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Twilight: Eclipse (NECA)
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Can't believe I'm the first to post a break.

These have sold very well in the Twilight community, less so for regular card collectors.

6 cards per pack / 24 packs per box / 10 boxes per case.

80 Base Cards
ECLIPSE (9 card puzzle) -1 in every 7 packs (3-4 per box)
WOLFPACK (6 card puzzle) -1 in every 11 packs (2-3 per box)
VOLTURI COVEN (6 card set) -1 in every 11 packs (2-3 per box)
PROTAGONISTS (3 card set) -1 in every 23 packs (1 per box)
MARRY ME (1 card) -1 in every 104 packs (1 every fifth box, 2 per case)

Box 1
Base Set
Eclipse Puzzle (A's) 1,3,6,9
Volturi Coven (VO's) 2,6
Wolfpack Puzzle (WP's) 2,4,6
Protagonists (F's) 2

Box 2
Base Set
Eclipse Puzzle (A's) 1,4,6
Volturi Coven (VO's) 2,6
Wolfpack Puzzle (WP's) 2,6
Protagonists (F's) 2

Box 3
Base Set
Eclipse Puzzle (A's) 1,3,9
Volturi Coven (VO's) 2,3
Wolfpack Puzzle (WP's) 1,4
Protagonists (F's) 1

Box 4
Base Set
Eclipse Puzzle (A's) 2,4,8
Volturi Coven (VO's) 1,4
Wolfpack Puzzle (WP's) 3,5
Protagonists (F's) 3

Box 5
Base Set
Eclipse Puzzle (A's) 3,5,7,9
Volturi Coven (VO's) 3,5
Wolfpack Puzzle (WP's) 1,4
Protagonists (F's) 1
Marry Me B-1

Box 6
Base Set
Eclipse Puzzle (A's) 2,4,5,8
Volturi Coven (VO's) 2,5
Wolfpack Puzzle (WP's) 1,4,6
Protagonists (F's) 2

Box 7
Base Set
Eclipse Puzzle (A's) 3,5,7
Volturi Coven (VO's) 3,5
Wolfpack Puzzle (WP's) 1,5,6
Protagonists (F's) 2
Marry Me B-1

Box 8
Base Set
Eclipse Puzzle (A's) 2,5,7,8
Volturi Coven (VO's) 5,3
Wolfpack Puzzle (WP's) 1,4,5
Protagonists (F's) 3

Box 9
Base Set
Eclipse Puzzle (A's) 2,4,6,8
Volturi Coven (VO's) 2,6
Wolfpack Puzzle (WP's) 2,64
Protagonists (F's) 1

Box 10
Base Set
Eclipse Puzzle (A's) 2,3,5,7
Volturi Coven (VO's) 1,3
Wolfpack Puzzle (WP's) 1,5
Protagonists (F's) 3
Marry Me B-1

2 additional base sets from the extras

NECA still has some issues. Repeat images, misspellings, and miscut cards are being reported.

Also, they didn't use foil on ANY of the chase cards as was previously done. Not so shiny = Not so good

But the die-hard Twilight fans will love the set with lots of character cards and scenes from the upcoming movie.


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I pre-ordered 3 boxes.

Opened 1 box that day and was disappointed. With NECA not giving out much information ahead of the release I had hoped that maybe some auto cards would be included, since there was in series 2 for New Moon. On top of that the insert cards have nothing special - no foil or anything of that nature, just puzzle cards and extra character cards that are essentially old school subset cards. I thought that maybe I got an error card with no foil at first, but quickly found out otherwise.

I got the following:
1 base set plus extra cards
Protagonists: F-2
Volturi Coven: VO-1 and VO-4 **VO-1 appears to be very off center with the Volturi crest and it says Demitri along the bottom for some reason.
Wolfpack: WP-1 and WP-4
Eclipse Puzzle: A-1, A-3 and A-5

I guess there really is no reason for NECA to make "better" products, as this will sell out and for the most part people will be happy with it. Maybe there will be another series 2 with more Alice and Carlisle cards. Funny how the Alice card was the same one offered on Amazon with the jewelry box set. Maybe there are problems getting the actors to sign cards, who knows.

I think that I am done opening. I will probably sell the boxes to get my money back and wait to complete my master set on an auction site when the prices come down. I bought the 3 boxes in hopes that I could get most of the master set, but as of now I don't want the extra cards sitting around and really have no benefit of getting 2 or 3 more base sets.

All in all it appears that NECA will make money and Twilight fans in general will be happy that there is a card set for them.

Again without NECA providing much information, does anyone know if there are still the retail "Target" or the Hot Topic cards? I saw a retail gravity feed box at Target the other day.
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I gambled the other night and bought 5 packs from a Target gravity box.

1 9 card puzzle card and that was it. So I don't know if there's a Target card or not. But the errors on the base cards would make Upper Deck proud from their Marvel Masterpieces series 2 set. Spelling errors, Grammar errors, and that was found in just 5 packs! lol Rather disappointed and the lack of "shiny" in the set. Doing foil cards is not that expensive of an app (hell, the bootleggers do it left and right to make a killing).

Back to Iron Man retail for hopes of more sketches and chase cards lol

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Afraid I saw this coming Frown . NECA are selling out every time no matter the quality of the cards so it makes financial if not artistic sense to make things as cheaply as possible.

With Topps Europe not doing any cards this time they are the only game in town and are taking full advantage of it.

Look for an update set with a few extra base cards and the same for the final film.The only way you will get any premium cards is if they have any of the autos left from the previous release.
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I just purchased a few blister packs from Target. I got 4 packs for $9.99 each.

I am just going for the base set, so was not too disappointed that there were no cool-looking inserts. The text on the back of the cards is surprisingly large. I am wondering why NECA chose 80 cards for the base set, although I can use the empty card-slot, in the 9-page sheet, for a wrapper.
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