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"Open that Box! Day 2015"
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Box of Game of Thrones S4 for me

9 Parallels
BD 11
G 16
Gold 65 (007/150)
Q 34, 39

Kerr Logan as Matthos Seaworth
Carice Van Houten as Melisandre Smile
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2 Boxes of james Bond Archives 2014

1) 32 throwback cards

2) 4 Skyfall Chase cards

3) 4 gold parallel cards

4) 1 relic card hovercraft seat

5) 4 Autograph cards witch where the following

Monty Norman/ Elize du Toit/ Jan Williams and A Jane Seymour autograph card

FRom a happy millhouse ps everything is for trade as I have all of these cards in my collection
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Box of Rittenhouse Star Trek Aliens

106 base
3 autos- Mark Rolston, James Sloyan, NOG
2 sticker cards- Phlox & ODO
and 1 gold parallel #36

just got back into the collecting game!
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Moved Reply:

It's 5/30 here in CALI and my boxes were Downton Abbey.

Michelle Dockery Mary Crawley costume card
Edith and Mary Crawley Laura Carmichael & Michelle Dockery costume
Rob James Collier Thomas Barrow auto
Jessica Brown Findlay Sybil Crawley auto
4 Chase cards and 3 parallels I didn't have

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Hi there
It's a sunny day here in Paris and what is the best thing to start this day ? To open boxes of course ! I've saved 6 boxes along this year, 2 for myself, 2 for my wife and 1 for my 2 years and a half daughter and an extra one to share. All in all, we have the following boxes to open with our breakfast :

  • Marvel Agents of Shield Season 1
  • Dark Angel
  • Downtown Abbey Seasons 1 & 2
  • Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5
  • James Bond Archives 2014
  • Minnie and Me

    Marvel Agents of Shield Season 1

    A very fun box to open as I love the show. Season 2 is really picking up and I have high hopes for a Season 2 series. I have a full set, some extras, a Maria Hill costume card (CC9 numbered 067/350), some inserts (CB6, FF13 and AT5), an Agent May ID card and 2 autos (Laura Saey and Brad Dourif)

    Dark Angel

    This one has been the subject of a very heated discussion on the NSU forum ( http://nonsportupdate.infopop....4605353/m/8537095576) and finally I can say that there was no Jessica Alba or James Cameron auto in the box. That said, I had doubts about the integrity of the box as the shrink-wrap was partially removed in some areas but it appears it was a real legit box. I got 2 base sets and many extras, a complete foil set and a Bling auto card.

    Downtown Abbey S1&2

    My wife loves this show and it was definitely a good surprise for her. I don't watch it myself but I might give it a try someday as they are now headed in a fifth season. I'm missing a lot of singles on this as this is a large set (126 cards) I had some inserts, some small tobacco-style cards, an auto and dual relic card. This was a great box.

    Breaking Bad S1-5

    I knew what I was supposed to get when I bought this box but still without Mr White or Jesse autos, this one was a lot of fun to open. As again, Im' missing some singles to complete a base set and that is really too bad. I had some inserts, a nice Gus costume card and an auto of Jesse's girlfriend if I remember correctly.

    James Bond Archives 2014

    Again, this was a box for my wife but this one was so-so. The amount of subsets, inserts is way too big to enjoy collecting the whole thing. We had 2 autos but honestly my wife could not remember any of the cast. We hope that the 2015 edition will hold more promises.

    Minnie and Me

    I picked that one obviously for my daughter as she's in love with Minnie. We also have the chance to live in Paris very close to the Disneyland park and go there very often. She really enjoyed opening the packs and check the images. She hasn't opened every yet so I honestly don't know if we have a complete base set Smile

    OK guys, this 2015 edition of OTB Day was lots of fun as always. I'll be updating my want/have list in the coming days for sure. Thanks again NSU for hosting this event although I sense that this is appealing less and less to people as time goes by. Anyway, this is a nice tradition and we need to keep it going. Count on us for the 2016 edition !

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    For the first time in EVER, not only did I remember the event, but Royal Mail was good enough to deliver my boxes Clap
    I went for two boes of Agents of Shield season 1.

