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KISW Rock Promos
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These were promos which came out in 2005, released by some radio station. PCE lists 6 different ones. Most depict scantily clad women (no nudity, however), but one features shock jock Howard Stern

I picked 4 of the 6 up when they were released. The ones which are known are #ed 010, 014, 031, 034, 035 and 038. I am missing #031 and 035

Anyone know where I can find those 2 ? Are there more than just the six ? Anyone know ?
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I do not know if there were more than 6 or not. That is all that I initially got and I believe Todd Jordan who compiles PCE; got all 6 from me, so of course Todd only knew about the 6. I have not seen any others since that time. I had all 6, but recently sold them to another collector.

Good luck on your quest.

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I found more of these last year. It appears to be a set of at least 45 cards with all the people on the front being either models (female) or DJ's (male and female) featured on the station. The models are each apparently on two cards: one photo in a top and jeans; the other appearing to be nude with a strategically placed frame to keep the photo rated PG (as shown in Promo Card Encyclopedia 2008, page 82). These are the cards I have:

001 "Amy"; shown below
002 "Amy"
004 "Carly"
009 "Heather"
010 "Heather"
012 "Jackie"
013 "Kelli"; shown below
014 "Kelli"; PCE2008 lists this card as "Larissa" so there must be 2 014's unless it was a typo.
031 "Shelly"; PCE2008 lists this card as "Carron" so there must be 2 031's unless it was a typo.
032 "Shelly"
033 "Shauna"
034 "Shauna"
038 "Howard"
040 "Jolene"; DJ; shown below
042 "Metal Shop"; 2 DJ's; shown below
045 "Ryan"; DJ

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