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open that box
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This is fun! Can we open two boxes?

"The problem, I'm told, is more than medical."
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Hi everybody!

April 8th has finally arrive.I've just open a dinosaurs mesozoic era box (wife's son box). he was so happy Clap. He got a few Tyransosaurus rex cards (his favorite dino).When he saw his first Tyrex card, he was jumping in the living room like somebody who just found a Joan Collins auto Smile. Bouncey after opening 48 packs (8 cards per pack). he started playing with his cards like they were figurines.

For my part, i opened a box of Harry Potter POA update. I like the glossy finish of the cards and the images are very bright.

Got : 1 full set
1 box topper (BT4)
5 prismatic cards (R2,R4,R5,R7 and R8)
1 costume card (Cedric diggory 1105/2173)
1 film cards (588/900)
dual autograph Wesley twins Elephant

first time i open a harry Potter box and you know what???? It's my wife's son who opened the pack with the auto Metal

hope you'll have the same luck that i had.
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Okey dokey... I went with Harris' advice and let my brother help me open a box today. First up in our Open That Box run of boxes (we have two to open since there are two of us) Was Disney Treasures Pixar (2nd of the two cheap boxes i got from Doncaster at the weekend)

Now my brother (being a Pharmacist) was on-call today, so we had to wait until a little in the day before we could start. He got a call while we were out driving, so had to go into work just after 1.30pm, at which point he had had no lunch, so on the way back he lazyingly picked up a couple of microwave meals, and when he got home, we started on the box (while his first 'nutritious' meal was being nuked). We split the box up 50:50 and proceeed to open a pack each at the same time working our way through cards, placnig them in piles similar to how Paul did with Julie, but related to the Pixar movies instead of by numbers Smile and sorta high-fiving every time we got any chase... why?? cos we felt like it!! lol

I managed to fill a whole bunch of gaps in from my first box and we got a duplicate reel piece, which wasn;t fun at all Frown Still need some cards, so i will post what i need in the trade section soon!! Hey Tim, if you need to trade, let me know

Its always cool to open boxes... so this was fun as always Smile

Next up.... Bond DL.. stay tooned Smile


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Thought I'd join in the fun and ordered a box of Star Wars Heritage I saw last week but it still didn't arrive as of yesterday . So no box today to open .

Then low and behold , the wife's managed to get me a box of LOTR evolution and it arrived today . God bless her Luv You

I managed to holdout till lunchtime but then I had to open it ..
One sketch or two I wonderd ...

Must say I had great pleasure in finding 2
1. Frampton - Gollum a nice moody card
2. Chandler ( Colour Smile ) Aragorn

Great fun knowing you're not alone
Congratlations to those who came up with the idea
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My daughter and I started off with her opening a small
box of Wacky Packages series 3. While she didn't get
the last magnet card she needs, she did get the last
rainbow foil and the final bonus card that she needed
so she was pretty happy with everything.

Next, my box of Bond Liaisons that I have been holding
onto for 2 excruciating weeks Smile Here's how it looked:

1 - Base set
Bond Allies - 3, 4, 8, 13
Bond Villains - 27, 28, 29, 32
Bond Girls - 35, 39
Autograph - A60 Nadim Sawahia
Autograph - no# Tanya Roberts
Art & Images - #19 Dr. Christmas Jones 220/375

All in all a nice little box and a great set! We had a
good time opening these this morning. A big thumbs up Thumb Up
to those responsible for coming up with this idea!

Greg (and Nicole)

Please note the updated email address in my profile!
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Originally posted by Sketches_uk:
Thought I'd join in the fun and ordered a box of Star Wars Heritage I saw last week but it still didn't arrive as of yesterday . So no box today to open .

Then low and behold , the wife's managed to get me a box of LOTR evolution and it arrived today . God bless her Luv You

I managed to holdout till lunchtime but then I had to open it ..
One sketch or two I wonderd ...

Must say I had great pleasure in finding 2
1. Frampton - Gollum a nice moody card
2. Chandler ( Colour Smile ) Aragorn

Great fun knowing you're not alone
Congratlations to those who came up with the idea

Welcome sketches Thumb Up
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Hurray for “Open That Box Day!” I’ve had a box of Blondie by Authentix sitting here since 1995 and this gave me the impetus to finally open it. As a youngster, I used to read the Blondie and Dagwood comic strips so when Authentix issued this set, I bought the box but, somehow, never got around to opening it (the set isn't even in our price guide, shame, shame).

