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open that box
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Congratulations Fran42. Thumb Up There really is NOTHING better than lusting after that one particular card and then beating the ridiculous odds so effortlessly, I'm really pleased for you. Smile

Scully: No. How much you're like Ahab. You're so... consumed by your personal vengeance against life, whether it be its inherent cruelties or its mysteries, that everything takes on a warped significance to your megalomaniacal cosmology.

Mulder: Scully, are you coming on to me?
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I got an awesome price from my local dealer: a regularly priced $84 HELLBOY sealed box for $50 and a regularly priced $75 LOTR Return of the King Collector's Update edition for $45!!! Big Grin

*2 Complete Base Sets
*1 Box Loader #BL1
*2 B.P.R.D. #B4,B5
*3 To Hell and Back #P1,P8,P9
*Autograph Redemption card #AR1 for Karel Roden as Grigori Rasputin
*Pieceworks Redemption card #PWR1 for shirt worn by Selma Blair as Liz Sherman

*2 Complete Base Sets
*Authentic Movie Memorabilia Card for Eowyn's Coronation Dress (1:300)

I already put Eowyn's Coronation Dress in a screwdown case.

Overall, I'm pretty darn happy! Thumb Up

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I only had enough time to open them with my wife yesterday. The Easter Show is on!

James Bond Dangerous Liaisons
A really great set with nice shots from the film. 5 levels of chase cards!!!

1 complete set plus extras
Bond Allies: BA2, BA9, BA7(General Gogol of the KGB interesting as an ally), BA16
Bond Villains: F23, F35, F38, F40 (both BA16 and F35 are Joe Don Baker as 2 dif characters)
Bond Girls are Forever: B34, B37
The Art and Images of 007: AR16 321/375 The lovely Lupe!!

Tanya Roberts WA29 and Robert Davi (One of my favs!)

Army of Darkness
These cards are cool except for being very thin. A mixture of film images and comic book cover art. 3 autos woohoo!

3 complete sets (the wonderful people in Walla Walla sent 3 card #23s with my box)
Glow in the Dark: 1, 5
Ian Abercrombie 79/250 (blue ink card #6 head only)
Nick Bradshaw 195/275 (red ink card #59 image)
James Kuhoric 190/225 (blue ink card #62 image)

A really great sketch of Evil Ash!

This was so much fun!!!

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Steve!--I just recently got back into card collecting after a 7 year break.
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Since it's still "open that box" day, I looked around the Batcave and found a sealed box of LOST, so I decided it was good for opening. Got the following:

Box Loader BL-2
Puzzle M4,M5,M6
Numbers N8,N15,N16
Auto A-8 Nick Jameson as Richard Malkin
PW-12 dual PW card

I'm happy, as I needed both the auto and pw cards. I will no longer need to worry about what was in there, which can be quite bothersome at times! Eek

"The problem, I'm told, is more than medical."
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Well, I opened a hobby box of Star Wars Clone Wars and received a comlete sticker set with 2 extras, Battle Motion cards 1, 3, 7 and 10 and received a sketch card from Mhan.
Cheers - Peter
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Entering my "open the box" results sparked in me a desire to find more to open so I set off to hunt the local area: sports card store - nope nothing for me; comic store - nope nothing for me; the mall - woo hoo Suncoast is closing and has a box of Doom with all 24 packs at half price for a total of $36. I knew nothing about what was meant to be in the box but hoped that either Karl Urban or Dwayne Johnsom had signed.
Well third pack in I found the auto card and it is Deobia Oparei as Destroyer. I gave thought to giving up there since there'd be no big surprises after that but I figured I should finish it out. Well I got 5 inserts (r1, r2, r4, r7, & r9) which seem to cover Stan Winston's monster effects but I won't be keeping them since I'm not a big monster fan. There are tons of singles but I can't make one base set since I have no card #'ed 21,50. That's terrible when you can't make one base set.
I don't think the box was worth $36 but I suppose the entertainment of being part of a community event was worth it. I like the design of the auto card and I might just keep it as a reminder of "open that box" time. Plus I looked up Mr Oparei (who almost printed his name for the auto card making it quite legible) on and he's been in Four Feathers and Moulin Rouge both of which I quite liked. Now I'll have to see the movies again and see it I can pick him out.
Anybody else do that - check imdb to see what movies their newly pulled auto card actor has been involved in?
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I didn't think I was going to get to participate in Open That Box Day, since card boxes are scarce in my area and I don't usually keep unopened boxes around. My willpower isn't that strong. Smile I had wanted to find a box of Batman Holo series, but was unable to get a hold of one in time. Today I thought of a comic shop to try out. At the shop, I managed to pick up a Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Widevision hobby box. It was the only card box they had. Once at home, I put on the SW Ep3 movie and started to open the packs.

