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Flea market find
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Last fall, I found some promos at a local flea market. It wasn't a huge find but I got some semi-uncommon ones for 25-50 cents each. I had only about $12 on me and not much time because I had a family gathering to go to (squeezing in a quick pass through the flea). The dealer is a nice couple who've been selling sports/non-sports for at least 20 years but are now trying to unload a bunch of stuff - everything was 75% off. I think it was the year before that they had a feeding frenzy because they found some old Garbage Pail Kids sealed boxes in storage.

This was the same dealer who had told me two years ago that they had sold out of non-sport promos. This time, I stopped at their tables and decided to look to see if they had any oddball sports promos and noticed a whole row of non-sport promos they must've forgotten about. I bought the following

Dragonball Z (1995) holofoil (hard-to-find when you're looking for it - $3-5 card
Chips cards - Saw Whet Owl (oddball skip-numbered prototype for a set never released)
NSU "You have Doubles" card ($3-5 card)
Benchwarmer (1992) 4 of 9
Sannco unnumbered card
Hercules (1996) Topps ($3-5 card)
Rare & Endangered Species (1992, Collectible Imagery) - Grey Wolf ($5 card)
Spider-Man Mcfarlane Era
Marvel Universe - Silver Sable ($3 card)
In-Line Motorcycles prototypes 05, 06
Street Fighter SF1 ($3-5 card)
Comic ball 2 4-card promo set ($6-8 set)
Coca-Cola Sprint Phone cards/Cels - "Zeit fur Coca Cola" cel (I hadn't seen this one before - probably the find of the group)

Along with those added to the pile were a sealed copy of Collect (Star Trek issue with Marvel Universe Cards 4-card sheet and 2 Ultraprints case cards (Random, Cable) from X-Men Ultra 95. I got all of that for 12 bucks. They had more promos that I could have bought if I had had more money and time (Olympics set from 1991). They haven't been at that flea market since though it was rained out the past two months.

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Nice Find, Jess.The Grey wolf and Coca-Cola cards are definitely uncommon. I can't find anything at the flea market anymore.

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Thanks, Promoking. I forgot to mention that another card in the lot is a Mars Attacks #56 card which shows art from the wrapper of the original 1962 set. It's not dated but it says on the back that it's an "Official Mars Attacks Reprint" with Renata Galasso, Inc. as the company. Was this just the last card in the reprint set or was it some kind of bonus or promo card?

I vaguely remember this set as it was still offered by a few dealers in magazine ads in the mid-90's. It was from 1984 and there were 3 overprinted cards that were stamped as "Sample" on the back. You could get a 56-card sample version of the set as well (promo for some dealers?). It's just that I've seen at least one seller offer the reprint set with just 55 cards and don't recall if the #56 card was some kind of extra card.

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