    Box 1.
    Base set + extras
    CC16 costume 259/350
    Robert Belushi boardered autograph
    Adrian Pasdar full bleed autograph
    FF16 Allegiance
    S.H.I.E.L.D. ID Card 1 Phil Coulson
    Art of Level 7 CB2
    Advanced Technology AT6
    Parallel 28 056/100

    Box 2.
    Base set + extras
    CC18 costume 320/350
    Carlo Rota full bleed autograph
    FF4 Allegiance
    S.H.I.E.L.D. ID Card 4 Skye
    Art of Level 7 CB6
    Advanced Technology AT4
    Parallel 3 031/100

    Cards marked in RED I needed. The rest are available.
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    Gooood Eeeeeeeeeeveninggg! [creeeeeeky door, sounds of wolves
    frolicking in woods, a bat with Shemp's face flies by]
    Nyahh hah hah hah (or Moo hah hah hah)...And welcome to
    my own private SCARE-E-E-Y party Open That Box Day.

    Here's the Monsterwax information on the series:

    Ghosts! Monsters! And macabre magic! They were all part of the traveling Spook Shows.
    During the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, daring magicians opened movie theaters at midnight with the express purpose of "scaring the yell" out of their audience. For a $1 or less, thrill seekers witnessed black magic, gruesome illusions, and the "black out"-- when glowing spirits flew overhead and the crowds ducked in terror. Then the horror flick would begin... assuming the entire audience hadn't already fled the theater in panic!
    If you were among the millions who experienced this incredible fright of fancy (and especially if you didn't), then you won't want to miss the sheer horror of Spook Show-- a new series from Monsterwax.
    You'll learn the behind-the-scenes history of the "ghost masters" and the ingenious tricks they used to tantalize the imagination and dumbfound crowds from ghost to coast!
    So climb aboard a time machine of terror, and go back to an era when monster movies, haunted houses, and mad magicians collided in a giant festival of fear. Get Spook Show this Halloween from Monsterwax.
    (Not recommended for pregnant women, people suffering from anxiety attacks, or anyone with a history of heart problems.)


    I think I picked a pretty darn fun box as my Open That Box Day entry.
    It is Monsterwax's SPOOK SHOW. Even before opening the
    box one gets a terrific 'mood' and atmosphere of the subject matter...
    the actual box top shows a Frankestein-esque monster in creepy colors
    and the bottom of the box sets the vintage/Halloween/haunted house type
    feel for the card series one is about to 'experience'.

    Opening the box, Kurt at Monsterwax is not 'cheap' with the bonus box
    top items. In a fun William Castle-esque gimmick is a 'sick sack' ... a barf
    bag in case of nausea from horror while opening the packs... along with
    a genuine, authentic, realistic, faux '$10,000 Death By Fright insurance policy"...
    and a 'show ticket'. With these three mood setting 'relics' from a bygone age
    of haunted house and stage show events the 'sense of being there' is beautifully established in
    a genius way for the opening of the packs. There's also a foldout
    'Terror of Tallahassee' comic strip spook show ad... but it's the sick sack,
    insurance policy and ticket that provide the 'feel' of what it must have
    been like to go to one of those old timey wimey shows.

    There are 24 6-card packs. Since Kurt at Monsterwax guarantees a complete
    set you can devote your 'excitement' energy towards enjoying the cards as
    you open packs... the hunt for the chase and special cards (although ALL
    cards in a Monsterwax box are exciting and fun)... and not worry about
    not getting a full base set. Of the 24 packs, 12 wrappers (and he wraps
    as old school as one can get in this day and age) are black and 12 are
    red versions.

    Once I had all the packs opened I built the sets and looked at what
    chase and hit cards I got ... and there were a lot. Very generous.

    Here's the breakdown:

    1 complete 66 card set of Spook Show 'posters'. Beautiful cards
    showing vintage Spook Show posters and on the back of the
    cards information about the shows. In a day and age when base sets
    are almost 'reviled' as a necessary 'evil' for packaging 'hit' cards for
    the rip and flip crowd, Kurt's base cards are each and every one of
    'em fun. Which is how I feel about base sets ... base cards are not 'filler
    material'... they should be the heart and soul of the card series (and
    Kurt's production is exactly that. Good for Kurt.).

    Checklist card A and B and a 'credits' and acknowledgement card
    (with fun front artwork)

    1 autograph card (Philip Moore)

    1 sketch card ... 'floating skull'. Nice garrish colors and competent artwork
    (I've seen really awful so-called 'sketch' cards from other manufacturers that
    are insultingly bad ... but this sketch card, and I'll assume the quality is
    indicative of other Spook Show sketch cards, is fun and goes well with
    the collection).

    E1 and E2 Embossed cards (very cool!)
    G1, G2, and G3 'ticket' cards (clever with nice front art)
    F1, F2, F3, F4, F5 and F6 foil cards (nicely done with good choice of subjects)
    Promo inserts #2 and two of #6

    60 extra/dupe base cards.