I pulled:

A complete base set
Chrome art: H6,H7,H8,H9
No autograph card

I was disappointed to not get a autograph card, but the set has great images and good stories on the cards. The chromes are also fun to look at.

It was really great to be a part of this online event. I hope to see more events like it soon. Very fun and relaxing. Maybe I'll try to keep a box around just in case of another such emergency. Dance
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Hey, it's my turn now! Smile
I opened a box of Monty Python Flying Circus cards (1995 Cornerstone Communications) with my best friend, who is also a python fan. Big Grin

Let me tell you, opening this box was like watching an episode of Flying Circus-it was hysterical!!! Elephant Sheep

Box breakdown:
1 complete base set of 108 cards (82 cards, B1-B7, F1-F10, P1-P2, A1-A6, and one fake Scratch and Listen)
Foil cards F1-F3 (only one foil card short!)

This set was crazy-with 3 different #5's, and 2 different #43's with one of them replacing #27...and I'm not sure, but I think #25 isn't labeled at all. I ended up with 4 fake Scratch and Listens, but no Gen or Real. Oh, well!

Some interesting things-I'm sure it's a coincidence, but I found my foil cards in order! Also, I got a promo for the Holy Grail with an image from Life of Brian on it. A few cards had 'coming soon, card 71' written on them-and what do you get when it comes time for that? a card with this in bold: CARD 71!!! on the back it has things like, 'card 71 big dissappointment!' Big Grin hahahaha...I loved it!!!

This set was very very much Monty Python-I loved it!!!! Clap

...suddenly, I feel like eating spam. Wink

"There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes." -the 4th Doctor
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Originally posted by ocdlotr:
Hi and Thanks SILVERBACK...tell your 'friend' as NSCU to take a peek at Chapter 1 and 2 on the Lord of the Rings section of these NSCU pages...or give me his email address...

Look under Open That Box Dicussion, page 6, charlieincolorado and decide what you want to do. Wave

I've really enjoyed reading what everyone opened! Cool It is fun! Clap


"What if this is as good as it gets?" --WORSE--What if it doesn't get any better!
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True Story!

Box #8

So I get this phone call from my good friend Julio (From Julio's Non-Sport Depot)and he says, James, I just sold my last Hobby cases of Lotr Evolutions to some collectors from the UK. So I say, WHAT! you have to be kidding me! As we are on the phone at the same time he is talking to his wife and she is reading an e-mail that just came in from the UK. So Julio says to his wife, so did they take them all? She says yep! Julio says to me well James I'm sorry but I guess that I'm sold out. They bought the last Lotr Evolution Hobby cases that I had and I was trying to call you and let you know before they were all gone.

So by now my heart just sunk and I did not know what to say but then Julio starts talking about how he was sorry that he did not have any more cases to sell to me and my son. So I say that I understand and its first come first served. I just wish that I had more of a warning.

Me and my 8 year old son have already opened three Lotr Evolution Hobby cases that we got from Julio, so we were just tyring to get one more case before the prices jumped even higher than they were already!

Then Julio says, hey, wait, I might have one sealed case that I left at the card show!

