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General Mills The Last Jedi Color-Changing Spoons

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December 27, 2017, 07:27 PM
General Mills The Last Jedi Color-Changing Spoons
I've seen boxes of General Mills Cereal announcing Star Wars The Last Jedi color-changing spoons inside. I thought, spoons? That would have been alright if the company had a line of stickers too as with their "The Force Awakens" promotions. I liked the droid viewers they did then a lot more than these spoons.

I was around for the stickers they inserted promoting the first movie in 1977. I still have those and picked up a few more over the years.

Anyway, I want more stickers. I talked to my brother about it. He wants more stickers too. He got one of the spoons for his daughter.

Here's a link to an article discussing various "Jedi" tie-ins: