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open that box
Hey all,
well it's the 8th of april here in AUSTRALIA time is 1:37pm,i just opened 2 boxs of buffy big bads,i chose these as i am still waiting for my serenity boxs to get here so i went to buy another box for today and found theses Smile
well this is what i got
box 1
box 2

had fun opening these boxs,had been hoping for the dru it was fun anyway,love opening i want more to
well now i need to go make up the base sets,
see you soon.

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Ok for starters, I heard about the "event" and decided hey it sounds cool, I'll go for it. So I was pondering what sort of box I should get and eventually decided on a box of Inkworks' "Veronica Mars." It was a good price and I had been searching for boxes or packs all over NYC and coming up empty more often than not.

Why "Veronica Mars?" I don't know, I kind of liked the autograph list and I thought I might actually give the show a shot. (I have only watched a scarce few season 2 episodes mainly for Charisma Carpenter)

I am single(no boyfriend to speak of) and none of my friends are into cards, so it was me, myself, and I opening- which is fine for me since I usually open my own boxes anyway.

I was hoping for one of three autos: Kristen Bell, Tina Majorino, or Corinne Bohrer.(Corinne was a familiar face in the eighties and she was on a show I watched called "Free Spirit" which incidentally had Alyson Hannigan in it.)

How did I do?

Two complete base sets with 15 extras.
R3, R4
W6, W7, W8
A3. Teddy Dunn as Duncan Kane.

The auto would have been fine if I hadn't pulled it from a pack a few weeks back. Oh, well.

It was exciting ripping into those packs though, especially after waiting a whole week to open the box. I would so do this again! It was cool actually joining in with the community and opening boxes all on the same day and I am so thrilled that I had the willpower to hold out.

Hailing frequencies closed,

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Alright, It's time for open that box live! I have selected Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Here is a pack by pack live box opening! Box # 5897 of 6000:

Pack 1 - base commons
Pack 2 - Fleur Delacour costume 244 of 250!
Pack 3 - Foil R7
Pack 4 - base commons
Pack 5 - base commons
Pack 6 - base commons
Pack 7 - Foil R3
Pack 8 - base commons
Pack 9 - Prop Card Gryffindor Banner 240 of 265!
Pack 10 - base commons
Pack 11 - Foil R4
Pack 12 - base commons
Pack 13 - base commons
Pack 14 - base commons
Pack 15 - base commons
Pack 16 - base commons
Pack 17 - base commons
Pack 18 - base commons
Pack 19 - Foil R9
Pack 20 - base commons
Pack 21 - base commons
Pack 22 - base commons
Pack 23 - Foil R2
Pack 24 - base commons

All done! Not bad! A costume and prop both numbered to less than 265, and I needed them both! Now I can also go to bed! Everyone open that box! See you in the morning, I hope you all have some exciting results for us! :Clap:

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I decided on a box of Hellboy because eventhough I have most of the pieceworks and most of the chase cards I still didn't have a base set. lol And I was hoping to get one of the two pieceworks I was still missing... and still am, but I did get an auto I needed.

BL1 (needed)
AR1 A7 Rupert Evans auto redemption

Since I don't know anybody that collects cards (except those on NSU) this "event" was a truly wonderful way to share the experience of opening a box! Thumb Up I had fun waiting for the "day" to arrive! Big Grin I'm not dissapointed at all at not getting the cards I really wanted.

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I went with a box of...
Scooby Doo Monsters Unleashed

I was hoping for either the Silverstone or Cardellini auto,but no autos were to be found.

2nd missing one common(52)

PW8 Cardellini sweater

It was still fun with anticipation opening pack per pack Big Grin


If you would like to view my want/have lists,then go to my trading site at the following.
SpiderGoblins Trading Site

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For me it's an Andromeda season 1 box
BL1 Beka Valentine
Diaries : D3-D4
Crew C6-C7-C8
Piecework redemption Tyr Anasazi

AND AND AUTO Redemption Kevin Sorbo Bouncey

Now i'm going to e-mail Inkworks if they already could be redeemed !

But what a box !
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Stargate SG-1 Season 8 Box #1043

Two base sets.


Twisted cards-TW2-O'Neil, TW6-Jackson, TW8- Teal'c, TW9-Teal'c

Personnal file cards-PF2-Carter, PF8-Landry

Auto card- A64-Dr Warner

Costume card- C28 Jonas Quinn

Kneel before your Gods-G1-RA 41/375.

