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Open That Box Day 2012
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Did a box of Galaxy 7 today Smile
Nothing to write up about,
The base is nice, the chase is nice, the sketch was really awefull Frown
If Open that box was last weekend I would have been a happy chappy, about the fact I pulled my first Charles Hall Sketch and was very impressed Smile Smile Smile

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This is my first contribution to 'Open that Box Day' and I had great fun. Smile
I was tossing up whether to open the box of Big Bang Theory that I have had up in my cupboard or the box of Guild that was sitting next to it. I watched Supernatural last night and Felicia Day guest stared so I decided I would open my box of Cryptozoic's The Guild.

I was able to put together a full base set and got these chase cards 002, 005, 007, 009. TG1.
I pulled a Tink costume card which I love, and pulled a Jeff Lewis auto. I was happy to pull his card because at least it was one of the main cast Smile

And to my great surprise and JOY I pulled this beauty in the second last pack!! Dance Clap Elephant Clap Dance to say I was happy about it was an understatement Big Grin

there was no way I was ever going to be able to afford buying one of them off of ebay.

I really was meant to open that Guild box... Smile

Happy OTBD everyone!!
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I actually opened a box before anybody else did on Open That Box Day! I went to a friend's belated birthday party at a pizza place, went for a few drinks at a local bar with my friend and his two brothers, and watched a movie at my friend's brother's house. Anyway, when I got home at 12:45 am (today, 4/28/2012), I opened my box of cards. What I opened was box of 1993 vintage box (now I'm starting to sound old) of Marvel Universe series 4 by the no longer in business company, Skybox. Now, I already have a bunch of these cards given to me by my cousin years ago, but from what he gave me, it wasn't a full set. I was also hoping to get the Spider-Man Versus Vemon holograph. Didn't get it. Frown I did, however, get 4 of the Marvel 2099 red foil cards: Doom 2099, Punisher 2099, Tiger Wylde, and the Specialist. Old school Marvel fans like me definitely remember (well, the ones that can remember) the futuristic, yet short-lived, line of Marvel 2099 comics. The Marvel 2099 characters never were as well perceived and accepted as the present day original characters by fans, which is why these characters don't show up too often nowadays. As for the regular cards themselves, the artwork on the cards themselves ranges from good to bad. The good cards ranged from animated and cartoony to well drawn. The badly drawn cards range from rough and cartoony to uninspired and boring. With the bad cards, it seems as though some the artists did a rush job just so the cards could get printed in time. Shake Head

Overall, I give Marvel Series 4 a B-, or 3 of 5 stars. Without the boring, uninspired, and rush jobs of some of the cards, a huge lack of hologram cards in this set, and a huge lack of information of each character on the back of the cards, this series of Marvel cards could have been a much better. Opening a box of Marvel Universe series 1, 2, or 3 would have been much more satisfying. Now, I got figure out if I got a complete set from the box, or if with all the extras I got years ago, I can complete the set.

As for Open That Box Day, I think it's good idea. However, I think Open That Box Day would be better if I (or anybody for that matter) could find a group of non-sport card collectors to open boxes with. Opening boxes of cards with uninterested family members may seem fun for awhile and to some people. But, it would be alot better to open boxes of cards with your local card collecting buddies. Me? I have no buddies or family members that are collectors. Most of my family think cards, comics, coins, and other collectibles are a waste of money. I, on the other hand, believe that one should do and spend their hard-earned money on whatever makes them happy. Life is short, so you got to make the best of it. Personally I think gambling, alcohol, drugs, and clubbing are some of the biggest wastes of money. In short, share your hobby with somebody who cares; not somebody who doesn't. Sharing your hobby with somebody who doesn't care will cause fights, arguements, headaches, heartbreaks, tears, name-calling, hatred, jealousy, and overall disappointment. Mad When that happens, the hobby no longer keeps its innocence. I've had my fair share of people hating my hobby, so make sure to share your hobby with somebody who cares or at least tolerates it. I'd hate to post such a negative message or experience, so I'll leave you all with a postive note: Good luck to everybody opening your boxes today! And have fun! Thumb Up
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I decided to participate after taking a few years off (mainly because I couldn't wait to open my box Big Grin)

Anyways, the plan was to open two boxes of BBT, but I ended up having an emergency and had to travel to my parent's house. Thankfully, I had half of a case that I had bought from a dealer fairly cheaply and was going to flip, but the box prices for this release haven't been to high, so I thought it would be more fun to open my boxes for OTB Day. Needless to say, I'm pretty happy I did!

