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Donruss Americana (Donruss)
Picture of Hyperion
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Got my box:

It was very fun to open each pack knowing it would contain a premium card Smile And when all four packs were opened I was very happy with my pulls Smile

01 - John Travolta 002/100
33 - Giovanni Ribsi 042/250

Cinema stars:
CS-3 - William Shatner 336/500

Hollywood Legends:
HL-13 - Lillian Gish 311/500

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I bought an extra pack the other day and pulled a Burt Reynolds/Jackie Gleason (Jacket/shirt card) 6/100
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NSU Writer
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Just got hold of a retail box.
Got one complete set of 100 base cards. Even though they are not the foil version sen in the Hobby packs, they still look nice.
11 extras

2 materials cards
David Faustino 37/250
Martin Klebba 122/250

6 Silver Proofs
3 gold proofs
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Picture of raider5gt
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Finally got round to opening my retail box,here's what i got.

1 base set of 100 cards

#HL-36 Marlene Dietrich 3/500

Catherine Bach 90/250
Tara Conner 99/100

#98 Michael Berryman 12/25

#17 Billy Dee Williams 96/100
#97 Russell Johnson 92/100

#8 Ultimate Warrior 132/250
#26 Lou Gosset Jnr 86/250
#31 Cindy Williams 163/250
#44 Autumn Reeser 133/250
#50 Molly Shannon 122/250
#86 Katie Sagal 101/250


#49 Hugh O'Brian 17/25

#23 Mike Huckabee 209/250

Very happy with my box and blaster.

I find your lack of faith...disturbing
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One more hobby box and pack:

Gilbert Gottfried proof #ed to 25

Bob Eubanks shirt proof #ed to 100

Glenn Ford hollywood legends shirt #ed to 350

Karen Lynn Gorney auto #ed to 418

Walter Koenig auto #ed to 60

Adam West cinema stars auto #ed to 50
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I opened a box today, got a forgettable auto (already gone), a Shirley Jones Silver Screen material (also gone), an Audrey Hepburn Legendary materials 325/325 with a beautiful dress swatch (you guessed it...gone) and this little thing....

Nimoy Auto Shirt 09/25

I was quite pleased Big Grin

Feeling happy? Then rip open a box. Feeling blue...then rip 2!
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I tried to get a base set, but no luck so far. The retail boxes have 24 packs of (usually) 5 cards. One-third have either a thick card or a cardboard blank. Expect 1.10 base sets of 100 on average, if collation were perfect.

Base set (100): No set, 4 short of 1st, 14 doubles (missing 2 22 44 79)
Silver Proof Parallels (# to 250): 35(043) 38(217) 45(225) 47(004) 65(019) 68(005) 78(220)
Gold Proof Parallels (# to 100): 24(074) 37(078) 68(073)
Stars Materials Card 27 (Catherine Bach) 101/250
Stars Materials Card 66 (Bruce Jenner) 030/250

Not the best retail box ever, but not the worst either. ...
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