"BAM!!! My heart was pumping again!!! The same way as it does with each and every pack of Lotr Evolution that me and my son open together. That same excitment that you get each and every time you slide those cards out just a little bit so that you can just barly see that tan color of the sketch card that you are hoping the card Gods will grant you Wink"

Without any care what so ever I say I will take it!!! SOLD!!! Julio says okay I will look and make sure that I still have it at the card show and if I do its yours! So me and my son had to come up with the funds before Monday Morning. We looked at each other and I said, well son, we need to sell some extra cards before Monday Morning so that we can get this last case. (Thats another long story) Smile

So for the whole weekend we could not stop thinking about it. Its amazing how much sleep a person can loose over some simple cards that come in a small package! Wink

So Monday morning I call Julio and he says the magic words that we wanted to hear. Thumb Up
"Found it"
So I say great!!! What a huge relief it was to hear Julio say that he di have one more case left at the card show! So we paid for the case and opened all the box's except BOX#8! We saved that box for Non-Sports Update "open that box day" Today Smile

Here is our final box breakdown,

Stained Glass 1-2-4-7
Evolution A 1-4-7-9-10
Evolution B 3-5

Sketch Card by..........Rafael Kayanan Clap

Good luck to all in their quest for whatever their heart is destined to find in a simple pack/box of cards that we all call a hobby Clap

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Red Face 9 Minutes late, sorry we tried Smile

Far over the misty mountians cold
To dungeons deep and caverns old
We must away, ere break of day,
To find our long-forgotten gold.
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I opended 2 boxes of Robots. Here is what I got

Box one
Box Loader-Bl1
Fender Bender-5,6

Sketch-SK4 Chris Moreno 258/524

Box Two
Box loader-Bl1
Fender Bender-2,3

Sketch- SK12 Darren Auck 346/500

I'm happy with what I got. I really like the Darrun Auck sketch. Here is a scan of the sketchs


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Whoops im 25 minutes late. Frown But I did open them on the 8th Big Grin


My site is up finally!!!!
Darkslayer's Trading Page

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Is Card No. 28 In This Box?
Opening Mars Attacks Archive (1994)

*** Follow-up to earlier post***

Hey, I got two - count them - two #28’s in this box! What a relief. Had I not found a card #28 in this box I would have surely been spooked for good. Sadly, I did not find any of the First Day issues I needed, even though the box yielded seven of them (11, 15, 20, 25, 34, 37 & 49). That was better than the stated ratio (1:9). I also got two Matrix Chase cards (M2 & M4), which is exactly the stated ratio (1:18). I finally competed the set when opening pack-34 (card #53 had been eluding me this time around) – so it was down to the wire as far as completing a set.

Some observations: It was exciting opening this box even though I knew every card in the set. I kept a log of all the packs opened so I could give an accurate report on the results, and that was a very different experience for me. But it did allow me to discover the interesting collation of this series. For instance, in every pack the first three cards are from the classic 55 (green backs), followed by one or two of the unpublished cars (tan backs) with the balance being new image cards (#67 and above). Except when there is a chase card enclosed. So I realized, if I had caught on to this pattern when opening my original box in that hotel room ten years ago, I would have known that the last card I held in my hand could not have possibly been card #28. But I think I am glad I didn’t know that then.

As I opened the packs in this box today, I was surprised at some of the thrills I got when finding certain cards even though I know them all by heart (as most Mars Attack fans do). For instance, when I found card #36 (Destroying The Dog) in pack-6, I literally threw my fist in the air and shouted “alright!”. I had the same reaction when I found card #1 (The Invasion Begins) in pack-26. Ditto when finding card #19 (Burning Flesh) – my personal favorite - in pack-25. Isn’t it funny how particular cards still give us a thrill after all these years? And finally, it was a personal triumph when Card #28 was found in pack-11 and then again in pack-15. I couldn’t believe I got two of them! I guess that kind of makes up for the failure to find this card twice before.

Man, I had a great time today! I hope everyone else who participated in today’s event discovered what a good idea it turned out to be.
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Well I still have time here in Missouri.

After painting the hallway and stairs, cleaning the garage to get the lawn mower out to cut the grass, and cutting the grass (the first of the season) it was 9:00 PM before I started to open my box.

I opened Stargate Season 8 that I have had for a couple of weeks.

