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Mark Spears Monsters (Mark Spears Art, 2021)

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October 11, 2021, 03:35 PM
Don Norton
Mark Spears Monsters (Mark Spears Art, 2021)
Well, this was another long wait, but I never doubted they would come, just doubted they would come in my life time. I know Mark has been working hard on these, but seems like lots of delays that were out of his control.
I got a Full Bleed hobby box, there is also a distressed hobby box with the cards having a worn appearance. 20 packs, 7 cards (2 of them inserts) 1 sticker and slab of gum
I also got a packet of Kickstarter extras

The Box
3D Glasses
2 loose promos for Scream Magazine and The Horror Web Channel
86 base cards Full set (Retro style stock, no extras)
20 Stickers (5 Duplicates, there are 27 different stickers)
4 of 16 3D cards
15 of 93 Classic Chrome (1 Duplicate)
3 of 9 Blood Spatter cards
6 of 19 Original Concept cards
2 of 7 Ghoulish Gold cards
1 Horror Foil
1 Monster Spectrum
1 Super Rare Secret Card (Mark says these are the shortest print of all the cards, 150 each or 7 cards)
2 of 9 Signature cards signed by Mark Spears

Kickstarter extras:
1 pack of Distressed cards (different wrapper)
1 Printing Plate for card #19 Cyan
2 Horror Foil (1 the same as in my box)
1 Ghoulish Gold Card
1 Pencil sketch by Mark Spears

Thoughts: I really love this art, lots of old style monsters, pretty girls, pretty monster girls and fun to open packs. I like the way he does Dracula, reminds me of the work of Basil Gogos, who used to do Famous Monsters of Filmland covers. These are definitely worth seeking out.

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October 11, 2021, 03:36 PM
Don Norton
If there's a complaint - I didn't like the gum.

Going back and looking at the distressed cards, they are very cool, packs with distressed cards have Frankenstein's Monster, Full Bleed cards have Dracula. Hobby boxes for full bleed are red, and purple for distressed.

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