, unnumbered): MP-1 (Japanese Kimono)
---- silver edition parallels (# to 299): none
---- gold edition parallels (# to 99): none
---- platinum edition parallels (# to 25): none
- Rockin' Threads Dual Memorabilia Cards (2; silver # to 99): none
---- gold edition parallels (# to 50): none
---- platinum edition parallels (# to 25): none
Showtime Concert Tickets (tickets from 1956, # to 56): none
Autographed Cards (1:28 packs)
- Celebrity Signatures (10 bronze edition, unnumbered): none
---- silver edition parallels (# to 50): CS-JB James Burton
---- platinum edition parallels (# to 25): none
---- red edition parallels (# to 25, Target exclusive): none
- Inspired by Elvis Autographs (?, apparently not issued): none
- Classic Cuts Cut-Autographs 3): none
Petruccio Hand-Painted Mini Masterpieces (4, 50 made total): none
Printing Plate Cards (80 base * front/back * CMYK = 640, 1:2 cases): none
Printing Plates (3 Kalinsky Artist Proofs ** CMYK = 12): none

August 30, 2008, 07:30 PM
Picked up a retail bonus box...
5 packs plus one bonus pack
and a bonus oversize sticker(fits nicely in a 3x5 top loader).
1 foil
1 portrait card 2088/2099 1:40(retail odds)
1 parallel per pack (canvas-like paper)

Interesting design. Solid B.

September 04, 2008, 10:28 PM
I'm not sure if this is unusual or not:

Today I picked up some packs of Elv1s by the Numbers from a gravity feed at my local Target, and was delighted to get a memorabilia card. It wasn't until later that I noticed it was NOT from the Elv1s BTN series!

Any ideas?

Scan below.

September 05, 2008, 01:16 AM
Arvin Sloane
The card is from the, "Elvis Lives" set, which was released in 2006. NSU has an EWS2 Red Shirt listed and says there were 299.

Now since I didn't do that set, I am not sure if the 299, refers to the card which you have. Or if the inserts from this set came in different levels, base, silver, gold, like the past few sets have, with each level having it's own numbers.

The card lists at $180, which would be nice, if that is indeed the card that is referenced.

It appears that Press Pass cleaned house, as I pulled a Scotty Moore autograph, which was part of the last set.
November 16, 2008, 01:05 AM
1 box:

Yvonne Craig auto
Elvis pajamas