We think “Open That Box Day” is a great idea and hopefully will prove to be something which will unite collectors all across the globe. It’s a needed spark and we certainly wanted to enter in the fun. Marlin remembers the Blondie and Dagwood comic strips, too so he was eager to help me open the box.

Thanks goodness for checklists or we wouldn't have been able to figure this set out. There are 36 numbered cards, 12 unnumbered cards making up two different comic strips of six cards each, an introduction card and a checklist card (total of 50 cards). There was a sheet of paper in the box telling us the box was authentic and that the box was No. 11 of 5000. Inserts were six Silver Foils (1:6 packs-we got six but one was a double so we didn't get a set), Chase Pax (1:72-none in our box) and a Jumbo Card (1:360-none in our box).

It's a very interesting and colorful set. It brought back memories and we're glad we opened it.

Roxanne and Marlin

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hi there

finally today was the day i've been waiting for. I managed to get my girldfriend into this by buying her a box of James Bond Dangerous Liaisons as she is a truly James Bond fan.

She was so excited when i offered her the box that we decided to open them up right away. I forgot to mention i bought myself a box Battlestar Galactica Premiere Edition as i really enjoy the box and currently watching the new episodes from the season 2.

Here is the breakdown of our boxes

James Bond Dangerous Liaisons
- 1 base set
- Autograph A59 Earl Cameron
- Autograph Jenny Hanley
- Bond Villains : F21, F28,F32, F34
- Bond Allies : BA5, BA7, BA10, BA18
- Art & Images : 6
- Bond Girls : BG35, BG38

Battlestar Galactica Premiere Edition
- 2 base sets
- Autograph card : Nicki Clyne
- Quotable : Q4
- Costume card : CC6
- Cylon Threat : CT2, CT9
- Roll Call : R1, R4, R6, R9

We were really happy because we had to share this event together so it was a really special time for us.

You can take a look at our pics right by clicking on this image :-)

Thanks again NSU for setting up this great event ! Congratulations to all the people on this board who succeeded in waiting weeks until that day to finally enjoy all this

Merci beaucoup !

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Adeline Wavey

Wolfiemail on the way. Smile

Come, it is time for you to keep your appointment with The Wicker Man.
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Great posts so far everyone. I liked the pictures.

I recieved the following one from a non-member today:

great promotion!

I found an older box of The Crow: City of Angels, opened it, and found an ultra rare chase card, one that could have been redeemed for a print - see, it pays to open them when they first become available - a lesson I've learned from your promotion...
I've also introduced a buddy of mine to the hobby - He's been a huge fan of James Bond, so having to search for special cards, and sub-sets, has gotten him hooked!

Keep the hobby alive!

New Britain, CT
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Well i have not opened a box of cards in quite some time, but open that box day and seeing everyones breakdowns gave me the itch to open. Well luckily there was a card show (sports) at my local mall and one dealer had a lone box of LOTR evolution so i grabbed and brought them home.

Here is the breakdown
Stained Glass 2-3-6-7
Evolution A 5-6-7-8-9-10
Evolution B 5-6

I haven;t seen the movies in awhile so not sure if my characters are right will try to post pics later

Brian Rood Galadriel??
Michael Duron Wormtongue??

Again not sure of the characters hopefully when i can get pictures someone can help me out.
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I was going over my archive and discovered that I had a box of Star Trek TNG Profiles and I opened it up today. I found a Q7 and the A7 autograph card ( both of which will go towards the September thing ). I was hoping for a Starthreads card. Now I know what was inside the box.
William France
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Sat down with my beloved pregnant wife and my moody teenage daughter this morning for this event. Going with my "savage" thirst for cards, we opened a box of Dynamic Forces Red Sonja.

