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Avengers Kree-Skrull War - UD
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well as far as I can tell now one has posted any box breaks for this product
I finally got my two boxes of this so I will post what I got

looking for others to trade with, so let me know if anyone else got this

I have nothing exciting to attach as I only got the basic cards
- no sketch or printing plates
- sketches from the pack were 1:432

cards are all new art work as these are actually story lines to read

per box I got the following
complete set base cards # 1-1 to 1-90
complete set of characters cards # 1-9
complete set of retro cards # R-1 to R-227
complete set of the cover cards # C1-C9
5 cards from the variant cover set # V
2 cards from the B&W variant cover set # B

now not sure of how many of each I got per box - (opened 2 boxes)
but there is 4 more sets or comic pages that were variants
2-1 to 2-36 - titled The Debt : got 29 cards but still need 15 to finish the set
3-1 to 3-27 - titled The Fall : got 23 cards but still need 10 to finish the set
4-1 to 4-18 - titled Power : got 11 cards but still need 8 to finish the set
5-1 to 5-18 - titled Soldiers Honor : got 15 cards still need 6 to finish

was also a mail in form to get a free binder for the first 1,000 received
- was no shipping charges to send along
will let you know if I got mine

so anyone that has these to trade please let me know
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Picture of Incarnadine
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I had no idea sketches were so ridiculously hard to pull in this set.

My local card shop had a box open yesterday and I assumed sketches were 1 per box and decided to try my luck with some packs and ended up buying 12 before hitting a sketch. I guess ignorance is bliss.

Ken Steacy sketch (not sure of the character).

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It looks like a Kree warrior. It's possibly Captain Marvel in his Kree undercover disguise, but I think that it might just be a generic Kree warrior.

Either way it's a brilliant sketch and well done on pulling it with just 12 packs Thumb Up

billylomas1 on Epack
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Nice sketch Incardine, lucky, lucky!

Kelly Kelly! So nice they named her twice!
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I agree. That is a really nice Ken Steacy sketch!
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I think Riddler_149 is right.
I'd say that was Captain Marvel in his original green and white costume.

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"Sacrifice" Base Set (90 cards): 90
Doubles: 5

"The Debt" (36 cards): 13
Doubles: 1
"The Fall" (27 cards): 12
"Power" (18 cards): 6
"Soldiers' Honor" (18 cards): 8

Cover (9 cards): 9
Doubles: 8

Alternate Cover (9 cards): 5

Black and White Cover (9 cards): 2

Character (9 cards): 9
Doubles: 2

Retro Characters (27 cards): 27
Doubles: 19

Sketch Cards (1:432): 0
Press Plates: 0

Ryan Cracknell

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Just got a case on Ebay for $270 including postage Eek As I never got these when they were released, I'm really looking forward to posting my breakdown Big Grin
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