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Star Wars Chrome Legacy (Topps, 2019)
Didn't see a discussion for this yet.
Opened two cases for my group break.

Large base set, 200 cards. I like it when it takes more than a box to put together a base st but I could not make a base set from an entire case. If I combine both cases I could make one base set, be short around 10 cards from a second and 70 cards from a third. That is an extreme.

Refractor parallels are nice, the color really pops on them. Pulled a Grievous super!

Inserts are the same as always. Comic Covers, Posters and Concept Art. I like the poster inserts but something different would be nice. They seem to use the same inserts for most sets.

Medallions. Stop calling these hits! I don't mind them being in the product but just call them an insert and advertise as one hit per box.

Autographs are pretty brutal. I actually did better than most without getting any duplicates and a Billy Dee Williams #/10. The bigger signers are very hard to hit.

Sketches were nice on the whole. Definitely above average quality. The one thing I didn't like was the card stock was half as thick as the other cards in the set.

If anyone opens any I will be looking to trade base cards for base cards.
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Email sent Smile

Cheers, Pete

Looking for Non Sport Autographed cards and Memorabilia cards from TV/Movie shows.
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Wow, not even one base set in a whole case. That's a shame even when you figure in that it's double the size of many sets.

Yeah, they did posters almost 25 years ago with Empire Strikes Back Widevision. The variety of posters from around the world is cool but again?

If Topps is going to do something over and over, why not go with stickers? Everyone likes stickers. People who don't collect cards like stickers. R2-D2 or any of the ships would look good as a glow-in-the-dark sticker.

I thought the Empire Strikes Back 3D Widevision set could've used another chase level. Instead of Topps sticking the 3D sticker on the outside of the box, why not insert a couple into the packs of each box for the customers or at least make that one a box topper instead?
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I opened one box. Here is how it broke down:

1st Mini box
19 base cards
2 Refractor parallels
2 base blue parallels numbered out of 99
1 base green parallel numbered out of 50
1 Concept Art black parallel numbered out of 10
1 Poster card
2 Comic Cover cards
1 Dual autograph card - Anthony Daniels as C-3P0 & Dave Barclay, Puppeteer for Jabba the Hutt numbered 24/25 Smile

2nd Mini Box
18 base cards
2 Refractor parallels
1 base blue parallel numbered out of 99
1 base orange parallel numbered out of 25
2 Comic Cover cards
1 Poster card
1 Concept Art card
1 Medallion card, Nute Gunray DC-BN numbered 99/99

I opened a box of Skywalker Saga cards on the same day. I pulled a Dave Barclay autograph card out of that box.
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Finally tried a box...
2 mini-boxes, 6 packs each

1 red 3/5
1 orange #/25
1 green #/50
2 blue #/99
4 refractors

2 PC
2 CA
4 MC
1 auto BB-8 #/99 blue
1 medallion Chewbacca green
38 base

Overall C+/C
Pros: chrome, refractors, images
Cons: cost, set completion

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