Box was too big and the packs were mixed up. I liked the cards in the set. The Twisted cards are nice! The Kneel before your Gods is a real nice card. RA Wave,I was pleased with them!

Sorry the old man is slow opening packs!


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Happy "Open that box"-day.

Got some pretty surprises today.

First of all my boxes:
2 boxes with 9-pocket sleeves Confused
1 box with 6-pocket sleeves Confused

Ok now serious:

Alias Season 2:
basic set + extra basic + extras
U1, U2
A19: David Anders as Julian Sark

And ...

More than 15000 non-sport trading cards from a store that stop selling them for just 100$.
Once I've searched them all through I will set my contact info here so interested people can trade with me.


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I got my box. Smile

It is Comic Images Previews promo card set # 1.

1994, contains 21 cards and is limited to 5500 sets.

First card is a fantastic hologram promo for Frankenstein by Bernie Wrightson.

There are also 20 other promo cards numbered D1---D20.

D1--D4 are art cards from Tim Hildebrandt.

D5 and D6 are superb Soroyama chromes.

D7--D10 are Boris Vallejo inc another Frankenstein.

D11--D14 are Hildebrandt brothers and include 2 lord of the rings promos of The Balrog and Shelob.

D15--D18 are a funny little chap called Bone.

D19 and D20 are superb chromes from Conan 11.

Well what a fantastic little box. I would urge anyone to go find this and buy one.

Look forward to hearing about all your great finds today and it was great to be a part of open that Box day. Clap

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Well I opened that box!
I bought a box of Alias Season 2 for £25.
I got..
2 base sets+ 24 extras.
A19 Sark Smile
PW4 Geisha outfit... with red&gold embroidery!! Big Grin Big Grin

Will be e-mailing a more detailed entry Smile

Is beginning to realize that collecting cards is like an itch that never goes away......
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Hi Gang Smile
My box was Twilight Zone series 4:
1 Limited Auto Smile
3 auto's which I already had Frown
1 Hall of fame card
3 stars of the twilight zone and 8 Quotables Smile
Not Bad

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I'm starting to focus on only Buffy and Charmed. Since Charmed Destiny is not out yet, I chose a box of Charmed Conversations:

Box #04836
Box Loader: BL-1
Transformations: T-1, T-2, T-9
Charming Men: CM-2, CM-3
Pieceworks: PWCC3 (Paige's Gown)
Autograph: A9 Sirk

I was also able to make two (2) complete base sets as well as finish off a partial base set.
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Purchased what I thought was a bargain Robots box, but turned out to be a retail box with a couple of base sets RR8,RR9 and RE2,RE3. At £16 turned out a very expensive box. Seller disguised the box well in the description and I didn't look close enough at their words Frown
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I purchased a box of CSI Miami at the Philly Show. I already had the set, but still needed chase and autos from it. Here's what I got :

A6 Boti Ann Bliss (Valera)
A7 Rex Linn (Tripp)
A13 Joe Chappelle (Director)

Sadly, I had all three of them

I also received the following chase:
F1 x2
F4 x 2
F5 ( i needed this one!)
F6 x2

Only one card that I needed. I'm starting to wonder if 3 and 8 really do exist Wink

MIA 5 (needed this one too!)

So, all in all, a nice event, but a fairly cruddy box - only 2 cards that I needed. Better luck next time!
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Opened a box of Disney-Pixar Treasures with my son... here is a "before" picture

And here is the after picture

Got Reel piece of History DPT-174 and all of the Outtakes cards except DTP-158 & DPT-153. We had fun, and despite my son being afraid of Mike from Monster's Inc, he enjoyed the cards.


"Good answer"

alternate email:
tim dot smeltzer at
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Open That Box Day 8/8/2006
James Bond Dangerous Liaisons box #1430/6000

I got Julie’s current card binder (vol. 5) from her room and inserted 12 9-pocket pages, enough for the base set.

I placed the binder on the table with the box of cards along with an Ultra-pro flip top box for chase & autos.

Julie puts her hands together (as best she can) to pray while I break the seal on the box. I then take out all the packs and place them in 4 piles in front of Julie. Julie will pick the pack she wants me to open. Some times it is off the top, more often it is from the middle of the pile.