    One pack had a novel surprise insert ... a package containing a 'faint pill'
    in case one faints from fear at this 'Spook Show in a box' experience. Although
    I didn't need to take the faint pill I'll keep it for later just in case. I should
    have opened this box while listening to the soundtrack to Burton's ED WOOD
    movie ... THAT would have made the experience that much more other-worldly.
    So if you get a box of Spook Show sometime then I recommend dusting off
    your CD of that soundtrack or finding it online... you'll be glad you did.

    Each pack has a plastic wrapped stick of gum. Nice touch.

    What a fun box to open -- complete set, all the embossed, ticket, foil cards ... some
    promo cards, auto card and sketch card. This is the sort of box where if you're
    at home on Halloween night with an Ed Wood or William Castle movie on the TV
    and you want something to do while watching a 1950s horror movie this would
    certainly complete the spooky experience. It is extremely obvious that Kurt
    at Monsterwax is a trading card fan AND a fan of trading card fans (as well
    as the subject matter of the cards). There's a lot of love in the creation of this series. His box delivered
    everything promised and was a frightful delightful pack opening experience. And
    with that I'll end with a shameless pitch for Monsterwax -- he currently has
    a campaign going for his upcoming Dinosaur Galaxy.

    Happy Open That Box day to everyone!

    Richard Parks

    PS. I can't really figure out just how to post and image... so here's a link to all the photos I took just in case I can't end up figuring the right way to include a photo with this posting...

    <img src=>

    Richard Parks
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    I opened a box of Fleer 1995 Fox Kids Network cards. I bought this box at a flea market last weekend for $1.00! I think that's a pretty good deal. lol

    Click the link below to see the photos on my blog:
    Wonderful Wonderblog
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    I went to bed last night looking forward to “Open that box day” because I was fascinated with what I had read about Basil Wolverton, the artist who’s cards I planned to open. Wolverton was not only a horror artist for EC comics, he also drew Ugly Stickers and Nutty Stickers for Topps. (It is said that he ended up leaving Topps because he didn’t like the way they kept the originals and copyrights to his work.) His horror drawing career spanned decades, but he was also a minister for an “end times” Christian group and believed that the 2nd coming and world’s end was imminent. He spent the last decade or two of his life illustrating the Old Testament, which had so many panels, it was similar to building the ark. It must have felt the same, too, as neighbors laughed or shook their heads about his beliefs that the world was about to end.

    Wolverton’s style is very distinctive. Many of the characters are grotesque, twisted, stretched, or otherwise transformed into rubber-faced monstrosities. The look was named the “Spaghetti and meatball” style. So I was getting pretty hungry to dig into the new series of “Common Types of Barflyze” by RRParks. Parks apparently knows Monty Wolverton, Basil’s son, who is also an artist with a similar style to his father’s. Monty colored the “Barflyze” series and made it possible to release in trading card format (Basil died in 1978). Although the cards are not in packs, they are sold as in shinkwrapped cardboard factory container—so I got to “open that box” just the same. But don’t be too quick to toss that slipcase away. Parks usually prints stuff inside the box, be it promos, checklist, or other information. In this (slip) case, he suggests cutting the front of the cardboard holder out to make a header card.

    The 40 card series did not disappoint. The backs have a cool layout, with neat graphics and catchy quotes about each Barfly. I found myself wondering how Basil—who didn’t drink—knew so much about Barflyes. The answer was revealed on one of the backs: he used to live next to a saloon. (Good thing he was never hit by one of the drunk drivers pulling in or out of the joint. The 40 characters he drew had no shortage of blood alcohol.)

    This series was well suited for cards. The portraits are detailed, clever, and funny. It does what good cards are supposed to do: it makes you want to flip it over and read more about it. Although Basil is long gone now, his influence and son continue on. It’s also cool to see he’s still getting published on cards, some 50 years after doing it at Topps. And hey, these cards have another strong point: the lampooning is so cutting, that it discourages anyone from regularly drinking and becoming a barfly. (Although they probably replace one addiction with another-- card collecting!)

    To that end, I won’t be surprised if I fall off the wagon again soon, since promos for “Monsters Choke & Gag” and “Three Stooges Series 3 (in 3-D)” were also included in the batch, and look pretty appetizing, too!

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    I went with a box of Iron Man 3 and another Americana 2015...

    From Iron Man I got 20 of the foil parallels, 1 Hall of Armor,
    a Heroic Threads of Maya Hansen, a Heroic Threads Dual of Tony
    Stark and The Mandarin and a nice sketch by Nicole Virella.

