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Once Upon A Time Season 1 (Cryptozoic, 2014)
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Originally posted by chesspieceface:
Originally posted by tangent:
Yes, I am seriously considering selling both and then picking it up again when 50 shades disappears

Great idea, but you'd have to wait awhile to re-attain it since there's going to be at least two more movies in that series, right? (And maybe three, if they split up the last part into two movies like they did with Harry Potter, Twilight, and Hunger Games).

Timing is always a tough call, if you sell too early you might not get peak value, if you wait too long the card might cool off.

Dornan is hot right now, but they are planning to do the whole series, so interest might hold over a period of time. Plus I'm not sure how many non-card collectors or even many card collectors know that this certified autograph exists yet. I certainly haven't read a whole lot about it.

A couple of other quick thoughts . . .

This character died and I think came back, no idea if he is scheduled to sign for anymore OUAT cards or if he is likely to want to do it now that he is well known.

Also Fifty Shades is not likely to be turned into a card set, but the prop cards could have been epic. Eek

Please know I am trying to be funny. I don't care about the movie one way or the other. Big Grin
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Originally posted by Graham:
Where did you find a case in Oz? I struggled to find a place that knew what a trading card was Roll Eyes Excellent case, Jen Thumb Up

I buy from US. I bought the case (pre-buy from a distributor) and it was sent to Australia when it was released. It's just that I didn't open it until now.

You are right that there are very few card dealers here. In fact, when I lived here, I used to arrange group buys for members of the Australian card collectors site. I was probably the closest we had to a nonsport card dealer (no profit - I simply bought on behalf of everyone else). One of the members has taken over that role using a sports card dealers to do the actual import.
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Got my 2 boxes in the mail today, here goes!


One full set, kinda, the first 13 cards all had badly dented corners, really unlucky number!

C1-The Evil Queen (love her)
M05-The Siren
M09-Prince Charming
M13-The Evil Queen
A1-Lana Parilla as the Evil Queen


Full set, corners not bad, better than the first box by far!

C6-Sheriff Graham
C9-Mr. Gold
M02-Prince Charming
M07-The Evil Queen
M11-Snow White
A9-Jessy Schram as Cinderella

Clap I got Lana Parilla's auto! Clap
ClapMy favourite character on the show! Clap
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Splurged on two boxes, and can't complain.

A2 - Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin
A5 - Eion Bailey as Pinocchio
A9 - Ashley Boyd as Cinderella

M04 Elephant

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