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Starchild's Super Sale
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First of all, I’d like to thank NSU for creating and hosting this event. This fantastic opportunity is much appreciated.

All prices shown are marked below NSU price guide values. All payments within the U.S. can be made with either a Money Order or a personal check in US Dollars. For outside of the U.S., a money order is fine as long as it is for US Dollars and it can be cashed here.

For personal checks and money orders, items will be held until the check/money order clears with my bank(app 7-10 business days). Please email me for payment address (email address is in my profile). I do not recommend sending cash and would rather not accept it. However, if that is your choice, I will not be held responsible for what happens on its way here.

Shipping prices are as follows:

A flat fee of $2 for up to 6 cards., $0.20 per card thereafter
A flat fee of $3 for the first base set, $1 per set thereafter.

Outside the U.S.
A flat fee of $4 for up to 8 cards, $0.20 per card thereafter
A flat fee of $5 for the first base set and $1 per set thereafter.

Insurance and delivery confirmation will be extra.

Note: Since I am not sure of the shipping rates, upon shipping, if I find out I have overcharged any amount over $1, a cash refund will be issued in that amount.

Thanks for looking!

Angel Season 1
AL1 $2
Warrior's Destiny W1 $11
Base Set $5

Angel Season 3
PR1,PR4,PR9 $2 ea

Angel Season 4
D7,D9 $3 ea
BL-2 $2
Base Set $5

Angel Season 5
BC3, BC4, BC5, BC6, $2 ea
LD1, LD2, LD3,LD4, LD5 $2 ea
BL-3 $2
A5-CE $2
Base Set $5

Buffy Season 2
BP2 $2

Buffy Season 6
H3 $2

Buffy Season 7
FB5 $2 ea
SL1,SL6 $2 ea
BL2 $2
Base Set $5

Buffy Connections
P-1 $2

Buffy WOS
LC4 $2
Base Set $5

Buffy MOS
DK1,DK2,DK3,DK4,DK5,DK6,DK7,DK8,DK9 $2 ea
WA1,WA2,WA3,WA4,WA5 $2 ea
BL1, BL2 $2 ea
Base Set $5

Buffy Memories
R1, R2, R3, R4, R9 $2 ea
PW10 – Xander’s jeans
PW12 – Molly’s pajama bottoms $10
BL2 $2
Base Set $5

Dark Angel
4 of 5 $2 ea
P1 $2
Base Set $5

High School Musical
Glitter Stickers: 3 $5
Felt Stickers F5 $3

The Outer Limits - The Premiere Edition
S6,S7,S8,S9 $4 ea
Base Set $5

Smallville Season 2
DC1,DC2,DC3,DC4,DC5,DC6 $2 ea
DP1 $2
PW7 $14
BL2 ,BL3 $2 ea
SM2-1 $2
Base Set $5

Smallville Season 4
LC1,LC2,LC3,LC4,LC5,LC6,LC7,LC8,LC9 $2 ea
SW1,SW2,SW3,SW4,SW5,SW6 $2 ea
A27 – Erica Durance $75
A33 – Kyle Gallner $10
A34 – Trent Ford $10
PW1 – Lex’s Shirt $14
PW3 – Lana’s Shirt $14
PW7 – Bridgette’s Suit Pants $8
BL1,BL2,BL3 $3 ea
SM4-1 $3
SM2-1 $2
Base Set $5

Smallville Season 5
TR7,TR8 $2 ea
PL4 $2
Base Set $5

HS1 $2

[b]Twilight Zone: Premiere Edition

Game Cards: T (4), W (4), I (4), L (4), G (4), H (4), O (4), N (4), E (4) $1 ea
Base Set $5

Twilight Zone: The Next Dimension
S10,S11,S12 ,S13, S14,S15,S16,S17,S18 $2 ea
RS1,RS2 $3 ea
Game Cards: R (5), O (5), D (5), E (5), L (5), I (5), N (5), G (5) $1 ea
Base Set $5

Twilight Zone: Shadows and Substance
H3 $13
Base Set $5

Twlight Zone: Science and Superstition
Q2,Q3,Q4,Q5,Q6,Q7 $2 ea
Base Set $5

Unopened Packs $1 ea
Full Metal Alchemist
Hamtaro Series 2 (2)
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Kong the 8th Wonder of the World
Megaman 15th Anniversary
Yu-Yu Hakusho Ghost Files
Dragon Ball Z Film Cards
Pokemon Advanced – Action Flipz (Art Box)

Promos $1 ea
2003 Chicagoland Entertainment Collectors Expo
Alias Season 2 A2-NSU
Alias Season 3 A3-i, A3-2
Alias Season 4 P2
The Complete Avengers 1963 – Present P2
Battlestar Galactica Premiere Edition P2
Battlestar Galactica Season 1 P2
Battlesta Galactica Season 2 P1 (4), P2 (1)
Bench Warmers World Cup 2006 2 of 6
Conan: Art of the Hyborian Age P1
Conan: Ode to the Cimmerian C2
The Crocodile Hunter (unnumbered)
Daredevil P2
The Dead Zone Seasons 1 & 2 P1, P2
Disney Treasures Filmography – Boat Builders P02
Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat
GrossOut (unnumbered)
Gundam WG-28
Hellboy Animated Sword of Storms HA-1, HA-2
Jackie Chan’s Spartan X (unnumbered)
Jackie Chan Operation Condor
James Bond 007 Dangerous Liaisons P2
James Bond 007 Die Another Day P1
The Quotable 007 P1, P2
Justice League 1 of 7, 7 of 7
Kong 8th Wonder of the World P2
Lord of the Rings Masterpieces P2
Lost In Space P1, P2
Looney Tunes Back in Action BiA-1
Naruto Way of the Ninja PW-1
Naruto Ninja Ranks PN-1
Robots the movie P-I, P2
Scooby Doo 2 P-I, P2
The Complete Six Million Dollar Man P1
Spiderman SM-4 (Flavor-Ice)
Star Trek Art & Images P1, P2
The Quotable Star Trek Original Series P1, P2
The Quotable Star Trek Next Generation P1, P2
The Complete Star Trek Animated Adventures P2
Star Trek Celebrating 40 Years P2
Star Trek Enterprise Season 3 P1, P2
Star Trek Enterprise Season 4 P1, P2
Star Wars Galaxy Collector SW5
Superman Returns P1
Terminator 3 P2
The Time Machine 1/5 (2), 2/5 (unnumbered)
Wizard of Oz Promo1, Promo 2, Promo 3
WW Insider P2
X-Files Connections P-i
X2 P1
X-Men 3 P1
X-Men The Last Stand P2

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I have updated to reflect a couple of sales. Thank you everyone! Elephant

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