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Rock Poster cards (1991) Freedom Press

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April 30, 2019, 06:49 PM
Rock Poster cards (1991) Freedom Press
I ran across these cards some time ago but forgot about them until getting one as part of a lot. There are four different with each showing a 50's-60's era rock concert poster on the front with some text on the back mentioning that the set is "limited edition." The company, Freedom Press. made at least a few sets in the early 90's (JFK Assassination, High School Heroes, etc.) but I have seen only four of these Rock Poster cards. Some sellers have called them promos though there is no indication that they are. I haven't seen promos for the other sets so it's unclear to me whether the company promoted its products that way.

Also, a few of the cards I've seen, including the one I have, are miscut. This could mean the four cards were originally a 4-card sheet given out somewhere and then were later unprofessionally-cut into singles, but then, other card companies have certainly released miscut cards so. The card stock is thinner than usual and seems to have a different texture (not smooth nor glossy) than other thin-stock cards I have.

Maybe someone else on Card Talk knows about these or the company in general.