Here is the break down:
Box 5448 of 6000
1 base set
2nd base set missing #28
Twisted TW 2,6,8,9
Personnel Files PF3. PF3
Costume Card Teal'c C31
Autograph Sam J. Jones A62

I enjoyed opening the cards!
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Ok, my turn. It's 10:40 PM here in California, still the 8th. We finished opening my box about an hour ago. Not only did my 7 year old daughter help, but shockingly my wife also decided to join in. I cringed several times watching how they handled the cards, but I held my tongue and we all had a lot of fun. We opened a box of Buffy Connections I bought when open that box day was first mentioned. It's a box that has been sitting at my local card shop since it came out, and that's how long I've been stareing at it, holding it, but each time going with something else. I'm happy I bought it for this occasion. Ok, enough babbling.

Buffy Connections
box 14114
1 complete base set
24 different parallel cards, or BC cards from what my daughter called them
HB-1 and HB-6
SC-6 and SC-7
and my wife pulled the pieceworks card,
PWC-3 Willow and Tara. Beautiful card. I have a picture of my daughter holding it, I just have to figure out how and where to host it.
This was a lot of fun, and I look forward to the next time.
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My "Open That Box Day" began with my 5 month old baby crying for a bottle at 4:30 am. Still undecided on what I was going to open, I pondered my day. Finally deciding on a box of '92 starline 'Americana', I got my son back to sleep and planned on cracking the box at daylight. Well, the next time I woke up, it was to the familiar sound of my hungry little guy. My wife and I got up, got him fed and settled, then I got started on that box. I got all 36 packs of the packs open, reading the interesting text on the back of only a precious few, knowing my time was limited. After getting the first 50 numbers sorted, it was Logan's time, again, to remind me who is in charge here. The next thing I know, I'm giving him a bath & bottle and getting whisked off to grandma's house and the local mall, looking for an Easter outfit. We returned home at 10:00 pm. It's now 11:30. I just got all the cards sorted and found that I was able to complete of set of 250 cards. Had I paid more attention in high school, I'd know who more of these featured people are. There are many familiar faces, though. To name a few, Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Calamity Jane, Hellen Keller, Sitting Bull, Davy Crockett, George Custer, P.T. Barnum & Al Capone. Some featured events are D-Day, Surrender At Yorktown, Pearl Harbor and the Battle of San Juan Hill. Some featured landmarks include The Lincoln Memorial, The Alamo, Statue of Liberty and the White House. This is a nice looking set. The cards have glossy fronts with stars running down the side borders. There is a bald eagle stretched out across the tops of the cards with the title 'Americana' in front of it. This might be a fun way to introduce Logan to some of the history of this great country. Mabey I can squeeze in the time to read the backs of these cards and learn a few things myself......
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In the serenity box was: -

*2 full base sets and the 3rd with 16 short
Box Topper BT2
Women of Serenity WS3 & 4
Renegades R5, 6, 7, 8
Pieceworks - Mal
Auto Card - Book

Its a particularly nice set, I look forward to the firefly set.

My wife enjoyed opening THAT box, but found it an anticlimax after all the packs had been opened. If it goes ahead next year I think I will by more boxes. Big Grin
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Thank you everyone that posted their stories so far! I have enjoyed reading every one of them...

I myself did not participate. I had bought 2 boxes of cards at the Philly show, Battlestar Galactica Season 1, and James Bond Dangerous Liaisons thinking one would be held to open for Open That Box Day. Well, I just could not wait...

I do not buy boxes that often and when I do, the urge to open them right away takes over...

We had a yard sale on Saturday (April 8) and in my yard sale goodies that I was selling were 2 boxes of The Phantom.. I just could not get excited about opening them. I have opened many boxes of those in the past, and was not in the mood to open one of them at that time.

I still have the 2 boxes and maybe I will open them still... But not in time to participate in Open the Box Day....

I am happy to see many new members of Card Talk posting as well...

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There were only 3 autos for the Feb edition.
The odds were 1 in 3.3 boxes. Usually in a sealed case you got 1 of each.


Originally posted by Triple-Frog:
Opened a box of Playboy February Centerfolds.

Got two base sets and 6 gold foil cards,two each of Jenny McCarthy,Latoya Jackson and Bo Derek.

Zero autographs Frown .At least the cards are nice to look at Big Grin.

Not had much luck with this month,4 boxes opened and one Jenny McCarthy auto.Anyone know what the odds on autos for this issue was?

Hope other people have better luck with their boxes Wave.
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