I ended up getting 6 costumes and 8(!) autographs- the extras were good enough, but the icing on the cake was that they turned out to be the Day A8 and the Parikh A7, which made me happy, especially since I got the first auto in the first stack of both boxes, which made me not want to finish opening the box, so I'm glad I did :thumb up:

Overall, pretty happy that I got almost every major character's autograph, and got one of the rare versions on top of that. I'm also really happy I broke the boxes because I kept coming close to buying a Vincent Caso auto off of eBay because he is my favorite character, so I was thrilled with my last box that has his auto. I think the only thing that would have made the break better is if I had pulled the rare version of his auto, but I'm not complaining Big Grin

Overall, well worth the break, I think!

A3 Vork
A7 Parikh
A8 Day
A11 Thorsen
A12 Vincent Caso
A19 Chien
A22 Tara Caso
A25 Becker
M01 Codex
M03 Vork
M04 Tinkerballa (x2)
M05 Clara
M06 Bladezz

billylomas1 on Epack
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Photos from today (as well as last year's) may be found here. Thumb Up
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Great photos SciFiMom, your son is such a cutie and looks so much like you, and it looks like the both of you had a great time Smile
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Nice pull on the Day as Codex...I've only seen two posted on eBay so far....they seem to be extremely rare
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I opened a box of American Bandstand cards made in 1993 by Collect-A-Card for Open That Box Day. I have never opened this title before and did not know what to expect.

The box has special meaning with the recent passing of Dick Clark. It was fun opening the packs and seeing what entertainers were included in the packs. Besides Dick Clark, there are some great names included in the set: Jerry Lee Lewis, Mick Fleetwood, Little Anthony, Neil Sedaka, Andy Gibb, Donna Summer, Wayne Newton, Debby Boone and many other music legends.

The box says look for randomly inserted Gold foil autographs. I did not find one. There is also a SPECIAL OFFER card in every pack. Of course this expired many, many years ago.

The breakdown in my box was as follows:

36 packs to the box, 8 cards per pack

My box netted 2 100-card base sets, 36 SPECIAL OFFER cards (all the same), lots of singles, and some great memories.

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Hi gang,
Fairly new into non-sports cards. Anyways love all the breaks, and congrats everyone on your pulls! (Especially that Penny from BBT!)

I opened this after midnite last nite, so guess that counts lol. I fully understand that I got very lucky Smile I really like these cards, and wish I could get more boxes. Anyways thanks for all the awesome posts! looks like everyone had a lot of fun today!

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It is great to get to participate in OTBD again. This year I didn't get a box ahead of time and pulled a box from my rainy day supply. I went with Journey to the Center of the Earth/20,000 Leagues Under the Sea from Monsterwax. This turned out to be a really great set with some great artwork. I pulled a excellent 20,000 League sketch of Ned Land. Finding the green press plate of card #28 was a nice surprise. Great pulls everyone.

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Opened a box yesterday with my wife.

This years lucky box was 2012 Marvel Greatest Heroes. I pulled a JC Fabul sketch. Unfortunately there was not a full set in the box, which is always disappointing, but that's life.
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Forgot to post yesterday Roll Eyes

Big Bang Theory S1&2 box:

Full 72 card base set + about 2 dozen spares.

Really well correlated base set - Not too many repeats.

Courtney Henggeler auto - A11.

Leonard's Green Hoodie - M11 with Dark green & black squares.

Sheldon's Bathrobe (Binder Exclusive) - M1.

Behind the Scenes Observation: C01, C05.

Special Momens: F04, F06, F07.