The 1st pack she hands me is of the top, I carefully pull open the pack and draw the cards. I show each card to Julie, she does a thumbs up when it is a picture of James Bond and a thumbs down when it shows a villain that she knows Smile Julie has seen some Bond movies but not all. Not all are suitable for her yet, Julie recently turned 10.

The fist pack has a Bond Allies card so Julie passes me the plastic box as she knows that’s mine. Julie recognises the differences between a base card and a chase card.

I place the remaining 4 cards on the table face down each separately. We will make 11 piles for each numerical set, 1-9, 10-19, 20-29 and so on.

The 2nd pack she passes me she has carefully taken from the middle of a pile, I Open it and this contains a Auto card, Julie claps her hands, and punched the air. Julie knows these are the best cards and hands me the plastic box again. It is A50 Jenny Hanley. I will place this in my DL binder later.
The 3rd and 4th packs just have base cards which Julie is happy with as she knows they are all hers, then with the 5th pack I show her the cards and she recognizes one and claps her hands as best she can in a ‘snap’ sign. This is her way of telling me we have a duplicate, Julie has an excellent memory; she puts her hand to her forehead and shakes her head. Julie does this EVERY time we find a double Big Grin. I put the duplicate card to one side to start a new pile.

This continues through the morning till we have opened 10 packs, then I start inserting them into the binder telling her the number and inserting the cards in order counting from 1 – 110.

With the 20th pack we stop for lunch. While I make lunch, Julie looks through her pages and points to all the gaps.

After lunch we continue and Julie passes me another pack, By now we are getting a lot of duplication which is only to be expected. Julie keeps up her routine though, never tiring.

We change the game slightly now though, as there are far fewer gaps, I say and show Julie the number and she turns the pages and points to where each card should go.

With about the 30th pack we find the 2nd Auto, Julie is all excited, I am hoping for a good one, perhaps even a Ursula Andress but no it is A59 Earl Cameron. Oh well.

We continue this till the last pack is opened and we fill in the very last gap. At which point Julie gives me the ‘finished’ sign and then signs to ask to watch a movie, She does the two-fingered gun sign indicating that she now wants to watch a James Bond film

Julie is watching Live and Let Die as I type this.

Here is the final Box Breakdown, a standard box, was hoping for something a little more special

1 base set
4 Bond Allies cards
3 Bond Villains cards
2 Bond Girls are forever cards
1 Art & Images of 007 card #7 #266/375
2 Auto cards, Jenny Hanley A50 & A59 Earl Cameron


If faced with a difficult choice/decision, Remember this - WWKD.

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I'm amazed that I've got the first post here with LOTR Evolution! I chose this because there are so many sketches I'd still like, si I got a single box off that auction site. I was afraid it wasn't going to get here in time, but it arrived Thursday, and I waited to open it till this morning.
I got up by myself (my wife was still snoring away) and fixed my coffee, and after I had leisurely poured my first cup, started in on the box.
The first pack held a Mandrake (level C) Orc sketch that is fairly nice. Nice start.
When I had finished, my other sketch was a Frampton which I had not seen before--it's a silouette (sp?) of Gollum on a rock above the water. Nicer than the others I had seen.
No Kayanan or Staggs, but not too bad overall. The rest of the inserts pretty much fell out as expected.
I really enjoyed this exercise. It gave me the excuse to buy another box of LOTRE. It was a few moments of quiet, enjoyable time that my daily schedule as a doctor seldom allows. Kind of clarifies why I enjoy this hobby so much!
Good luck to everyone else today!

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Great photos Tim Thumb Up
Sadly I do not have a digital camera and Julie will not lie still on the scanner Big Grin so no photos from me.


If faced with a difficult choice/decision, Remember this - WWKD.

Never give up - NEVER surrender
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Good job everyone. Keep 'em coming.
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Wow, these are great to read! I'm heading over to my dealer's store later today, so hopefully I'll be back with a box to post about. Smile

Originally posted by hammer:
Purchased what I thought was a bargain Robots box, but turned out to be a retail box with a couple of base sets RR8,RR9 and RE2,RE3. At £16 turned out a very expensive box. Seller disguised the box well in the description and I didn't look close enough at their words Frown

Don't feel bad, I did the same thing last year (also ROBOTS). Roll Eyes
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