-Complete Basic 72 card set with all puzzle cards
-Glow in the Dark #5
-Sketch card by Frank Brunner, (pulled by my spouse)
-Auto of Greg Land
-Auto of Peter Steigerwald

Fun Event Thumb Up
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Well my wife and I opened the LOTR:Evolution box that had been patiently waiting for us for a couple of weeks and shuffled the packs into 2 piles ( Having noted the folded sell sheet Smile and the block of polystyrene filler Shake Head )

Well we took it in turns opening and reading the character names ( and especially taking a break to recheck figwit on google ). My wife found the first sketch ( a great Ray Dillon Orc ( listed on Page 3 Page 3 row 13 column 1 of the LOTR Sketch card site ) and on my next to last pack I found a Paul Gutierrez "sketch" )

Good fun and these were the first cards my wife had opened in about 3 years

"Because, I've seen him.
He's like Fire. And Ice. And Rage.
He's like the night and the storm in the heart of the Sun.
He's ancient and forever.
He burns at the centre of Time and he can see the turn of the Universe.
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Here's my addition to "open that box" using the Hulk film cards. The box had 24 packs with 5 cards each pack.
I obtained a full base set of 81 cards mixing film scences and comic images. I recieved 24 of 45 famous covers with three featuring Wolverine - a definite favourite of mine:
Hulk 181 - a true classic since it introdues Wolverine;
Hulk 340 - early McFarlane work with a cool concept;
Hulk 454 Adam Kubert work which is always good.
And finally 4 of 10 illustrated film scenes featuring art by John Romita Jr enhanced by foil.
For me the Wolverine cards alone make me smile but I'm always a big fan of comic art. Thumbs down to UD for not identifying the artists used in the comic scenes. It really annoys me when artists don't get credited.
So I'm glad we had "open this box" otherwise this box might have waited even longer while I procrasinate about seeing the film! But this definetly brought a smile to my face Smile
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For my box I choose an older (1994) box of FPG Robh Ruppel art cards. Somehow I had missed this set back then, so I found the box at the Chicago show a few weeks ago.

The packs had 10 cards each, 36 packs, so I have quite a pile of cardboard here. The images are monsters, beautiful women with guns or knives, people with bugs all over their faces, aliens, warriors, the usual stuff, all nicely done by Ruppel, with his comments on the back.

There is a subset of 6 foils, and a possible autograph, usually there were only 500 autos perartist.

i got: 3 complete 90 card sets,
I partial set of 66 cards and 22 extras.

3 Metallic foils out of 5, no autograph.

A nice set, one of my sets is going to an artist friend, and I have one for trade if anyone is interested.

Glad everyone is getting into this - keep opening those boxes!
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Hey Everyone,

I opened two boxes today. The first box was a box of King Kong Movie Cards. I completed one base set, one set plus one extra of the Video Game Creatures subset and got 3 out of 5 textured flock cards. I also got a Colin Hanks autograph card and a pieceworks card of Ann Darrow's gown. Very cool.

My second box was a box of Incredible Hulk TV Cards from 1979. I did complete one full sticker set, but unfortunately fell one card short of a complete card set. Mad

Still had fun sorting everything out. We should do this once a month. Metal

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Hi Everyone,

Had a box of the Osbournes hanging around for ages, one of those very cheap impulse buys at a show.

2 Sets
Portaits 1,3,8
Head Bangers 1,5
Ozzy Costume Card Smile
Kelly auto Elephant

I am another one who is very glad we had this "open the box" day

Great event

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I had my last box of LOST saved up. Considering that I have all of the auto cards, all I needed were six of the pieceworks and two of the auto pieceworks cards, I let myself go slowly through the box and savor opening each pack and look at the base cards of what I think was one of the best sets of 2005. Anyways, I got:

LOST box #34326
N4, N42
A4- Malcolm David Kelly as Walt Lloyd
M5, M6, M7
PW10- Sun's Shirt (variant Metal)
no APW cards

Anyways, I had fun remembering why I liked this set, and I was able to finish another mini-master set which I am going to give to my best friend for graduation (which is why we didn't open a box together). I am super happy about the PW card, as it was not only one of the six that I needed, but also it was a pretty variant!

billylomas1 on Epack
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Okay, part 2 of Open That Box Day for me and my brother....

As i mentioend earlier it was a box of James Bond DL... this box unfortunately was no where near as much fun to open Frown The base cards were cool as were the chase, which my brother ooooh'd and aaaaah'd at Smile However when it came to the auto''s be pulled we were both a bit dissapointed as were at least hoping for a character we knew from the bond movies (as we've both seen almost all of them) So aside from the standard base we got

Bond Villains F23, 35, 39, 40
Bond girls are /forver BG31, 42
Bond Allies BA2, 7, 9, 16,
Art & Images 7
Autos: A59 Earl Cameron Confused
A50 Jenny Haley Confused

Still it was a good day and we both enojyeed to a degree opening the boxes Smile


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