No major autos or anything 'wow' but being in the UK I'm happy I got a box and binder at all! Thumb Up
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Originally posted by willgull:
Well, I could only find a blaster box of American I got it. The son had a blaster box of Imapct wrestling (I know-not non-sport).

The American Pie blaster provided me with a Back to the Future buy back, and a Spencer Tracy coin (dime) card numbered 10/25.

The kids box provided him with an auto card of..................JIMMY RAVE!

I would have preferred to have better boxes, however, money and scarcity in my area helped prevent it. I am happy about the coin card though!


As Spencer Tracy and Back To The Future fan I'd of been very happy with that box! Congrats to your son on the auto.
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Batjay that box of cards looks fantastic. Thumb Up

Come, it is time for you to keep your appointment with The Wicker Man.
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late as always my box of choice after finally getting into the show STAR GATE UNIVERSE SGU
loving these cards best cards i have seen for a long long time:-
breakdown as follows:-
2 costume cards
eli wallace red
alan armstrong blue

3 autograph cards
eli david blue
vanessa julia benson
emily ona grauer

2 crew cards
pl 2
pl 4

l 4

3 quotable eli
q 4
q 5
q 8
has to be the very best box of cards i have had the pleasure of opening

life is like a spiders web, beautiful to look at, deadly when you get to wrapped up in it. jth 2007
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I actually opened my box yesterday, but wasn't able to post anything until today. I went kind of old school and decided to open a box of Marvel Fantastic First Covers Series II. Whether it's a comic book or novel, I usually end up liking the cover better than any of the contents so I really enjoy this type of set.

This was made by Comic Images in the 1990's and has 48 packs of cards. There are no chase so if you are looking for something to open with kids this is a good bet as one box will yield you 3 full sets so there should be no fighting over who gets what cards.

It's rather an odd set as the series focuses on Marvel Comics from the 1980's with the exception of the first three cards which are from some of Marvel's 1970 Monster themed comics. If you're a fan of the Fantastic Four, Thor, Hulk or Captain America then you won't like this set as none of those comic books have a featured cover in this series. In hindsight I guess those really weren't the "hot" books of the day, although characters from all of those titles were part of the Secret Wars saga. Instead, the set focuses on a rather ecclectic mix of comic covers that includes the X-Men at the Texas State Fair and a No-Prize Book. The set pretty much sums up the state of Marvel Comics in the eighties, they were all about X-Men, Spider-Man, The Secret Wars and non-superhero imprints such as Star.

The cards themselves are pretty basic. Thin white-ish cardboard with the comic book cover on the front and information about the series (writer, artist, plot summary, publication date, etc) on the back. While some people might complain that the card design is not very exciting, I actually like it. I don't want some artsy design taking away from the image on the front, or making the text hard to read on the back.

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I opened a box of Stargate Universe Season 1 yesterday. I'm very pleased with my pulls...

Elyse Levesque
Christopher McDonald

Christopher McDonald
Reiko Aylesworth
Alaina Huffman

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I opened up a case for OTBD!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire update!

Autos: David Tennant, Clemence Poesy, Roger Lloyd-Pack, Azad and Katie Leung

Costumes: C2, C4, C6 (2), C7, C8, C9, C10, C11, C13

Props: P1, P3, P7

Film Cells: 1, 3, 5

Also got 20 full sets of cards, 2 sets of box toppers, 4 sets of foil cards and got the Harry jumping into the lake case topper.

Very pleased, was a lot of fun to open a potter case and I will probably never get the opportunity again

LOTR/Harry Potter/The Prisoner/Thunderbirds & Captain Scarlet collector
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Opened Disney Treasures 1, got a Reel Piece of History Fantasia cel.

I cheated and opened up 3 Harry Potter boxes, opening a box over 3 weeks because I have no will power except for Xmas Secret Santa.

GOFU Leung auto and Hermione's Dress
WOHP 2 Buckbeaks chain
OOTP Party lantern prop card and Slughorn costume both with creased corners ARGHH

Going to ebay or trade as am downsizing HP stuff except for favorite characters Razz
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Back to the Future buy back

What is that exactly? I've never heard of it!
Au Res.,

Sometimes, one pack is not enough...
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