    Americana yielded the normal inserts and autographs by Tony Sirico,
    Patti Stanger and Jaleel White with a double materials card from
    Common numbered 2/25.

    Please note the updated email address in my profile!
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    Did two boxes of Grimm season two cards :-) :-)
    got 4 auto's, claire coffee, regie lee and two other cards, was a nice product to open :-)
    Also pulled a Dan story board sketch, :-) :-)
    Very happy :-)

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    Happy OTBD to all!I went with 2 boxes this time, one was Auto Racing from Fairfield Co, picked this up at Target. 20 retail packs for 19.95, plus a bonus.
    I received 3 Wheels Main Event 2010
    3 Press Pass Premium 2010
    7 Press Pass 2013
    3 Stealth 2010
    4 Stealth 2011
    my bonus was a 1992 Food Lion Richard Petty packet with 4 cards
    I have pulled hits from retail packs, none this time, but the Premium and Stealth cards are really nice. Most packs had an insert or parallel in them. Several of these sets I am working on so I did find some base cards I needed as well.
    My second box was Game of Thrones Season 4, box 05566.
    For some reason I felt lucky about this box, for the last couple of days I kept thinking there would be a sketch in it, and guess what - I was wrong. No sketch, no pin, just the basic complement of cards. I did pull 2 autos Luke Barnes as Rast (limited) and Ralph Ineson as Dagmer Cleftjaw. My favorite card was the All Men Must Die G16 of Ygritte, a beautiful card. Also love the Beautiful Death card.
    All in all, an okay haul from both boxes.
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    Happy OTBD!

    We opened a box of Psych Seasons 5-8. Luckily, Netflix Canada finally put up Season 8 so we were able to watch it before we opened our cards. We got:

    1 Base set plus extras
    2 Character Bio Cards
    2 The Musical Cards
    1 Undercover Card
    Autographs of Val Kilmer, Billy Zane, and Dietrich Bader

    Really happy with our box!


    Psych Seasons 5-8 box break by bw1138, on Flickr

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    Happy OTBD all!

    My plans fell through miserably, but I did get to participate in a fairly ironic way. I had ordered two boxes of Season 4 Game of Thrones and they never showed up at my LHS. Don't know if they will.

    So I needed a replacement and there was nothing in non-sport besides a handful of Star Wars Galantic Files packs from an open box. Then I spotted a vintage box for $15, SOLD.

    So here I am with zero new product, opening a 36 pack, 8 card per pack box of the 21 year old Skybox Star Trek, The Next Generation, The Episode Collection, Season One.

    It took me nearly two hours to break down and many of the cards were sticking together, as they are glossy on both sides. Breakdown as follows:

    2 complete 108 card base sets with another 67 triples.

    1 box topper, All Good Things.

    SP3, SP4 and SP6. SP6 had an extra edge stuck on, don't know what that was about.

    Ad card.

    Some cards had foil, but I didn't pull them out.

    Not bad for $15. Took me back to the good old days and these old cards were done very well, but next year I really have to put something away. Big Grin
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    It was a another fine day here at the Jersey Shore so I opened my boxes on the front porch. Avengers Age of Ultron had 3 hits, a Vision sketch and two Avengers Locker wardrobe cards, along with an assortment of other inserts and about 60 percent of a base set.
    DC Super Villians contained a Flash sketch, a patch card, a printing plate, and many additional inserts including a cool Batman retro foil card.
    Lots of value out of these boxes they were both fun to break especially on OTB day! Smile

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    I bought a box of Mars Attacks:Invasion when it was first released (a year and half ago?). Since I had recently experienced the wonderful, and very satisfying, Mars Attacks Heritage, I decided to wait a while before opening the box to this new series. As time went by, I decided to wait for NSU's Open That Box Day. I'm glad I did. I had a great time today finally opening the box and discovering what a fabulous new Mars Attacks series this is. Until today, my only window to what to expect was the beautiful NSU Promo card that came with the magazine. I knew nothing else about what the other cards looked like or what type of subset/chase cards to expect. So it was pretty darn exciting!

    I just finished opening the box and love this new series. I took some photos of the cards I like, but I don't know how to post them in this forum ('sorry). The artwork is great and the cards have a real classic feel to them. I'm disappointed I did not get a complete base set. Both cards #80 and #90 are missing, yet I got two doubles. Strange.

