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CZX Outlander (Cryptozoic Entertainment, 2019)

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October 04, 2021, 04:41 PM
CZX Outlander (Cryptozoic Entertainment, 2019)
Finally got my hands on a box, very nice cards! Great selection of photos on the base set.

17 base set cards
Silver Variant card, #20 (5/15)

L16 Lenticular card Jaimie & Claire
S04 STR PWR Red Frank Randall
S06 STR PWR Variant Green Roger Wakefield (50/55)

TMW Auto Wardrobe Tobias Menzies as Black Jack Randall (59/60) Bouncey
DW23 Dual Wardrobe Caitriona Balfe & Laura Donnelly (92/150)
DW13 Dual Wardrobe Tobias Menzies & Caitriona Balfe (178/200)

Very hard to make a base set, wish there was a couple of extra cards to make it easier. I'm surprised by the thickness of the cards. A little more clarity would be nice. Lenticular card is spectacular.

"On Your Feet, Soldier. Take Me Back To Lallybroch."
- Outlander
October 22, 2021, 09:29 AM
Got a new box, really nice set.

17 base set cards (1 spare)

L2 Lenticular card Jaimie Fraser
S02 Variant Green foil Claire Randall (55/55)
S06 Red Roger Wakefield
S08 Variant Green Geillis Duncan (30/55)

CSW Auto Wardrobe Claire Sermonne as Louise de Rohan (118/125)

DW11 Dual Wardrobe Sam Heughan & Hannah James (002/200)
DW14 Dual Wardrobe Laura Donnely & Duncan Lacroix (65/99)

With two boxes I only have half of the base set 27/54 cards, and 8 spares including a silver card limited to 15 copies.

My green card from previous box, S06 Roger, had a slight damage at the top. The 2 new green cards I got have a same damage, same size and spot. It's worse, especially Claire's with scratches all around it. I have contacted Cryptozoic about it.
(Edit:They kindly sent me replacement cards)

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"On Your Feet, Soldier. Take Me Back To Lallybroch."
- Outlander