    The chase cards are great. I really like the heritage parallels. I got one autograph card, which was expected, but I didn't expect the very cool "patch relic" card. I got #MP-15 "The Dawn of Victory" which has a material patch of the Martian flag that you can touch and feel. The card is very thick. The other interesting item was a sketch of card #12. So even though I did not get a full base set, I am very pleased with the chase cards and the series in general. It certainly makes me want to invest in the upcoming Kickstarter Mars Attacks:Occupation which I now plan to do.

    Here's the breakdown of my box:

    Base set (95) - missing #80 or #90
    Early Mission (6) - #1,2, & 3
    Masterpiece (5) - #1, 2, & 4
    Anatomy Cell (6) - # 4 & 5
    Join The Fight (4) - got all 4
    Heritage Parallel (58) - #2,19,25,36,44 & 56
    Sketch Card - #12
    Patch Relic - #MP-15
    Autograph - J. Minacoma

    Great fun - love OTBD!

    [UPDATE: Thank you Harris Toser for posting the photos for me. Also, to the Card Talk member who pointed out the two "doubles" I got were actually Gold Logo parallel cards!]

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    Happy OTB Day, everyone! Sorry this is a little late, but other plans for the day made getting this posted before now a little difficult.

    I ordered one box each of Series 2 and Series 3 of The Chronicles of the Three Stooges directly from RRParks Cards. Thanks, Richard, for getting me these in time for today's OTB event! I have only had a chance to open up the Series 2 box thus far, and I was not disappointed. As expected, the box yielded one complete master set plus two additional base sets with chase cards. The base and chase cards are up to the high standards already set in Series 1, and I look forward to opening up the Series 3 box later this weekend. Also can't wait for Series 4 later this year (?) to finish off this incredible concept.

    As I told Richard Parks earlier, it is a great pleasure to do business with someone who is not just a manufacturer, but a collector as well. Getting so many cards in a box, with all kind of goodies thrown in, plus the ability to get a complete master set out of a box, is absolutely tremendous in my book. The personal service the company provides, as well as the high quality cards, makes for a great experience as a collector.

    I hope everyone had a great day, and thanks to NSU for this yearly event ! Thumb Up
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    For open that box day this year I bought a cheap box from work and opened it during my lunch break.

    star trek aliens box 314/7500:

    One full base set, 12 extras.
    Gold #92 Worf 3/100
    S17 Saavik sticker

    James Sloyan as K'Mtar
    Mark Harelik as Kashyk
    Marina Sirtis as Counselor Deanna Troi

    It is funny because this is the second time I pulled a Deanna Troi autograph from an Open That Box Day box- I also pulled her from a Complete TNG Series 2 box that I opened for OTB day a few years back.


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    Finally getting around to posting my finds. For this year's OTBD I grabbed some older boxes. I opened a box of Stargate SG-1 Season 9 and a box of Men in Black II.

    First I opened the Stargate box.
    I pulled:
    4 Production Scenes cards
    2 The Book of Origin cards
    1 Cast Poster card
    2 autographs:
    Steve Bacic as Camulus
    Matthew Bennett as Jared Kane
    1 Costume card: Rebecca Reichert as Fourth

    I had hoped for a Lexa Doig auto, but oh well maybe next time. The set overall is nice. The book cards open to reveal an Ori saying. The costume card is my favorite.

    Now for the MIB II box.

    I pulled:
    1 Neuralyzer card
    2 Weapon Overview cards
    2 Exam cards
    1 Piecework card: MIB Agent Suit

    Each pack also had a thick piecework promo card to make it harder to pack search. They are all the same. It would have been nice if they would have created different images for the promos, making them a new insert set. The backs are blank, so maybe I can use them as thick sketch cards or something.
    I was a little surprised by how little of the fabric is visible on the piecework card. The opening is a circle smaller than a dime.
    I liked this set. The images are good and it includes movie scenes mixed with cards showing artwork. The weapon inserts are my favorite as I love gadgets.

    Another great OTBD!!! Hope everyone else enjoyed their boxes.

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    I opened a box of Topps 75th Anniversary cards. Seeing all of the different sets that Topps has released over the years sure brought back a lot of memories. I had forgotten about some of the sets that they had released, and I fondly remember many of the other sets featured in this release.

    I was able to put together a complete common card set with plenty of extra cards to spare. I also got 24 of the base parallel foil cards, 4 of the mini chase cards, 1 test chase card, 2 autograph cards (Maggie Langrick, and Marta Kristen), and diamond sparkle autograph (Julia Nickson), a diamond sparkle parallel 84 card, and a buy back card from the Star Wars Finest series.
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